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  1. On the other hand Magic, the Magic Tour, WOAD, and WOAD Tour all came in very quick succession. The tours following the albums within months (or in the case of Magic, like the next week).
  2. Is it a stretch to say that the catfish makes "With Every Wish" a musical cousin of "The Rising"?
  3. 70? I don’t hold Bruce accountable for 70 years of career choices. I mean, I cut him some slack for not doing a 1953-54 world tour...
  4. Regarding wasted years, I believe I stated that I was referring to the ESB productivity. If Bruce couldn’t handle doing the same shit over and over, then I don’t know how he got through Springsteen On Broadway. Oh wait, ye$ I do...
  5. It’s interesting, the trilogy of 2005, 2006, and 2007. Never before had Bruce gone through three such drastic artistic incarnations in three consecutive years. That being said, in hindsight, I do think that 2005 and 2006 were wasted years from the standpoint of the productivity of the ESB. All the original members were alive and well in those years. Yes I’m glad for Bruce’s artistic freedom and exploration, and for the happiness that many on the board got from the D&D and SS tours blah blah blah... but knowing what we know now, just think of what could have been had the album/tour sequence that began with Magic had started in 2005 instead of 2007...
  6. I voted and I’m interested in the results. Assuming your post is talking about the writing of song, then by definition I judge by melody and musical structure. A song with words (i.e. not “Paradise By The C”) is meant to be sung, not read, in my opinion. On a related note I have come to notice the trend in reviews that “deeply written characters” is just a polite way of saying “songs with poor melody”...
  7. And after all these years still no 2002 release from Nugs
  8. I hear it too. I think the piano itself continues just fine but it sounds like the drop is more from the bass.