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  1. Wembley 1981: Dave Edmunds Shares a Bruce Springsteen Story https://bestclassicbands.com/dave-edmunds-bruce-springsteen-6-22-17/
  2. Not only can Italy claim to have the most avid Springsteen fans in the world, they also have some of Bruce’s best cover artists. Take for example, Mardi Gras. Named as a hat tip to Creedence Clearwater Revival’s final album, Rome-based Mardi Gras has a long discography of original songs and great covers dating back to their acoustic days in 2006. Their version of “Land of Hope and Dreams” hails from their Among the Streams album, released in 2011. (You can also find it on the Italian Springsteen tribute album, For You 2.) It’s every bit as uplifting, hopeful and joyful as Bruce’s original.
  3. The photographer Annie Leibovitz shot Springsteen for the cover of Rolling Stone back in 1980, shortly after The River had come out, and, as she explains in her book, Annie Leibovitz at Work, the shoot responded to the album’s febrile material. “The River is a very moving set of songs about memories of better times and about human fragility,” she writes in our book. “I photographed Bruce skating on ice. He could barely ice-skate, but he did it. I was thinking of that beautiful late-eighteenth century painting of the skater by the Scottish artist Henry Raeburn, but the picture works on sev
  4. Helpless at last! Strange to see Nils taking the spot and instrument from Danny
  5. @hollycara Speaking of The River tour here is my review of the opening night October 3, 1980 in Ann Arbor for @aquarianweekly which I phoned in from the road after the shown https://twitter.com/hollycara/status/1256313071250759681
  6. Sad to hear. Never heard from here although I am highly familiar with the pre-internet Springsteen period. Whatever, Springsteen writers are one of the great things in our little world since they have that special feeling to put into words what we all feel but rarely seems to able to express in full. Cannot help myself to put quotes and stories from those writers into my personal post here and there on this forum. August 26, 1978: The Day Rock & Roll Delivered Me From Nowhere by Holly Cara Price https://medium.com/@hollycara/august-26-1978-the-day-rock-roll-delivered-me-from-nowhere-8
  7. One of highlights of this special show It's such a big surging song that sealed the bond between artist and crowd. Everyone feels trapped; Springsteen at least, is giving a way out for an evening. And, maybe, not to be too hokey about it, leaving folks with the idea that they can muster the courage to change their lives for the better.(Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe)
  8. Outlaw Pete is described as “a little rock opera,” the first since Jungleland, and is partly about how the past always influences the future. “The past is never the past,” he contends, because you carry your past, and your sins, with you always – not, of course, a new concept in his work. Springsteen explained to the Observer Music Monthly January 2009 about this fable concerning a character who can't escape his past: "The past is never the past. It is always present. And you better reckon with it in your life and in your daily experience, or it will get you. It will get you really bad. It wi
  9. OMG, this Don't Look Back has a very 1977'ish feel to me, all the later version sounded way too harsh Very intense performance on the cut pro-shot clips for the four first songs
  10. Ron as the producer makes a note / gives advice in the documentary (around the 34:30 mark) to Bruce during If I Was The Priest. Is that what you missed?
  11. Better ask questions before you shoot, the original score of the documentary is "composed" and "produced" by Bruce Springsteen with Ron Aniello
  12. Bruce Springsteen 'Letter to You' movie: Why you need to stay until after the credits https://eu.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/10/20/bruce-springsteen-letter-you-movie-why-you-need-stay-until-after-credits/5993643 002/
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