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  1. No words, just heartbroken miss you b!
  2. allowed? Melania has a somewhat unconventional taste in clothes, but a statement? what is the statement? …. and what good is the statement if it is so subtle that no one knows what it is? Anyway, I don't know who Helga is but I'm guessing the comparison is not complimentary …. and the reference to the "best" comments on social media, that I can only assume is vulgarity or mysogyny, seems gratuitous to me …. so I asked why.
  3. USPS lost 8.8 billion in 2019. Regardless of the justification, not everyone thinks that is good. What did I say that was wrong? https://www.govexec.com/management/2019/11/postal-service-doubles-annual-losses-88-billion/161317/
  4. I think he condemned the Minneapoilis cops involved in the Floyd death. The federal district prosecutor there is investigating civil rights violations, I believe. I remember him wanting to send national guard to cut back on looting, fires etc. but most of the mayors didn't want assistance. Federal authority is limited in these matters apparently. The guard was protecting the Portland courthouse for a while but they left at request of the Mayor. The courthouse is in tact but the riots continue up there, 80 some odd days now.
  5. subject to approval of course, ….. and probably depending on whether Bruce thinks burning churches, court houses and police precincts, …. hitting police with frozen water bottles, bricks, Molotov cocktails and Automobiles …. doubling of the murder rate in several of our major cities ……………….. are things we need to rise above
  6. So, do you believe most Americans were serial adulterers in the 90s? They sent Bill Clinton to the White House after all
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