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  1. Not only that but as I recall, “The Last Waltz” opens with the words THIS FILM SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD (or something similar). Back when rock and roll was still rock and roll I guess.
  2. I think “pretentious” needs a rest on GL for the day. Please let’s hold our applause and the use of SAT words.
  3. Great story! Everything happens for a reason. Welcome to Greasy Lake!
  4. Correct me if I’m wrong and/or misreading your review, but I thought that “Two Hearts” from Chicago 9/30/99 did not have the “It Takes Two” ending.
  5. This. A shitty intro deserves a shitty outtro I guess.
  6. Well you see, that’s sorta what I’m getting at. What you wrote seems to imply that the inclusion of “Incident On 57th Street” in a show inherently sets the bar high. (A popular opinion which I never understood). So when Bruce so glaringly botches an iconic intro to a sacred song (as on this release), I dunno, it sorta automatically elicits a “sudden death” “go-directly-to-jail” response for me which immediately knocks this show out of the elite status of say 12/31/80 or 9/19/78. But nonetheless this is overall a good show, and I welcome any 1999 release.
  7. What’s your verdict on the guitar intro to “Incident” on this show ?