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  1. Love Love me do, the Beatles. But wouldn't say I'm currently caught up in nostalgia for them. tpbm has been arrested sometime in their life
  2. that I never got the mail today and i should go out and get it even though it's about 2 in the morning
  3. fiction, mostly What is your favorite holiday movie?
  4. kind of. A holiday party and a lot of running the kids around to various activities. The person below me has had a dream about Bruce Springsteen.
  5. nope, unfortunately are you sad that the tour is over or was it time for a break?
  6. how you should tell people in your life how you feel about them
  7. believe the people in my life are in it for a reason...and that makes me pretty happy!
  8. not any more, but I did when I was a kid the person below me needs to have some work done on his/her car
  9. Not too bad right now. 40's during the day. 30's at night. Real cold weather and snow coming shortly. What is your least favorite time of year?
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