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  1. Hey guys, I hope you're all well? So i finally got off my ass and released some new music. I hope you'll like it :-) https://open.spotify.com/album/6ldH510ux3t12zwYGuQhZi https://music.apple.com/us/album/1-single/1535404256 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08MCQFD14/ref=dm_ws_sp_ps_dp https://www.deezer.com/en/album/178961902 If any of you don't do streaming sites just send me your email and i'll mail you the mp3 files :-) Muchos Love
  2. I was also at that show. Amazing show. I was blown away by how big the o2 was. Massive barn haha. It would make a great archive show though.
  3. Great performance, Great show. Not listened to this one for a while. Gonna have to change that :-)
  4. Hey @Badlands_89 here is the Ev2 version of Insure Me Now, Hartford 08-05-2000. Artwork is in the file :-) https://we.tl/fIoQ9XIcaG mp3
  5. Hey @Badlands_89. Here is a few more off your list. Not sure of the quality of Pittsburgh or Foxboro as they wern't on my hardrive, I had to rip them from discs. I do have a fair few more off the Rising 03 American leg which i will hopefully upload soon. https://we.tl/wpGmlXMusm PIttsburgh 06/08/03 MP3 https://we.tl/Vdz3WEs87Y Foxboro 01/08/03 MP3 https://we.tl/m1VNOXmoLT Vernon Downs Raceway 29/08/12 MP3
  6. Random one from me today.Sorry if it's been shared already. I've completley lost track of whats been shared or hasn't. Anyways this is cool CC show from 92. Wembley Night. https://we.tl/XyarjS5fWT - MP3
  7. I think this was on someones list. I have alot of the stadium 03 leg of the Rising tour. This recording isn't too great but it's worth it for the opener of My Rides Here :-) Toronto Skydome 10/09/03 MP3 https://we.tl/fNeNXmwoA2
  8. @Badlands_89 here is the MileHigh Stadium show from 23/09/85. Pretty cool little audience recording. https://we.tl/M09NzKqg6l - MP3
  9. Hey @Badlands_89 sorry i've been on holiday and missed this post. Anyways i think i have a few of these on cd. Pretty sure i have the 2 Melbourne shows and the MileHigh Stadium show. For now here's the Sydney show from the 23/03/85 Mp3 - https://we.tl/QkRyqBPszN
  10. The Way It Was - The Complete Bottom Line Broadcast Scoper transfer - 15/08/75 early show https://we.tl/5gW3ROw1T4 mp3 Get Out Of Denver - EV2 version - 25-09-03 https://we.tl/2c0HZ4obRb mp3
  11. I'm not entirely sure which version this is. I think it's the Hard Days Night one. Not listened to it for a long time mainly because the quality isn't too good. Disc 1 = https://we.tl/7TBJvnAWBd Disc 2 = https://we.tl/A8PdJKesQ7 Disc 3 = https://we.tl/AS1oRYgb5a
  12. Not sure if it's been shared already but here is the awesome 'A Night For The Veitnam Veteran' show. This is the ev2 version 'As Dreams Don't Mean Nothing' https://we.tl/ceoTkPsxPD mp3
  13. Ok here's some more shows. First up is the Seeger Sessions 11/11/06 Wembley Arena show (Essex Boy version). It's a tad on the quiet side but does include the debut of Long Walk Home. https://we.tl/gXLuIB8tPw mp3 Also with all the talk of the Roxy show being the next archive show i thought i would include an often underrated show. Oh Boy from 04/08/78. I think it's the e.st records version. Not sure. Artwork is included https://we.tl/HriYHKQeDs mp3
  14. Last one for tonight. I fell in love with this show after seeing a version of Fire on the video anthology and always wanted the full show. So this is the Bridge Benefit show 13/10/1986. Not too sure what version as there is about 20! haha. Cool little acoustic show though. https://we.tl/VWRxvkwCue MP3
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