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  1. New Jersey is not the place to live if you hate the smell of sulfur
  2. "All I can think of is being 5 years old, chasing behind you at the beach tracing your footprints in the sand trying to walk like a man" Didn't every boy do that? The first time I heard that I was awestruck. Like I went back in time. Also, "like if he stood there long enough, that dog'd get up and run." In my mind, the guy knew and loved the dog. Just brilliant.
  3. ebay. They're all there at one time or another. everything that dies someday comes back!
  4. Some girls they want a handsome Dan or a good looking Don Juan van de Donkhoeve
  5. golf is like mail in voting. It works on the honor system. Some people play it straight, some cheat.
  6. there is. Some people couldn't control their impulses. And even that was tolerated for 20 years
  7. Good luck. In NY we take pride in that
  8. 11:05 a.m. Assistant U.S. Attorney reads the charges. Ansell: We enter a not guilty plea on all three charges, your honor. ............. Baker says there is enough evidence to prove he drank alcohol in a closed area. Springsteen agrees to plead guilty to the charge. Two charges DWI and reckless driving dismissed.
  9. My first thought was ..... are there 8 hours worth of "stories" we haven't already heard? I think I'm more interested in drinking and driving and jeep hawking insight
  10. I love the couple of times a year when Bruce does something that let's us talk about something real here. Thank God for Bruce. I'm starting to think a bit differently about the commercial. The country is fractured and people need to figure out how to coexist. It needed to be said. Maybe he's not the most credible person give the message but who is? It's not ideal that he did it in a commercial but Jeep paid for that message to be delivered to 90 million people. More than can be reached by any other means. So today I'm good with it .... but I'll probably feel differently tomorrow.
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