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  1. respect to Sterling for how he's dealing with the fallout
  2. JimCT

    Come on you Spurs!

    Levy has made a few missteps over the past 3 years, and I think they are inter-related. First, and most important, he had the club be the general contractor for the stadium project, thus retaining all the risk of screw-ups. It would be most usual for such a project to enter into a contract that transfers more of that risk to a professional. Thus, the cost overruns impinged on club cash-flow (but NOT FFP limits, as I understand stadium matters are outside FFP). That probably affected the net spend in the 2 years prior to this summer. Second, he kept certain players who were popular (with both Poch and the fans) rather than sell and replace, and this was a function of the cash flow to a large degree. Think Toby, Jan, Danny, Christian, Wanyama. I'm new to footie, so I'm learning about contract structures, transfer markets, etc, which are quite different from the US sports I grew up with. Spurs performance last year may have even been enhanced by a lack of transfers, a settled and happy squad. A healthy and fully-bedded in Lucas helped. Third, I think he failed to anticipate the recent behavior of many players in their last 12-18 months to strike a more defiant attitude towards extensions or sales, settling to run out contracts and take advantage of teams such as Juve offering big wages and sign-on fees to players they can acquire w/o a transfer fee. I think now that a team should resolve a player's future with at least 2 years to go in the contract, lest it become cornered. Fourth, and related, allowing the Eriksen cancer to fester was a major mistake. He wanted out, so out he goes. Quickly. CE also apparently had some surgery this summer, but it's never been fully reported. Did that affect the ability to sell him? Finally, this summer Levy tried his usual tactic of squeezing every deal for the last drop of juice, and that really hurt. He should have bitten the bullet and sold several early on and acquired Lo Celso/Fernandes/Olmo/Dybala (2 of the 4? 3?) early on too, so they could get acquainted with Poch and the rest of the team and be fully fit and running with the team. The last-minute additions have negatively affected the performance in this first 30% of the season. This summer with the stadium essentially completed Levy did back Poch in the transfer market. Ndombele is likely to be as good as expected. The only drawback is that his fitness when he finally reported was not up to Poch's standards, apparently. He shows every sign of progress, understanding what is expected and intending to get there. Clarke, a young acquisition for the future, has been unproductive. Hopefully, the 2d half will see his situation sorted, either playing at Leeds or re-loaned elsewhere. As I understand it Poch had faith in Bielsa at Leeds. Oh, well. Either way, Clarke was not going to be the solution to this season. Lo Celso may be as good as hoped, we just don't know yet. But the delay in getting his deal done, plus his summer playing elsewhere that affected his integration with the team, was due to Levy IMO. The injury at the first international break was just added burden. Sessegnon was known to be injured, but he has been a team target for a while if the press has any accuracy, and that would have to be Poch IMO. His setback was a problem, but he's now looking to get more fully involved. That looks to pretty seamlessly solve the left-back problem of Rose, but the overlap period has not gone to plan. Selling Trippier looks premature, but certainly the injuries to KWP and Foyth made that more apparent. Selling Aurier would have been better IMO, but Trippier's age may have colored the evaluation. The question for this year is getting those with knocks back fully fit. I think KWP and Foyth can hold down right-back adequately. Getting the youngster Tanganga some first-team time (and a contract extension) would be helpful in the middle defense, too. Getting Parrot some time up front would be good. Getting Lamela healthy would help - he was playing well. But his frailty over the years has to be recognized, and he should be sold. That may be tough for Poch to do to his countryman, but it is just reality. I really like Lucas, and hope he gets more opportunity. They need at least 1 midfielder in January, maybe 2 if the opportunity presents. A quality right back would help, but as I said above I think that hole can be plugged adequately internally, and then re-evaluate in the summer. Should Foyth play on the right or in the center? IDK - in Poch I trust. Finally, Levy refinanced the stadium construction debt in a really low cost and long term deal. He still hasn't sold the naming rights, so that can add to the transfer kitty, and it will be substantial. As I understand FFP, and the team's cash flow based on their public accounts, I estimate that Spurs will have ~£80-100mm per year to spend on transfers as long as they qualify for the UCL KO stage and don't allow their wage bill to inflate too much. The last two years of standing still have caught up with them. It's fixable, but it will take some time to get it right. Below is the question posed in a slightly different way by others earlier today.
  3. G-Dead, same 11/11/85 show, opening of the second set Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain https://archive.org/details/gd85-11-11.sbd.doughty.14862.sbeok.shnf/gd1985-11-11d2t01.shn
  4. G-Dead, Brendan Byrne Barn, 11/11/85 fabulous Looks Like Rain - Jerry and Tiger https://archive.org/details/gd85-11-11.sbd.doughty.14862.sbeok.shnf/gd1985-11-11d1t08.shn
  5. happy 70th birthday! Bonnie Raitt with the John Prine masterpiece, Angel from Montgomery, Colbert Show (SC's request, I read)
  6. G-Dead, Rochester 11/8/85 - She Belongs to Me Jerry and Tiger, covering Dylan The Sugar Magnolia to end the set is sweet, too https://archive.org/details/gd85-11-08.sbd.clugston.5301.sbeok.shnf/gd85-11-08d2t08.shn
  7. Watford pulls out their first win, 2-nil
  8. Kingdom of Days chose to include Stolen Car today - http://estreetshuffle.com/index.php/2019/11/08/kingdom-of-days-november-8-2/
  9. 5th night, also with The Attractions, Spinning Songbook https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/elvis-costello-and-the-attractions/1986/broadway-theatre-new-york-ny-73f51a91.html
  10. first night in '86, with the Attractions - nonstop rock 'n roll https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/elvis-costello-and-the-attractions/1986/broadway-theatre-new-york-ny-33f5e021.html
  11. they didn't either - NONE OF THEM! https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2019/11/08/is-last-christmas-terrible-rom-com-or-terrible-christmas-movie-spoiler-alert-its-both/ Is ‘Last Christmas’ a terrible rom-com or a terrible Christmas movie? Spoiler alert: It’s both. Emilia Clarke, Henry Golding and Emma Thompson star in director Paul Feig's "Last Christmas," a romantic comedy inspired by a George Michael song. (Universal) By Emily Yahr November 8, 2019 at 6:00 a.m. EST The reviews are in for “Last Christmas,” and many of them are … not kind. Let’s let a few critics weigh in: Rolling Stone: “Incredibly, shockingly, monumentally bad. … The kind of bad that you get when you bring together people of enormous talent and then are forced to watch them flail around, lost and flop-sweat desperate, attempting to make a romantic comedy that is mind-bogglingly short of both elements.” New York Post: “’Last Christmas’ isn’t particularly funny, or romantic. And the film’s twist ending, which many viewers accurately guessed after watching the trailer, is idiotic and poorly explained.” Us Weekly: “An aimless, overstuffed mess with glaring identity issues, it will yield little joy during this festive season.” BBC: “A brutally unfunny and contrived romantic comedy.” Entertainment Weekly: “A supernatural twist so ludicrous it may actually make you want to punch a reindeer.” And so on. The film is sitting at a less than 50 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. What went so wrong with this movie? On the surface, “Last Christmas” looked like a charming holiday season offering starring the delightful Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones”) and Henry Golding (“Crazy Rich Asians”) as Kate and Tom, a pair of unlikely soul mates. Plus, the script was co-written by the beloved Emma Thompson; the soundtrack is exclusively George Michael songs as an homage to the late singer; and it stars the great Michelle Yeoh as a woman named Santa, the quirky owner of a year-round Christmas shop in London. Overall? The movie’s biggest flaw is simply the fact that it’s a Christmas rom-com that is, in fact, lacking in love and humor (and Christmas).
  12. Thanks so much for that detailed review! For me, sitting in the middle of the 300s (but I was IN THE BUILDING!) and reliving my very first show was so special. By the time he got to Fade Away > TPYP > DAN > WOTH I was a blubbering mess. What that album meant to me when it came out, what that show meant to me then (anyone else remember the Bruce Juice containers WNEW handed out outside the arena in 1980?) is impossible to describe without tears. And so experiencing it again in the same building (but my seat in 1980 was better ) was completely cathartic.