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  1. golf is like mail in voting. It works on the honor system. Some people play it straight, some cheat.
  2. there is. Some people couldn't control their impulses. And even that was tolerated for 20 years
  3. Good luck. In NY we take pride in that
  4. 11:05 a.m. Assistant U.S. Attorney reads the charges. Ansell: We enter a not guilty plea on all three charges, your honor. ............. Baker says there is enough evidence to prove he drank alcohol in a closed area. Springsteen agrees to plead guilty to the charge. Two charges DWI and reckless driving dismissed.
  5. My first thought was ..... are there 8 hours worth of "stories" we haven't already heard? I think I'm more interested in drinking and driving and jeep hawking insight
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