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  1. Whoa, old time poster here. Years since I've come to the Lake. But my "junk" file in my e-mail was lit up with posts from this thread. Only this thread - I've never gotten notifications of any other old thread, weird. So I logged in to have a look. Mark was legendary. Posts were poetry. What a nice stroll down memory lane. Much love to you all and looks as if we have a new album or albums in our near future and a tour???? Can't wait to meet you all futher up the road!
  2. Haven't been for a dip in the Lake in ages. Learned on facebook that Mark died. Had to come and offer my condolences. Remember him well. Often infuriating but made you think. RIP Mark. My sincere wish for peace and comfort to you, BillyB. Your beautiful post was sad and evidence that you really loved him. Thinking of you.
  3. Love Love me do, the Beatles. But wouldn't say I'm currently caught up in nostalgia for them. tpbm has been arrested sometime in their life
  4. that I never got the mail today and i should go out and get it even though it's about 2 in the morning
  5. fiction, mostly What is your favorite holiday movie?
  6. kind of. A holiday party and a lot of running the kids around to various activities. The person below me has had a dream about Bruce Springsteen.
  7. nope, unfortunately are you sad that the tour is over or was it time for a break?
  8. how you should tell people in your life how you feel about them