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  1. Indeed nice piture though. For what its worth, here some background about this picture from the Rolling Stone august 1978 cover story "Bruce Springsteen Raises Cain" by Dave Marsh Phoenix, Saturday, July 8th. It’s not just that it’s another fantastic show. This is another goddamn event, and it goes farther than the Roxy, with all of the show’s intimacy, innocence and vulnerability, but with an added factor of pandemonium. It’s the sweetest-tempered crowd I’ve ever seen, and at the same time, the most maniacal. Bruce dedicates the show to the town in memory of the time “when this was about
  2. Some nitpicking, but I thought this picture is from the Phoenix, July 8 1978 stand. The live versions of “Prove It All Night” and “Paradise By The C” aired by some radio stations in 1978 are culled from this show, which was recorded on multi-tracks and later mixed down to two-track with the intent to cull live cuts, though Columbia never even pressed up “Prove It” or “Paradise” as a promo nor anything else from those tapes (until now ) Dave Marsh: "At noon, producer/manager Jon Landau, Bruce and I disappear into Springsteen’s room to play the Berkeley concert mixes. There are two mixes of
  3. Jack Antonoff Is Everywhere: The Rolling Stone Interview By Brian Hiatt Who else is in your feedback group? The best records are made with a small group of people that really believe in something. My group is like me, my manager, my A&R person who doesn’t even work on my label anymore — he’s just a really close person to me. Then my family, and some artists like Lana. I always play some for Ella [Lorde]. Taylor, of course. Bruce [Springsteen] is deeply in the group. I played him the whole record the other day. We took a drive and listened to it. If I was trying to make an
  4. Summer of Sorcery starts in Asbury Park, May 2019
  5. All through the summers of ’64, ’65, ’66 and ‘67 I’d hitchhiked the twenty miles from Freehold to Manasquan and back almost every day. I’d ridden with concerned moms, drunk drivers, truckers, street racers eager to show off what they had under the hood, traveling businessmen, and only one middle-aged salesman who was a little too interested in me. I’d hopped in with guys who had souped-up sound systems with echo chambers connected to their AM radios, “in-car” 45 record players set on springs under the dash near the shifter. Every sort of rube, redneck, responsible citizen and hell-raiser the J
  6. "Racing In The Street ('78)"- Asbury Park, NJ - January 17, 2015 (no Roy on this one )
  7. 2014-05-17 - MOHEGAN SUN ARENA, UNCASVILLE, CT Set opens with tour one-off "Racing In The Street ('78)", and although the arrangement was undoubtedly of the outtake found on The Promise, the lyrics Springsteen sings are mostly the album version.
  8. The infectious, upbeat song, co-written by Michael Narada Walden and Jeffrey Cohen, was included on Clemons’ 1985 album Hero and was the highest-charting single ever by an E Street Band member, rising to No. 18 on Billboard’s singles chart. Bruce Springsteen has never sung it in public excerpt at Clemons’ 2011 funeral, at which he, Browne and surviving members of the E Street Band performed it. There have been many different versions of it, over the years. Here are videos of some of them, in chronological order: Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne's 'You're a Friend of Mine,' from 1985 to
  9. In September 1992 when Bruce performed for MTV's Unplugged concert series, "Leap Of Faith" required a restart and "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" was played twice. And during the taping of the Storytellers series for VH1 in April 2005, Thunder Road was played twice. So both shows got out in edited form. More from Backstreets News Archive: "The Brokenhearted" again shifted the mood. Bruce performed it in a soulful manner very similar to "Back in Your Arms," "Fade Away," and "Dark End of the Street" from the 2009 tour, with mournful vocals pleading to a lost lover. Bruce repeated "Say it ri
  10. Bonus, separate account from Caryn Rose: 7th Of December, Asbury Park: Inside the Carousel House http://www.jukeboxgraduate.com/2010/12/springsteen-webcast-songs-from-the-promise/
  11. When this came out, my first thought was that this would be a watershed and some songs like Racing In The Street would be performed in this way from that very moment on. Alas, history proved me wrong. Unlike the Bridge Benefit 1986 and Christic Benefit 1990 which are now released as an complete archive, we still not have the complete Live at the Carousel 2010 out there in the light of the day. With this link, please enjoy again this coverage from Caryn Rose and Glenn Radecki from the Backstreet Winter 2010 magazine: https://jerseystylephotography.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/carouselr
  12. As a consolation, you can round off your Saturday with the 'Old bones' theme of Bruce Springsteen’s 23rd DJ show on SiriusXM satellite radio https://www.njarts.net/radio/springsteen-plays-songs-about-aging-on-siriusxm-dj-show-titled-old-bones-transcript-videos/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1097TRRaiTl0yNuUcscpfv0Zt_bBWRAED/view?usp=sharing
  13. Oh, here we go again "To recap: Michael Batlan, 38, who worked as Bruce’s guitar technician, and Douglas Sutphin, 36, a drum technician, primarily claimed that the Boss owed them overtime pay, unlawfully fined them, and failed to observe federal and state labor laws during their 10-year tenures. Batlan also claimed Springsteen breached an oral contract to pay him ”slightly less” than what he paid the band. Denying all charges, Springsteen said he had fulfilled his responsibilities to the roadies ”three times, four times, 10 times over.” If the case had gone to trial and the roadies
  14. “I don’t run. I can’t run anymore!” Springsteen told BBC 6 Music during a interview. “I’ll walk very fast, however, and I just generally take care of myself with the diet and exercise a little bit. ... At 70, you appreciate the vitality of your creative like. I think I’ve had five years where I’ve done some of the best work I’ve ever done.”
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