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  1. Whatever the September (or any future month for that matter) Archives Series brings, it will be better than the August disaster.
  2. I didn’t see a thread on this yet but I may have missed it. Has anyone here checked out this set?
  3. I always knew you’d see the light some day!
  4. Last Show Of The Century (Minneapolis 11/29/1999). But of course I am biased.
  5. There should have been a "None Of The Above" option among the answer choices.
  6. You can also enlarge it with 6 weeks of supplements (or so the advertisement says)
  7. This could be. Landau went down to the vault but the vault was dry.
  8. It’s true I haven’t counted up the total minutes on the releases. I suppose I am just ready for more vault studio material on the main record label (and the quality standards that come with that) rather than the perpetual Nugs releases.
  9. I’ll leave the price debate to any economists in the room, but the point is that in recent years, Dylan has made SO much of his material available (live and studio outtakes) and all of it has been very professionally mastered and packaged. Bruce’s camp, on the other hand, has only put out 2 box sets in a decade of new material (not including the album collections). And the archives series has been far from steadily dependable from a quality standpoint. The most recent one is only 10 songs. The one before that was a necessary remix of a show (12/31) that had already been released and that they still charged us for.