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  1. Trump's presser right now....

    Pat, I'd like to buy a disavowal please
  2. A few thoughts about this forum

    it is the same as it ever was. Where else can great scientific minds, captains of industry and accomplished military leaders come and shit all over their perceived inferiors? It is truely a noble undertaking and no doubt gains the admiration of one's peers.
  3. What good things has the KKK done?

    What the fuck is this ? give us the punchline already
  4. 2017 the same as 2016 in Chicago

    many neighborhoods have a problem but the overall Chicago number is pretty big http://www.slate.com/features/2015/11/gun-locator/
  5. 2017 the same as 2016 in Chicago

    9 dead 30 wounded Friday eve thru Monday morning http://abc7chicago.com/9-dead-30-wounded-in-weekend-shootings-across-chicago/2305976/
  6. if the follow-on effect is unknowable why would anyone hope for it?
  7. Not Sure How to Title This Thread....

    School for the Gifted field trip
  8. When it was revealed McCain had the cancer, a bunch of people here said the same thing, about it affecting his judgement. Then it was with regard to his questioning of Comey I believe.
  9. Symbols--Archetypal and Distorted

    https://mobile.twitter.com/SpikeLee/status/894905182353592321/photo/1 spike lee to the rescue
  10. Symbols--Archetypal and Distorted

    On behalf of Power13, could you please explain how the stupid inanimate confederate flag instilled these wicked thoughts on the "red-necks"? and please, he'd like you to be specific.
  11. Symbols--Archetypal and Distorted

    That cloth does have magic powers but it uses them for the forces of evil..... It had to go
  12. Symbols--Archetypal and Distorted

    Sorry but that thread was locked ....... for some God unknown fucking reason. We already know that things that aren't alive are not living, and that you should use your first amendment right even if what you have to say is idiotic. shut this the fuck down before someone calls someone else snowflake
  13. More FOX talent accused of harassment

    So is this a 'Favre' or a full on 'Weiner'?
  14. Baltimore

    Ms bridgeford gets an A for effort
  15. Kaepernick

    It's for vets like mike Christian and others who sacrificed everything for the rest of us, that we should respect what they held dear. It's not too much to ask I don't think.