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  1. Two. I just hate it when my friends are wrong all the time. But you're a pretty smart guy. I have faith that one day you'll stop being blinded by the light and allow it to lead you to the correct side, where all is good and righteous. (Sorry for all the BS references. I know you turned in your fan card long ago. I wuvs you anyway, Jethro)
  2. Uh, no. With all due respect Your Highness, I mean, Honor
  3. OMFG. Seriously? How many switchbacks on treacherous mountain roads does one have to make to get from point A to point B along that path of bullshit? Did he stop along the way to clean up some of the leftover fibres from Vince Foster's rug? Or bury a body? Someone once said the phrase "the enormity of the moronity is astounding"; that applies more and more these days. Please put down Alex Jones' underwear - the fumes have gotten to you, and not in a good way, But this: "Such personal attacks treat the court as though it were merely a political forum in which bargaining, compromise, and even intimidation are acceptable principles... The courts of law must be more than that, or we are not governed by law at all", is a special kind of awesome.
  4. Aren't her 40 days and nights up at this point?
  5. Melissa and I watched "A Simple Plan" last night. He looked pretty good And yeah, 61 is too young
  6. "Going"? ;)- But I think that's how they hook us. All we know is that someone is dead. No who, what. when, etc.
  7. This one is scaring the crap out of me so far this season. It's a little too "relevant". But the characters, dialogue and story lines are as good as ever.
  8. I never watched the original, and come to Legacy with no expectations or back story. But it's definitely worth the hour. Among this, Designated Survivor and Homeland (eerily relevant this season), Tom Hanks' Castaway island is looking really, really attractive. Though I'd miss Tiffany Hines.
  9. I like it. It's kind of old and formulaic (what isn't these days?), but Frank and Mike are amiable and interesting enough. It's another one of those shows where there's a lot to learn about people, places and things. That's especially true of Dani, who is SO much deeper than her pretty face and tattoos.
  10. Somewhere in the hinterlands of Siberia (is that redundant?), a 400 lb. 14 y/o is turning this into a story for the faux news empire
  11. Rude
  12. 'ello Love. I heard ( a little Danbird was spreading the news) you were here. Just wanted to pay my respects and give Dan his "woot". Since when are you old enough to be a grandmama? Happy, healthy new year to y'all. And in case things go south over here in the colonies, will you take us back, please?
  13. It's all about the fifth string.
  14. Art is like beauty and god rolled in one. It's in the eye of the beholder. And it's really serious, personal business for some. Those of us who have parented through the pre-school years recognize full well that the primary blue or yellow masterpieces hanging on the fridge are no less deserving of museum wall space than the white on white canvas that used to (and probably still does - it's such a masterpiece, dahling) hang in the MOMA in NYC. This big ape (5'x7') is called "Reclining Nude" and hangs in the Philadelphia Museum of Art (think "Rocky" steps). A poster of it used to be in my bathroom. Without uttering a word, this work says all l need to know about art. In the early 80's, NYC rolled out new trash cans that won all sorts of design awards. One of the city employees installing the new receptacles was asked his opinion of them He said, "It's a nice trash can. But is it art?" Then there's this oldie but goodie.
  15. Is anyone shameless enough to admit watching this Showtime series? It is so wrong on SO many levels (I think violent, physical child abuse is the only "line" they haven't crossed), but so funny and so good. I heart me some Emmy Rossum.