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  1. A present from space

    I, along with several Observatory volunteers who were still in town, took our equipment to the Sugar Land branch of the HMNS. We had four smaller telescopes and my 20 x 80 binocs with mount. The sky was mostly clear the entire afternoon. The Museum estimated about 2000 visitors showed up to see the Eclipse. One of the scopes was set to reflect the image on to a piece of white cardboard mounted on the focuser. One scope had a cell phone mounted to the focuser showing the image. The other two scopes were eyeball to eyepiece as, obviously, my binocs were. Many visitors came with eclipse glasses but seeing everything with magnification was a real treat for them. I always love the reactions of visitors when they see something cool, especially when it comes from children. Needless so say, the "OOOs" and "AHHHs" were in abundance. It was a good day. Thanks to the DW and grand daughter for coming with me.
  2. Trump Administrative Actions 2017-2021

    tRump Administration Dissolves Federal Climate Advisory Committee
  3. Humor and Satire, Presidential 2017 edition

    Take down the statues. If Confederacy fans want to see a monument of a loser they can visit Trump Tower. - Andy Borowitz
  4. I've seen a few snippets of it and I agree. It's something everyone, especially the bigoted tRump worshipers, should see.
  5. Trump Tweets

  6. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

  7. Songs A-Z

    X-Kid, Green Day.
  8. where i have been (a to z)

    Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
  9. Hoss is terrified of the scales too. It usually takes four Vet Techs to get him on one. BTW, when we got Hoss home from the shelter, he was about eight months old and weighed 125 pounds. See what you have to look forward to?
  10. For me, it's "other". I was in charge of the Observatory yesterday and I plan to watch it later this week.
  11. Trump Tweets

    Lying scumbag POS.