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  1. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    With the addition of Verlander I expect the Astros are now well over $150mm And players should work for less in Texas - no income tax
  2. The Official Newcastle United Thread

    Improved bid, offer of a kitty to fund transfers in January even if the deal hasn't closed yet. The loss in value if relegated should be impetus to getting it done. Bright side - your new owner is more photogenic https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/dec/13/mike-ashley-sale-newcastle-united-amanda-staveley
  3. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    If they can pull this off, get some additional starting pitching, AND stay under the $197mm luxury tax threshhold don't curse the Yankees, applaud their front office for what they've done to bring younger, less-expensive players to the major league level and add true marquee players, the kind that fill seats, both home AND away (IIRC, when the Yankees come to town attendance is usually higher than average). The best part of this article IMO? That Cashman called Judge BEFORE the trade to discuss it with him - https://nyti.ms/2jPn856
  4. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    Sounds like he beat you to it
  5. What Gives You "Brucebumps"?

    The Last Dance, Shea Stadium, 4 Oct 2003. Grown men wept.
  6. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    @JudgeBrown http://www.sharonherald.com/sports/stanton-joins-judge-as-yankees-tower-of-power/article_6419807e-dede-11e7-87e5-cb514c938cb0.html Stanton's contract includes a no-trade provision, and last week he turned down prospective deals to St. Louis and San Francisco. He told the Marlins he was willing to accept trades only to the Yankees, his hometown Los Angeles Dodgers, the Astros and Chicago Cubs. "I would have been putting it over the hump rather than jumping into a team already prepared to be there," he said. Having grown up in Southern California, going to the Giants was a challenging concept. "I wouldn't base a decision off that, but also I wouldn't want to go to a team that they disliked the most — and wasn't sure if they were going to beat that team, either," Stanton said.
  7. What Gives You "Brucebumps"?

    Thanksgiving MSG 11/27?
  8. What Gives You "Brucebumps"?

    I can find it used in this forum back as far as 2008 - maybe farther if those archives were available
  9. What Gives You "Brucebumps"?

    The 3d show I ever taped, 11/8/84 in Tempe. Everything came together, and this was right before Jungleland. Ask @CmonMrTrouble it was his first Bruce show
  10. 1967

    and mighty Aretha, Chain of Fools
  11. 1967

    And a reminder of where the line "Boogaloo down Broadway" came from
  12. 1967

    The Bee Gees, Massachusetts
  13. 1967

    I quite enjoyed this movie
  14. 1967

    I missed a few weeks, so I'll catch up - Hello Goodbye, The Beatles, week ending 12/2