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  1. 49 minutes ago, SoulBoogieAlex said:

    Or maybe it is just too obvious that this is true. At the very least, Trumps voters never put enough weight into Trump's racism, misogyny, his discrimination on gender or religion to cast him aside as a viable candidate. And Trump never pulled his punches. You cannot plausible say you never knew. Not with Trump. The sad thing is, he's hardly an exception in the political field. So there is a base that is at the very least willing to accept all of that. I would call that latent racism. It is not active, but it is not caring enough about your fellow Americans to dismiss a candiate that dismisses your co-worker, neighbor, teammates, sometimes family even.

    well if it is obvious that millions of people were racist it shouldn't be very hard to show proof.  And it is a divisive enough insinuation that it really deserved more thorough support.      

  2. 3 hours ago, The Chicken Man said:

    excellent point, its what the losing side always does, passes it off as being duped, or tricked, without really looking for the reasons why they lost. Bruce is far more intelligent than this, and I was surprised by this. I also felt that there was no need to be so aggressive with the langauge in the Radio Show, we know your not a fan Bruce, most of the world aint either, but I doubt he would have said that face to face.  Went down in my opinion im afraid.

    "There is a desire for a figure who will once again turn back the clock to full factories, high wages, and for some, the social status that comes with being white—that is a difficult elixir, prejudices and all, for folks who are in dire straits to resist."

    Would have been nice to see Brooks follow-up on this.  Bruce obviously thinks that a significant portion of the electorate have racist tendencies.  I'd have liked to have heard Bruce tell what reasons or evidence he has for thinking this.  It's a volatile statement and just throwing it out there and Brooks not pursuing it and Bruce not backing it up is, well, a bit lazy quite honestly.  If Bruce wants to discuss politics he'd be better served talking to someone with the stones to challenge him rather than merely take dictation.    

  3. Brooks: There is a question I’ve always wanted to ask you. You’ve spent so much of your life writing about working-class men and, in particular, working-class men who were victims of deindustrialization, who used to work in the factories and mills that were closed, whether in Asbury Park or Freehold or Youngstown or throughout the Midwest. But a lot of those guys didn’t turn out to share your politics. They became Donald Trump supporters. What’s your explanation for that?

    Springsteen: There’s a long history of working people being misled by a long list of demagogues, from George Wallace and Jesse Helms to fake religious leaders like Jerry Falwell to our president.

    The Democrats haven’t really made the preservation of the middle and working class enough of a priority. And they’ve been stymied in bringing more change by the Republican Party. In the age of Roosevelt, Republicans represented business; Democrats represented labor. And when I was a kid, the first and only political question ever asked in my house was “Mom, what are we, Democrats or Republicans?” And she answered, “We are Democrats because they’re for the working people.” (I have a sneaking suspicion my mom went Republican towards the end of her cognizant life, but she never said anything about it!)

    In addition, there is a core and often true sense of victimization that has been brought on by the lightning pace of deindustrialization and technological advancement that’s been incredibly traumatic for an enormous amount of working people across the nation. The feeling of being tossed aside, left behind by history, is something our president naturally tapped into.

    There is resentment of elites, of specialists, of cosmopolitan coast dwellers, some of it merited. It is due to attitudes among some that discount the value and sacrifice so many working people have made for their country. When the wars are being fought, they are there.  When the job is dirty and rough, they are there. But the president cynically taps into primal resentments and plays on patriotism for purely his political gain.

    There is a desire for a figure who will once again turn back the clock to full factories, high wages, and for some, the social status that comes with being white—that is a difficult elixir, prejudices and all, for folks who are in dire straits to resist. Our president didn’t deliver on the factories or the jobs returning from overseas or much else for our working class. The only thing he delivered on was resentment, division, and the talent for getting our countrymen at each other’s throats. He made good on that, and that is how he thrives.  


    He was the champion of the working class but he's a bit dismissive of their collective intelligence.  I'm not sure why he thinks they are so easily fooled. 

    And suggesting a racist motivation for their choice is also unfair and in my opinion disconnected. 

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  4. 17 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

    That was the stupidest thing. St. Louis just can't go out and win, we have to have a gimmick. One year the Cardinals had the rally squirrel, this Gloria song. 

    well our last cup is already 25 years old.  If it takes a little voodoo to get over the finish line then it has to be done.   

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