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  1. I guess he knows a little more than nothing now
  2. Aren't her 40 days and nights up at this point?
  3. Melissa and I watched "A Simple Plan" last night. He looked pretty good And yeah, 61 is too young
  4. "Going"? ;)- But I think that's how they hook us. All we know is that someone is dead. No who, what. when, etc.
  5. This one is scaring the crap out of me so far this season. It's a little too "relevant". But the characters, dialogue and story lines are as good as ever.
  6. I never watched the original, and come to Legacy with no expectations or back story. But it's definitely worth the hour. Among this, Designated Survivor and Homeland (eerily relevant this season), Tom Hanks' Castaway island is looking really, really attractive. Though I'd miss Tiffany Hines.
  7. I like it. It's kind of old and formulaic (what isn't these days?), but Frank and Mike are amiable and interesting enough. It's another one of those shows where there's a lot to learn about people, places and things. That's especially true of Dani, who is SO much deeper than her pretty face and tattoos.
  8. HEY. Watch that. Why aren't the setlist threads up yet, Andrew?
  9. Couldn't agree more. Blonde Dany is that and nothing more. Though she was totally badass this week.
  10. Would you print this up on poster quality stock and send me a copy.TYVM, Andrew. By the way, in case it hasn't been mentioned, this show has been stolen from the Bay Area.Not that I'm bitter or anything.
  11. Not ironic at all. We also know another 6-10 bits he'll pull out of the archives. It also needs to be noted that the hoity-toities in Southern California stole, robbed, thieved, shoplifted and otherwise burgled this show from those of us in the Bay Area.
  12. B(DSM) Bestiality Bareback
  13. The presence of this name speaks volumes to MArk's impact on The Lake. And some others, too. RIP.
  14. Happy Happy Birthday Baby!