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  1. Per tradition, it ended with everyone from the night back onstage for a spirited “Light of Day.” Among them was Bob Benjamin, Grushecky’s former manager that was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1998 and the inspiration for the entire event. He now uses a wheelchair, but seemed to be in great spirits. “Bob started this 20 years ago,” Springsteen said. “Man, that’s hard to believe. It’s been an incredible experience… let’s do one more song.”:
  2. By Jim Beviglia, NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER, Song 32 Bruce debuted this song live right around the time he was going through an intense lawsuit with former manager Mike Appel, and, with the lines about promises being broken and “fixed games,” many assumed that the dispute was at the heart of this song. Maybe that’s why Bruce shelved it, and it finally saw the light of day on the 1999 (18) Tracks compilation with a fresh recording. It’s interesting to note the difference between the vocals on the two rendition. Look up the early version online, and you’ll hear how desolate Bruce sounded
  3. 99年のEstバンド再結成以降、欧州での大人気の煽りを食らい、日本を含む極東は03年のOZ/NZ4都市5公演を例外にずっと世界ツアーから除外されていたのに、13、14、17年と立て続けにオーストラリア・ツアーが行われたのは、ブルースの信頼を勝ち取ったこのプロモーター氏の力ゆえだった。 Since the reunion of the Est band in 1999, the Far East, including Japan, has been excluded from the world tour with the exception of 5 performances in 4 cities of OZ / NZ in 2003, which has been a big hit in Europe. The Australian tour was held in a row for 17 years because of the power of this promoter who won the trust of Bruce. https://twitter.com/taddihno/status/1366645003158622208
  4. Dave Petillo@DavePetillo I love @LongGoneGulch created by @TaraBillinger & @CountZachulaaa! I wrote this song "Hot Foot Throttle" to the amazing animation from the pilot episode. Special thanks to legendary bassist @gwtallent sweet bassline & @robotlemon great mix! https://twitter.com/DavePetillo/status/1367292625498341377
  5. Down Thunder Road : The Making of Bruce Springsteen by Eliot, Marc (1992) => I bought it immediately when it appeared in the 90's. I need to reread and check the facts in this books again against everything we know now. One fan presented this book once for signing to Max Weinberg who flatly denied to sign it. According to Max that book "was full of lies"
  6. LOCAL HERO: Springsteen in the Words of His Band, Ermanno Labianca, photography by Giovanni Canitano, 1993
  7. This is the 1978 live version @Daisey Jeep is talking about. It came to the attention first time in 1998 on the Crystal Cat Winterland Night bootleg as a bonus track
  8. Nice try, I forgot about that Eastwood trick (but he got caught in the end ). Referring again to the Finnish article: "The process itself is quite simple. The passenger takes a skin swipe according to the instructions given and drops the sample into the container provided for it. The dog and its trainer are behind a wall, where the dog sniffs the given sample. In this way passengers who are allergic to dogs are taken into consideration, and care is taken that the trainers are not subjected to the coronavirus. Personal information is not collected at the sampling station. If the result is
  9. If you are not doing the nasal spray, and your papers aren't good enough, then there are always the dog sniffers Finland first in Europe to use dogs to detect Covid-19 (unric.org) "The pilot programme is costing approximately 300,000 euros which is significantly lower than for laboratory-based testing methods. “PCR test cost approximately 4 million euros per month and sniffing less than 100,000 euros” says docent in clinical research of companion animals, Anna Hielm-Bjorkman of Helsinki University."
  10. The silver bullet for travel and concert goers might be the nasal spray they are developing: Virologists from Rotterdam develop nasal spray that works against corona for 24 hours: 'Solution for travel or concert' | Coronavirus - Netherlands News Live To Beat COVID, We May Need a Good Shot in the Nose - Scientific American
  11. 2016: finals shows at the LOS ANGELES MEMORIAL SPORTS ARENA Terrific Drive All Night official audio and multicam video from the LA 3rd night in 2016. Even Garry is letting it go and singing unmiked the backgrounds "Don't cry now" vocals
  12. Seems like Rob DeMartin is now the actual Springsteen house photographer. The pictures from the recent Obama podcast are also from him
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