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  1. Hello again!

    I can honestly say I don't know why.......but I haven't dipped my feet here in the Lake in a veeeeeeeeeery long time. Decided to stop in today for a quick dip and started to remember all the great conversations I had with all the members. I remember long convos with the late Springsteendaniel. And being extremely upset at the news of his passing. I noticed a few other familiar names that are in the memorial section now. Such a shame to see them gone. Hopefully everyone is well and I'll try to frequent more often. Bill
  2. is on cloud 9 after meeting Bruce today and getting his WOAD cd signed!

  3. Hey You! Explain your Screen name!!

    Totally not bruce..... Kwaz- my nickname from my friends at home Dukes-my nickname from my boys on Staten island. Put em together kwazdukes....very simple Its the name I use for everything so i'll never forget