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  1. And the fact that despite the best VFC efforts, John Kerry lost
  2. I haven't heard your version, but I patched together a version using the DVD audio ripped and the Nugs download on Cool Edit Pro (with no effects or balancing or normalizing or other gimmicks). I can hear a difference in compression (or whatever) between the DVD songs and the Nugs songs. "Out In The Street" compared to "Racing In The Street" for example. It's like they mixed it differently for a video audience compared to an audiophile audience.
  3. Yeah that’s what I was referring to. The homemade versions of this show have an odd sound, as the sound mix is different in the DVD audio track compared to the remaining songs currently available on the separate official download.
  4. Good point. By the way I would like to see an official release of the ENTIRE 11/5/1980 Tempe AZ show as a single download. (There are fan-made versions spliced together from the two available releases but not the real deal.)
  5. Ahh then I stand corrected. I read "Racing In The Street" (and not "Racing In The Street ('78)" which was performed at the Carousel) so I assumed the full album Darkness was the performance in question. Yes The Carousel was 12/7/2010. Racing In The Street ('78) (With David Lindley) / Racing In The Street ('78) (With David Lindley) / Gotta Get That Feeling (With The Miami Horns) / Gotta Get That Feeling (With The Miami Horns) / Outside Looking In / Outside Looking In / One Way Street / One Way Street / Come On (Let's Go Tonight) (With David Lindley) / Come On (Let's Go Tonight) (With
  6. I haven’t heard any of his harmonica playing that sounds technically exceptional. The secret is that as long as you have a harmonica that was manufactured in the same musical key as the song, then any sound you blow will be passable, no matter how sloppy you are. I think Bruce takes advantage of this aspect of the instrument, and as a “new-Dylan” he is aware that the sound adds a nice texture to the pedestrian ear, but I have not heard any virtuoso work from Bruce on harmonica. I mean, he has botched the harmonica intro to “The River” countless times in concert, but his safety net was t
  7. And along similar lines, I’m not too fond of the use of the term “project” for everything. Has a snobbish/elitist ring to it. Hell this is rock and roll. Just call it an “album” or “box set” or “collaboration” or “book” or whatever the case may be.
  8. Maybe not my favorite, but there is a great blast of harmonica at the tail end of “Living Proof”.
  9. I'd like to see Bruce do a "Bruce On Branson" instead
  10. Case in point: "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".
  11. Hoping for no guests. That includes Gary US Bonds, Peter Wolf, and especially Tom Morello.
  12. Aww, come on. The last studio album only had 3 songs that were written almost 50 years ago.
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