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  1. Are we talking about the Dylan song or “Mary’s Place”?
  2. “Shut up and sing” applies when I am a paying captive audience member and Bruce is talking politics. The current situation is neither of those. At home I can just tune out these PSAs.
  3. Unless Bruce has a basement laboratory in which he can mass produce a coronavirus vaccine, I really don't care to see him in his jammies trying to keep culturally relevant seeking attention spewing a PSA in a homemade selfie video on this.
  4. Looks like it was taken in the era when you could still eat in a restaurant
  5. My copy of 11/19/1984 Kansas City is missing “Born To Run”. Does anyone have a link to this show? Thanks in advance!
  6. A problem with my generation is our tendency (yes there are exceptions) to approach a 2-week quarantine (or "shelter in place") as a 2-week vacation where the only goal is to ward off our own boredom by binge-watching, live-streaming, Netflixing, and yes even jamming in solidarity to our favorite musicians' free uploaded videos. Not that anyone needs to be miserable, but I'm just saying that the more we can adopt the resolution that "working from home" is not the same as "self quarantine", the stronger we will be when we emerge from these times.
  7. Maybe it’s referring to the 2009 Hyde Park show. I haven’t heard the quoted part as coming from Bruce though.
  8. We will be telling our grandchildren what it was like to go to a concert
  9. Let me see if I still have the software and hardware to burn you a copy! Flashback to 2005...
  10. I never knew if the white lines were the lines you see painted on the highway or lines of cocaine
  11. If you are looking for more of the early TOL tour, I recommend the 4/17/1988 St. Louis show, which was a very popular one during the DVD era.