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  1. Showtime, March 30, 8p - the story of WLIR circa 1982 https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwtv/article/Showtime-to-Premiere-Documentary-NEW-WAVE-DARE-TO-BE-DIFFERENT-Telling-the-Story-of-Americas-Most-Influential-Radio-Station-330-20180308 http://www.sho.com/titles/3451740/new-wave-dare-to-be-different http://www.sho.com/video/60288/new-wave-dare-to-be-different
  2. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    Scooby Doo says, "Ruh roh" for D-backs. Exhibit 137 in the "why long-term guaranteed contracts are dangerous for clubs". http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2764406-zack-greinkes-disappearing-velocity-could-create-1385m-contract-disaster
  3. Just watched the pilot episode of Rise - NBC, Tues @ 9p. So far I like it.
  4. Winchester is an acquired taste. Over 15 years or so I worked with a fellow much like him, but Harvard Law rather than Harvard Med. Precise, anal-retentive ("does anal-retentive have a hyphen?" ), loyal, and still a good friend.
  5. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    "Jerry's Kids"
  6. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    Thanks for the offer. Can't make it, unfortunately. #weareeverywhere
  7. OFFICIAL MLB 2018 Thread

    ouch, said the ball.
  8. Come on you Spurs!

    The Times has a 2 free articles/week limit, for those counting calories, so to speak - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/eric-dier-cars-no-we-discuss-brexit-and-catalonia-at-spurs-w97mjj37v
  9. Come on you Spurs!

    That's the point. There will be one more setting of clocks, and then no more. Makes it easier on the older folks
  10. Come on you Spurs!

    Thx Florida just voted to keep DST year round. No idea when that becomes effective, but it will certainly sow confusion down the road.
  11. Come on you Spurs!

    Sloppy play lets this get away. Ugh.
  12. The Manchester United thread

    Poor Eagles, gutted at the end
  13. The Manchester United thread

    Caught out like school children - Soar, eagles, soar!