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  1. In MetLife Stadium..... absolutely no!
  2. It’s about time they got their turn in the barrel
  3. I can't stand the "everybody does it" excuse, re: coaching from the box. It's a lie. Not everybody does it. Some do it and don't get caught, doesn't make it right. The penalty was fair. Then she had a tantrum because that kid was wiping the floor with her.
  4. At 700 bucks a seat the scene plays out at a slower pace than you’d expect
  5. well ...... of the last 2 months at least. ............. 'course that's just in my opinion, .... which don't mean shit to a tree. (in honor of dmt's return)
  6. Yankee tickets are easy to get but they alternate playing at home and then on the road for about two weeks at a time so you'll need to check the schedule to see if they're in town during your visit. good luck
  7. It’s been a while. A few spleens need to be vented
  8. so he didn't have a political awakening late in life ...... he merely lacked the courage to speak about his politics until later in life maybe Floom2 was giving him the benefit of the doubt
  9. Apparently the show is meant to be enjoyed hook, line and sinker
  10. there are plenty of places on the web to discuss BitUSA. What are your feelings on Sherry Darling?
  11. Maybe there was something to be said for keeping those nasty-ass ethos'ers in thier cage. Allowing them run of the mansion is bound to end up with someone pissing on the rug. and who wants that?