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  1. I'm very sad to hear this terrible news. I never met Marsha in person, but I certainly feel as though I met her here on this board, PMing back and forth. She struck me as kind, generous and smart. I will miss her.
  2. Oh no! I'm so very sorry to hear this sad news.
  3. Thanks, Jimmy. I suspect I'll be around more now that we're awaiting a new album!
  4. That's an extremely powerful ad, and as well as Bruce's lyrics applied to the AIDS crisis, they apply to other ways in which people are left to waste away.
  5. The Buffalo part was just a given! About a year ago, I was passing through Buffalo and was actually looking around, wondering if Tim was in any of the cars around me...although I wouldn't have recognized him even if he was.
  6. I'm pretty sure the third b was for Bonaventure, as in St. Bonaventure University. I remember him talking about the Bonnies--their team. bbb and I spent a lot of time squabbling with each other in the political forum, way back when. I wish I'd met him in person, because I suspect we'd have gotten along if we'd met at a show. I wish his friends and family peace.
  7. Grab your ticket and your suitcase.

  8. Stand back, son, and let a man work.

  9. Till then, can I call you Pops?

  10. is enjoying the memory of handfuls of Bruce.

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