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  1. Excellent, your experience will be invaluable! Thank you!
  2. today '88, Montreal - Every Breath You Take https://videopress.com/v/XS7nF1a4
  3. today '84, Philly night 5 - (soundcheck) Beneath the Floodline
  4. today '78, Palladium NYC - Prove It All Night @Daisey Jeep this is just wonderful!
  5. Week 5 17 September Newcastle 1 v Leeds 3 18 September Wolverhampton 2 v Brentford 1 Burnley 1 v Arsenal 1 Liverpool 2 v Crystal Palace 0 Man City 4 v Southampton 0 Norwich 1 v Watford 1 Aston Villa 1 v Everton 2 19 September Brighton 1 v Leicester 2 West Ham 1 v Man United 2 Tottenham 1 v Chelsea 1 (heart, not head)
  6. Earlier tonight Jessica and Don Juan were part of the US team that won the Nations Cup at the Aachen show, one of Europe’s most prestigious venues. https://d3dzqfftszju1i.cloudfront.net/competition/files/21/09/16/result-s7-nationcup_203744.pdf The Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon is part of the Rolex Grand Slam series.
  7. My apologies, I got lost and thought it was on the thread about that site.
  8. I suggest that you post this in the Bootleg Collector's thread, more likely to get noticed by those who might have it and be willing to share it. That's what that thread is does well. And for the record, I'm just the messenger re the website. Many others did the work, from conceptualizing it, to designing it, then coding it, and painstakingly testing it, fixing glitches, retesting, fixing more, etc. It's been months of work at another "by fans, for fans" production.
  9. today '78, Palladium - Independence Day https://videopress.com/v/BOOL6NGx
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