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  1. I'll take this show any night! Hoping he saves some surprises for my next show...Gillette on 9/14.
  2. Thanks for posting the pic. I only met Rich a few times but I remember I always hurt from laughing too hard after talking to him. I forget if it was after one of the Hartford Rising shows or 10/4 Shea that he told me that Patti saw the sign and said to him "that's not our song you know"' RIP Rich
  3. Hey You! Explain your Screen name!!

    They make great hood ornaments.
  4. Hey You! Explain your Screen name!!

    My first name is Rick (real shocker there) and Roulette was always one of my favorite songs live. I joined just after Hartford 9/18 and I think all my friends were sick of hearing me whining about not hearing it this tour. Finally I got to hear it on 10/4 but it was a rough 24 hours after seeing posted on the 10/3 setlist.