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  1. Outside of his dedicated fans, I think Bruce’s relevance in today’s world is actually quite low, and that’s ok. The themes of his work have become quite nostalgic (look at his output over the past 5+ years). But that is only possible because in his prime, he wrote some damn good music and performed some damn good shows.
  2. Are you talking about the two stands, or comparing shows from each? I think the LA Coliseum shows probably had the aura of “grand finale” to them.
  3. I have been to Sverige and it is truly beautiful
  4. I’m happy about this release but it seems that the second set from these shows ends rather anticlimactically with “Bobby Jean”. I think something like “Bobby Jean” into “Backstreets” into “Rosalita” (just for example) would be a better set closer, no?
  5. There will be no wrapping your legs around my velvet strap-on
  6. I think you missed your calling as a romance novelist!
  7. “The Promised Land” was a nice acoustic closing song on the Joad tour
  8. Better a week on the highway than weak on the highway haha!
  9. This may be a tangent to your original question, but I did like the fact that Bruce gave the E Street treatment to many of the 1992 songs on the final leg of The Rising tour in 2003. Sadly that trend didn’t really continue after that.
  10. “Racing In The Street” ‘84 would be awesome
  11. Ahh but that’s sort of what I’m getting at… a good audience recording is one thing, but are there elements of an outdoor stadium show that are lost in a Nugs/professional release?
  12. I’ve been thinking about this and I have been wondering, how would the final shows of 1985 (audio) hold up on their own today? I know the overall feel of the tour by that time was the height of Bruce & The ESB from a mass popularity standpoint, but does all of that translate into an enjoyable recording? I guess I’m generally skeptical of audio of stadium and outdoor shows, which have often sounded sluggish and bloated with dead space and a decrease in musical detail in comparison to arena and theatre shows. All depends on the night and the level of sophistication of the recording of course.
  13. Maybe the archives are drying up and No Nukes will be re-gifted as the new release on this Friday!
  14. I thought Bruce revealed that he wore boots with Cuban heels
  15. By “football”, you really meant to say “soccer”, right?
  16. I could see Spain and Italy but I wouldn’t have guessed Sweden as a top 3 Bruce audience
  17. I see they didn't add 7/1/78 Berkeley to the set
  18. Things were better in 78… (Little Steven’s brother was in Jaws 2 btw)
  19. No matter what you call it, at the end of the day it’s the horse that does all the sweatin’.
  20. What, you made no multitrack recording?! JK Thanks for the story and the download!
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