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  1. Rafa allegedly offered the big bucks - by someone else - https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48672945
  2. I saw the '86 show at the old Metrodome. Later caught Dylan and Petty at MSG. Funny story - everyone covers Dylan, from the G-Dead to Stevie Wonder. At the MSG show, who does Dylan cover? Ricky f'ing Nelson, Garden Party
  3. finally set aside the time to watch this - just f'ing brilliant. at the end I was wishing that the '86 Dylan/Dead/Petty tour had the same archival material so that Scorsese could tell that tale as well
  4. used in the new Dylan movie - their only top-40 hit: The Shocking Blue, Venus
  5. You have to applaud the support the Dutch show their team. Turnout, enthusiasm - Marvelous!
  6. I think it was the smoking ban that pushed him over the edge
  7. As ... you ... wish.
  8. JimCT

    Come on you Spurs!

    Poch and the players and the fans seem to like him. If Ndombele comes in then his time would be reduced, probably, but that's part of having a 23 man squad not just 11
  9. JimCT

    Come on you Spurs!

    One man's opinion, but an interesting list. as I said before, I expect Spurs to have a "net spending" budget of £100mm or more this window. they can do a lot. https://www.spurs-web.com/spurs-news/my-dream-tottenham-transfer-window-six-in-seven-out/ In: Ndombele (65mm - seems likely), Maddison (60mm - I rate this as unlikely, but worthy), Wan-Bissaka (55mm - another unlikely, but not impossible), Sessegnon (20mm - this one's been around for so long, and now the player won't extend his contract at Fulham, so seems likely), Ziyech (25mm - rumored to Arsenal, or Bundesliga, so I doubt this - I'd rather see van der Beek, for an extra 8-10mm), Ward-Prowse (30mm - really doubt this one) Missing from this list is Clarke from Leeds, long rumored ~20mm Out: Aurier (25mm - about what Spurs paid for him, not unreasonable), Trippier (25mm - especially if to Juve or other Serie A, valuation seems appropriate), Wanyama (20mm - if Spurs land Ndombele, then Wanyama is certainly surplus), Eriksen (I actually think he will resign with Spurs - Real Madrid has blown their budget), Nkoudou (7mm - bye bye), Janssen (10mm - bye bye), Onomah (5mm - bye bye) The listed ins/outs total £93mm net spend. Poch can really do a lot with a theoretical £100mm budget.
  10. That version of It's My Life (the one that sticks in my head is 11/4/76 at the Palladium - from boots, sadly I was not there in person ) is so raw and powerful. Given the era and the size of the venues, I can almost see the haze of cigarette smoke in the air, and smell the sweat-soaked air.
  11. Well, for songs I posted I've tried to include the artist and song title, so that anyone could search the thread and avoid duplicating what was already posted. But dups are not per se bad - as jmw points out, hearing one of these can bring back memories. So post it, and tell us about it.
  12. That's kind of the point of the thread, isn't it? These are songs that occupy a specific, fleeting moment in time, and so we associate them with whatever was in our lives at that moment.
  13. Spurs first five @Jimmy James @newcastle roy
  14. summer music - this one from the radio today - First Class: Beach Baby (1974)