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  1. I always try to buy the original English version if possible, but Amazon, NO WAY, never ever bought anything on Amazon I support my Shop-Around-the-Corner-bookstore
  2. @StevieVanZandt Can you believe the three countries with no publisher yet are France, Sweden, and NORWAY! 7:33 PM · Sep 15, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
  3. Thanks! This clears up some overreacting in the The 'I Wouldn't Dare Call It Official' From My Home To Yours Volume 28 post
  4. Please read the story behind this comment Bruce Springsteen stands with Freehold business after 'disgusting' Donald Trump deal https://eu.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2021/09/15/bruce-springsteen-donald-trump-freehold-music-center-pianos-atlantic-city/8351969002/
  5. 23.09.85 Denver, CO, intro to ‘Glory Days’: ”I’m coming to get you now (cheers)….I’m gonna warm up your little tootsies…..it’s my business up here….man….alright, here we go (singalong)….sounds good, Denver…. (?)….Pavarotti, look out out there…..here’s a song about ….growing old….that’s right….bring it down a little bit, boys…..I mean…being that today is (cheers)…..my b-b-b-b…my b-b-b-b….the day I was born (cheers)…..36 now, man (cheers)…that’s old (chuckles)…anybody else my age out there ? (cheers)….man….but I feel young tonight (cheers)…I feel handsome (cheers)….I feel at my sexual peak (cheers)….oh yeah (giggles)…oh man…..I got some inspiration from the Big Man, he’s 44 (cheers)…. like he always maintains his youthful beauty somehow…..when it’s your birthday, man, that’s a drag, I mean people coming up to you all day …. singing Happy Birthday and calling you the birthday boy and….’you’re looking like the monkey and you are one too’ and all those rhymes…..all that birthday stuff, man …..anyway….sometimes my back hurts now and I lay in bed at night, you know and ….I always sleep with my guitar….at first my wife didn’t like it but she got used to it (cheers)….you gotta take the whole package (chuckles)….anyway, I feel good and uh …..’cause anyway in the end…. it ain’t nothing but glory days….are you ready, band ? ….are you ready, Denverites ? (cheers)….” Compiled by : Johanna Pirttijärvi
  6. Maybe it might not the best song to talk about today, if you have a better Springsteen song that is updating the 9/11 event then shoot. And that is why I posted that link to the 9/11 20 Years Later documentary, narrated by Springsteen: "Through their own words members of the FDNY family will tell the story of how they righted the ship rebuilding the department and their lives in the ensuing two decades after the tragedy. We'll showcase today's FDNY inspiring other fire departments to develop resilient strategies modeled from the FDNY that they can use to recover when tragedy strikes. The men and women of the FDNY are fighters. They had to be after 9/11. So this is not a story of tragedy. The firefighters that perished in those tower 20 years ago wouldn't want this to be about them. This story is one of uncompromising resilience of rising up and re-establishing the soul of the fire department of New York. No this isn't the story of a wreck but a rebuild. 9/11 was a day like no other. Please join me as we pay hommage to a lesson of resilience for the ages"
  7. The reason why I included this song in the Rising topic was trying to give an update about 9-11 in the words of Bruce Springsteen with the lesser known Hey Blue Eyes song. The facts contemplated in this song are undenieable (Abu Graib, US contractors greed, the responsibility of former presidents (all of them for my money!). But you are right about partisan politics especially since Springsteen has taken a political side. And I prefer not to go deeper in American party politcs here, that is not my aim. That battle has been fought as it seems over and over on the Lake forum. In matter of fact, my next post about the 9/11 20 Years Later documentary does offer the alternative for party politics ... And yes tastes may differ, and I won't be surprised if this song might be exist in a more rocking arrangement. But we should keep and open mind and respect here the artists view point wondering why Springsteen did execute the song like this. Bruce's genius is to get across the perversion of torture through disguising the lyric within a melody and chorus that suggest a love song. When you realise what you're listening to , you're revulsed. And I think Springsteen makes particularly good use of Patti Scialfa’s backing vocals. We’re used to them being warm and comforting, of course, but in this context — listen to them, for instance, at 1:16 and 2:10 — their serenity makes them absolutely chilling.
  8. The 9/11 20 Years Later documentary delivers a powerful and inspiring message of resilience through the words of those who were there, those who lived through and participated in the NY Fire department’s rebuilding, and those who carry on the department’s highest tradition of commitment to service. Narrated by Bruce Springsteen - very fitting
  9. “Hey Blue Eyes” is absolutely devastating in its withering criticism of American hypocrisy, but that’s not the impressive part. What makes “Hey Blue Eyes” such an astonishingly powerful song is the way it works on three completely different levels all at once–all while set against a deceptively lilting melody that seems ignorant of the lyrical content In the final verse, Bruce ties a brutally effective bow around all three readings of the song: She says, “In this house it’s so easy to set a world on fire All you need is a name, the money, and a soul full of reckless desire Upstairs the landlord is dining here with his criminal friends Don’t worry, they’ll have the bags packed and be long gone before the real fucking begins” Bruce intentionally uses the word “fucking” here, because he knows the effect it will have on us, his listeners. It jolts us, because we’re used to more artful euphemisms in his work. This is Bruce setting an alarm clock, telling us that it’s time to wake up from the spell of the song, time to go back and re-listen to the song through a coarser, uglier lens. And in doing so, we’re even more unsure: Are we listening to an S&M prostitute reassuring her john that their session will be undisturbed? Are we hearing condemnations of the U.S. president, who will leave office before the consequences of his actions, manipulations, and orders are fully felt–or the soldiers who receive empty promises and reassurance that their actions are legal and their return home imminent? Maybe Bruce is calling out the defense contractors and oil companies who profit from Blue Eyes’ particular predilections? The answer is yes. Yes to all of it. And as the song trails the final chorus, we’re deeply unsettled by the realization that the chorus is our inner national dialogue: What are we doing? And yeah, it has to be alright. Because if it’s not, what does that make us? Hey blue eyes, yeah, what you doing tonight Hey blue eyes, hey it’s alright Hey blue eyes, what you doing tonight Hey blue eyes, yeah it’s alright by Ken Posted on June 30, 2019 https://estreetshuffle.com
  10. If you are referring to the Crush on you song, then @Daisey Jeep knows all about it. But the big question is: what do you think about latest Paolos Archive review?
  11. Comparing a 1977 studio outtake with a 2005 live execution sound a little too far fetched. Please read that excellent review of Paolo for the latest 2005 archive show again about the Iceman 2005 version. But to understood the 1977 outtake we can rely on the Backstreets liner notes from Tracks: 13. Iceman RECORDING LOCATION: The Record Plant, New York, NY RECORDING DATE: October 27, 1977 HISTORY: This melancholy Darkness outtake first surfaced in the mid-’80s and, unlike “Give the Girl a Kiss,” fits the album thematically and stylistically. Springsteen didn’t even remember the song until a friend assembled a few box set suggestions from bootlegs and gave them to Bruce. BRUCE SAYS: “Bob Benjamin sent me a tape with about three songs on it, and ‘Iceman’ was one of them. I had forgotten I had even written it and I had no idea what it was, and I went back and it was a pretty nice song. Finding some of the things you’d forgot you had done, that was fun.… ‘Iceman,’ like ‘Born in the U.S.A.,’ was just something that I didn’t get at the time that I did it.” LYRIC CROSS-CHECK: “I wanna go out tonight, I wanna find out what I got” would become one of the core declarations of “Badlands.” BRUCE SAYS II: “That line [‘I wanna go out tonight…’] is what I was thinking about at that time. I hadn’t recorded in a couple of years. I was stuck in that big lawsuit [with former manager Mike Appel] in the early part of my career, and there was a tremendous amount of ‘whatever happened to’-articles at that time. That whole record was a record where I felt like I was going to have to test myself and that was what I wanted to know, so that line ended up in a few different songs.” —Los Angeles Times interview, 1998 https://www.backstreets.com/Assets/pdfs/BackstreetsLinerNotes.pdf
  12. Fab review mate! It's that good it will certainly convert @Promise61 to have a listen "Having cautioned his audience’s excitement about this world premiere, a couple of fans recognise these opening chords for “Iceman”, and they simply can’t hold their joy until the finale. It’s a delicate performance, one that greatly contrasts the grittiness of the two versions with the E Street Band from 2014 and 2016, and it’s fitting just how cool Bruce’s vocal is, showing little to no anger (or emotion whatsoever) when telling his lover “the world just blew you away” and telling us “I was born dead“. Of course, the loss of loved ones and the different ways in which we react are themes tonight, so for Bruce to give us a song performance where his character is unfazed by the cruelties of this world is a fascinating start to this stand out eight song sequence. He links “Iceman” and the following song with a lovely intermezzo"
  13. After more than 15 years, still sooooooooooo many people lost on the bullet mic. Here is an excellent essay about the tour and THAT mic from Gregg Chadwick: "Bruce Springsteen is a man who takes risks with his music and his politics. On May 3, 2005 in Hollywood at the Pantages Theater it seemed that Springsteen let everything ride musically in a last chance to save America's soul. In two numbers culled from his Reagan era album "Nebraska" - "Reason to Believe" and "Johnny 99" - like numerous blues artists and Bob Dylan before him - Springsteen howled the lyrics through a bullet shaped harmonica microphone, amplifying his voice into a guttural roar, “Lord won't you tell us what does it mean/ At the end of every hard-earned day you can find some reason to believe." These two songs were re-imagined as twenty first century blues for America." https://greggchadwick.blogspot.com/2006/02/spirit-in-night-springsteen-live.html
  14. I found this on the www.springsteenlyrics.com website. This copy was used for promotional purposes. It has a sticker on the jewel case promoting Joe Grushecky's 10 Mar 1996 concert in Antwerp which I attended. The Grushecky concert in my hometown was organised by the Belgian Thunder Road fanclub. I made some black&white pictures front row, have to search for it somewhere in my house ......
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