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  1. Nothing cures poverty like an audience of elitists sitting at a 3-course meal! Glad to hear Bruce’s voice in good form however.
  2. “Worthy” (as you said), “satisfactory”, or “acceptable” etc. are not “peak”. Sure the band members are 70+ years old and everything that comes with that, but that doesn’t mean we get to relax the definition of “peak”.
  3. Well, at least their “peak” since the last time he said they were at their “peak”.
  4. Funny you should say that… the “No” in the title actually fueled a lot of initial speculation in the fan community that the villain (Rami Malek) was indeed going to be revealed to be Dr. No himself, thus bringing the 25-film series full circle. The similar facial appearance, the connection to the SPECTRE group, the Jamaica locations, and some set design in the initial teaser trailers (i.e. the dark room with the lit circle in the ceiling) all seemed compatible with this idea at the time. (Of course this theory turned out to be false.)
  5. Finally saw it today. Great movie; a real work of art as a standalone film. Also lots of homages (visual, dialogue, and in the score) to prior Bonds. Without giving spoilers it was a fitting end to Craig’s Bond. It borrowed a lot from the latter half of the Fleming novel “You Only Live Twice”, which was awesome.
  6. I agree. And do they truly think that No Nukes will dissuade someone from buying a Nugs show, or vice versa? I don’t think that a casual fan is sitting on the fence out there saying “Crap; now I have to choose between No Nukes and a Nugs show.” I think it’s really only us die-hard fans who care about all these crusty old shows anyway, whether that be No Nukes or Nugs or some other upcoming box set of 40 year old archive material.
  7. If only the WB shows didn’t have 18 musicians on stage they might be easier to listen to, IMHO
  8. Since the choice here is between a classic Bruce Springsteen album and an E Street Band tour (you didn’t specify a good tour), I’ll go with the album. The E Street Band’s final show was Boston 11/19/2007.
  9. P.S. the Archive Series has somewhat soured the 1992-3 tour for me. The albums are underrated, and the tour band knows their stuff, but the faux soul sound just isn’t aging well with me. And while Crystal Taliefero is a fantastic vocalist and musician, I just can’t stand her voice out front on repeat listens. The bootlegs were better in my memory.
  10. I too am a fan of the HT/LT studio albums but I just don’t hear them working as a solo concert. TOL on the other hand would have made a great solo show. Basically, imagine the Christic shows as a rough draft, with many TOL and Nebraska songs and some solo arrangements of the war horses. Then come 1992, bring back the ESB and let er rock.
  11. On a more serious note, some other “what ifs” I have considered are: What if “Tunnel Of Love” was a solo tour, and then Bruce brought back the E Street Band to record and tour “Human Touch”/“Lucky Town”? What if Bruce didn’t do the Seeger Sessions album and tour, and instead we got a year head start on the “Magic”/“Working On A Dream” albums and tour? More E Street time with Danny and Clarence…
  12. Any of the UK folks here seen it yet?
  13. Greensboro, NC 2016! In the old days rock and roll was played to protest, in the woke days rock and roll is cancelled to protest. Go figure!
  14. Or to put it differently: Some guys they just give up living and start dying little by little, piece by piece. Some guys come home from work and wash up and go racing in the street.
  15. The end of the intro spoken story to “The River” from “Live 75-85”.
  16. I agree, that's what I was getting at when I said there was truth to the typo. What do they have to lose by opening the vaults entirely?
  17. It was sitting in the “film fault” Although there is some truth in their typo, as I'd like for all the vault contents to be available.
  18. I’m so glad Bruce is taking a stand on this, since nuclear energy is clearly the biggest threat facing the free world in 2021.
  19. I dunno… that “tortured artist” gaze on the WIESS cover almost had me convinced.
  20. Nice review! Although it may not be accurate to say that Reagan was desperate for votes in 1984… he carried 49 of 50 states and won the popular vote 59%-41%…
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