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  1. Admittedly I’m about 20-25 years behind the times but I prefer mp3s and iPod (or iTunes on laptop). No Bluetooth or hackable WiFi, just physical devices and good old 120 volt AC. Sorry, I do realize this doesn’t answer your question!
  2. Any solo song would be disqualified by your definition of playing with strings, right? Also, I think “Secret Garden” (version with strings) would be a nice addition
  3. I didn’t remember that from Storytellers but I’ll have to check it out! ... if I can find my dvd
  4. I thought the final verse is VAGUELY reminiscent of the life and crucifixion of Jesus Christ (including the hill)
  5. I knew that photo wasn’t to be trusted!
  6. I don’t get the coloring here? Is it the lighting or was the photo doctored?
  7. Rest In Peace. Surprised that Backstreets hasn’t given a nod to this yet.
  8. See I think that the shot voice only detracts from the performance, and does the fact that Bruce is playing during sunlight. Opinions vary. I would guess that the best Racing was some time in Fall 1984.
  9. Thanks for the clip! I had never seen that before. The 1981 sideburns may even be worse than the 2003 sideburns!
  10. So true. We are talking about the guy who thought “Real Man” was worthy of including on a studio album while “Loose Ends” was not.
  11. Tiredness and crabbiness may have also contributed to Bruce’s F-bomb-laced tirade “you’re no friend of mine” speech to the firecracker guy. (Not that I am a fan of firecrackers.)
  12. Wait, if the tapes were running slower during the recording, then shouldn't the performances sound faster when the tapes are replayed at normal speed?
  13. Yup I agree and I made this comment regarding “Darkness” on the thread for this archive release. A reply raised the possibility that the tapes were perhaps rolling at a different speed at this point in the show?
  14. I thought that was what rock and roll was supposed to do!