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  1. But basically we're saying that it's okay to kill an innocent man who chose to say a longer sentence instead of a shorter one. We can't know what Castile did with his hands because we can't see in the car. I'd like to think that in his shoes (and as a petite white woman I'm never going to be in Castile's shoes) I would have been calm and thoughtful, would have put my hands up immediately and said "I'm not," but I can't be sure. We can see/hear that the cop is panicking, but of course Castile is likely to have been nervous (at the very least) too.
  2. It should promote outrage in everyone.
  3. Oh, I understood everything except "stovies" and I looked those up. I just wish I could sound Scottish. It all sounds like poetry to me.
  4. I wish somebody would teach me to speak Scottish.
  5. Forced myself to watch the video. Of course we can't see whether or not Castile was reaching for anything. There is very little time between "don't reach for your gun" and when the first gunshot is fired...certainly not enough time to say "I'm reaching for my wallet, officer." He may already have been reaching for his wallet when he made the revelation about his gun; there wasn't really time to react to the cop's command before the firing started. And I'm sure the victim was nervous too--how could he not have been?
  6. There are good reasons to care deeply about the heroin epidemic now. It's good that we are now starting to see addiction as an illness and not a sin. The fact that we as a society ignored this kind of plague or viewed it differently (as a moral failing) when it was happening mainly in poor and minority communities is definitely a different kind of moral failing. And make no mistake: Sessions upping the "war on drugs" is a giant step backward.
  7. Happy birthday, Don! I hope it was a great one.
  8. I read about the video, but can't make myself watch. This story is particularly heartbreaking.
  9. Right: ketchup. I'm not sure where I got the grape jam thing. I get that you're a traditionalist and in many ways I'm totally not. I firmly believe that all families are sui generis, and there is no one way that's better than another. I've seen this in action and really believe it, so we'll have to agree to disagree. The one caveat I'd add is that if two moms or two dads would be wise to make sure their kids have plenty of contact with adults of the sex not present in the household. Two moms should have good male friends and two dads should have good female friends--just so the children in question, whatever their sex, can have role models of both sexes. Luckily, this usually isn't difficult. Also luckily, single sex couples generally have to make a conscious decision to have children, so they are probably putting more thought into the process than at least some male/female couples, and that might* tend to mean they're also more careful/conscious too of what their children will need to become healthy adults, especially in a society that tends to think single sex parented families are somehow inferior to the other kind. *Emphasis on the might. That's a generalization of course. I'm sure there are exceptions. All families really are sui generis.
  10. Having spent many hours fruitlessly arguing where nature ends and nurture picks off, I don't think anybody knows for certain. My point is that people of whatever gender who aren't born nurturers can learn to do it if they want to. And we can generalize about the male style of parenting vs. the female style of parenting, but even if we grant that there is some kind of universal difference (and of course it's far from universal), who's to say that kids don't benefit from what we'll call the Dad style? That kid getting the grape jam licked from his face isn't' going to be warped by the experience.
  11. Wow. Well, that IS hopeful...and fascinating.
  12. After doing a quick search, I see one mainstream news article saying a "memo was filed" claiming Castile had THC in his system when he was shot. Interestingly, it doesn't say who filed the memo. The cop who shot Castile? That cop's lawyer? Or a less invested source like a coroner? It does seem that he had a small amount of pot in his car and a broken tail light when pulled over. Are cops free to shoot people for those things? According to an article in the NY Times, Castile was often pulled over for things like pulling into a parking lot without signalling and driving at night with an unilluminated license plate or with tinted windows--things drivers do frequently without necessarily getting pulled over for them. I'm pretty sure I've done that first thing on numerous occasions and in 35 years of driving I've never once been pulled over for it.
  13. The world is poorer for the loss of Philando Castile.
  14. He thinks we can't remember what he said yesterday or a week ago because he can't remember.