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  1. Welcome to the Lake. Looks like we live in the same state although I'm probably your Ma's age.
  2. I've only listened to the cd once so far, but I don't think his "message" is, "Don't forget about men!" What an idiot this reviewer is. I can't comment on the Madonna part of the article. I don't know enough about her to know if he's on or off target. Frankly, I'm not interested one way or another.
  3. All I can say so far is that I'm so grateful it's not as twangy as I thought it was going to be. Other than that, I will have to listen more before commenting on it.
  4. As a native New Orleanian, his passing hits hard. We've lost quite of few of our local giants recently: Allen Toussaint, Fats and now The Night Tripper. His stamp is all over the music of my hometown and he was a wonderful interpreter of some of the lesser known songs. His covers made these songs more famous than the original versions. He will be deeply missed.
  5. While not a fan of WOAD, I'm listening to "My Lucky Day" and the band really rocks it.
  6. Thanks for Googling it. I thought it said "Tunnel in Love I'm old" and I couldn't figure it out until I read your post below.
  7. I like the nod to Robert Frost's poem with the "miles to go."
  8. Anybody interested in going to Asbury Park on Sunday, April 28 at 3:00 PM for the movie festival to see "Riot, Redemption, RNRoll"? I have 1 ticket - Orchestra, Row N Seat 24 for sale. I'll be glad to sell it to you for $24.00 which is $11.00 & more off if you consider all of TMaster's stupid fees. Following the screening, a panel discussion and Q&A will take place moderated by editor of Backstreets, Chris Phillips. I can't go. You'd think that I would check my Bruce calendar on the wall behind me before I order a ticket on a day that I have a work commitment. But noooo.... If you want to go with someone, the seat right next to this one is still for sale on TMaster (but you will pay more for it). I'm willing to meet someone on the I-95 corridor in DE if you are interested.
  9. Is it too much like Hillbilly Elegy? I think that when one book becomes a bestseller, other publishing houses scour around for a book that can ride its coattails.
  10. I started a documentary discussion group at my library. So far we have had small numbers attend, but we'll keep trying. I don't watch political docus or crime related ones so I can't comment on those above. But I thoroughly enjoyed the following: Wrecking Crew - a must see for all music fans - 2014 - kinda old now but excellent What's With Wheat - you will be shocked by what's happening to our food supply RBG - "I am woman, hear me roar." Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story - every time you use your cell phone, you can thank Hedy. 2017
  11. I've taken the Jeopardy online test about 6 times - still haven't passed it.
  12. It's considered a classic although I didn't read it until I was an adult. It's a wonderful bildungsroman (showing off my knowledge as a librarian, Auntie!)
  13. Wow! That's so wonderful! I don't know you, but I'm very happy for you!