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  1. Outdoor shows on the (mostly) summertime circuit are some of my best concert memories. Some of the venues are legendary - SPAC, Tanglewood, Merriweather Post Pavillion, Blossom, Alpine Valley, Red Rocks, Autzen Stadium (Eugene), Frost Amphitheater (Stanford), Shoreline Amphitheater, Greek Theater (Berkeley). I exclude stadiums, as they are rarely great venues, no matter the quality of the actual show. But certainly the whole experience of a summertime outdoor show, tailgating, hanging out in the warm, is very different from a wintertime indoor show with a "get in and get out" mindset. Certainly the Grateful Dead made annual summertime tours so very special, but these venues have hosted many, many other acts as well. We just may not have as many high quality recording as we have of the Dead. To launch this thread, here's a show whose recording has gotten me hauled over for speeding in two different countries (US and UK) within a week, as you cannot listen to the final Good Lovin' while driving 55. Can.Not.Be.Done. This was the final show of the North East Summer Tour - 4 shows in 5 nights. The SPAC show was a monster, to this day the record attendance for that venue. The Dead had set that record in June 83, then even more in June 84, then Bruce broke it in July 84, then in June 85 the Dead had over 40,000 there (~5,000 in the shed, the rest on the lawn). After that experience, the venue now has a ~25,000 limit - or ~20,000 on the lawn where the Dead had ~35,000 Merriweather was a hoot. The 2d set of this show was just smoking hot - Scarlet > Fire > Playin' > UJB into drumz, then out of space into Dear Mr. Fantasy > GDTRFB > Good Lovin'. Satisfaction > Baby Blue is a wonderful summer show encore - warm, soft night, full moon. I drove home to NYC, worked the next day then flew to London for Bruce at Wembley. 4 Dead shows, 3 Bruce shows, plus 2 Dire Straits at Wembley Arena - 9 shows total, 10 days. A solid stretch of fun Enjoy the ride - this is teed up to start at Dear Mr. Fantasy, but please, explore the rest of the show. And bring some of your best recollections, and hopefully recordings as well. https://archive.org/details/gd85-07-01.oade-schoeps.sacks.25243.sbeok.flacf/gd85-07-01oade-d3t02.flac
  2. The History of Comedy on CNN. Enticed in by season 2 now, went back and caught up on season 1. Fascinating, and funny, and informative
  3. JimCT

    The World Cup 2018 thread

    Usually just the red thread, right? I had a French teacher back in school who was a chevalier and had that sewn on all his jackets
  4. JimCT

    The World Cup 2018 thread

    I thought it was Scottish National Team tryouts
  5. JimCT

    The World Cup 2018 thread

    thought some levity was due now that we're done
  6. from a friend's FB feed - they were so young! Oh, wait, I was too. Talking Heads performing 'Once In a Lifetime' in New Jersey, 1980. Bernie Worrell from Funkadelic on keys is an absolute beast.
  7. JimCT

    The World Cup 2018 thread

    Congrats to the correct pickers - @Mission Man in AZ, @dr winston oboogie, @WhereLoveRuled, @Eileen, and @Captain Chaos
  8. JimCT

    OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    for all you Yankee-haters https://nyti.ms/2NT4qqq
  9. JimCT

    The World Cup 2018 thread

    Kante is under appreciated IMO, as what he does is not the stuff of fantasy league value.
  10. JimCT


    The most reliable way to get a seat, buy the debentures issued by the club https://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/atoz/debentures.html https://www.wsj.com/articles/SB1000142405274870452570457534122103925644 https://www.rocketwimbledonhospitality.com/debenture-tickets/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInauP0qOh3AIVAR6GCh3CawWWEAAYASAAEgLk6vD_BwE
  11. JimCT

    '68 - Rock 'N Roll's Greatest Year?

    this peaked at #13 in January '68, the first introduction for most of us to a voice I've loved ever since - Linda Ronstadt (with the Stone Poneys), Different Drum (written by Mike Nesmith)
  12. JimCT

    The World Cup 2018 thread

    I thought "Own Goal" was leading, with at least 10 by least count
  13. Surprised this didn't get mentioned on its anniversary Thursday - Alpine Valley, 12 July 1984, Man at the Top I remember getting a boot of this show on cassette only a year or so later, and hearing this for the first time.