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  1. I'm pretty sure that I can't be termed a glory hunter for supporting Spurs
  2. A fine day of tailgating, where I got to meet @PrettyRedRose AND @CmonMrTrouble . FireRich was remembered, money was raised, and despite (or maybe because of ) the weather we were treated to a wonderful show. It's an official release, too! https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-bruce-springsteen-and-the-e-street-band-metlife-stadium-east-rutherford-nj-09-22-2012-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/22184.html 2012-09-22 - METLIFE STADIUM, EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ Soundcheck: INTO THE FIRE / WHERE THE BANDS ARE / JANEY, DON'T YOU LOSE HEART / MEETING ACROSS THE RIVER / CYNTHIA / GIVE THE
  3. today, 2012, MetLife, the Birthday Show, Into the Fire (for FireRich - RIP ) the day I got to meet @PrettyRedRose and @CmonMrTrouble
  4. Denver, today 2002, Candy's Room https://videopress.com/v/1RKhci5I
  5. 4th round next week, we host the winner of Chelsea v Barnsley
  6. walk-over awarded - https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-tottenham-told-clash-v-leyton-orient-called-off-win-given/
  7. and Heat Wave, with Martha Reeves https://videopress.com/v/ODmDrQbM
  8. MCOR, today 2001, post 9/11, "America: A Tribute to Heroes"
  9. Little Queenie / Take 'Em As They Come Philly '99 https://videopress.com/v/G2FG3eUc I was a client of First Union's swap desk, so my contact got me two tickets to the show in their box. I took an old friend of mine (3 months younger than I am, he grew up and still lives in NYC, so he's never had a driver's license ), renting a car and driving down to Philly. Lovely show, as you can see below. Driving back on the NJTP I got pulled over. The trooper was merciful, and instead of citing me for speeding he gave me a ticket for an "obscured license plate" because the AVIS frame was too big
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