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  1. Very sad. BOOH was a significant LP for me in my formative years. Meat and Jimmy reunited now. I never really liked any of his non Steinman records, though. RIP, Meat. Thanks for everything.
  2. Adele has cancelled her residency in LV due to Covid among crew members. And that's in a 'closed shop' environment.
  3. Like Adele concluded, "why should I travel to the people when they can travel to me?" Hence, a hundred year residency in Vegas.
  4. Wow, you guys are busier than the guy that does the Downing St party planning.
  5. The last time I saw Ronnie, Cardiff Tramshed. Some folks may recognise the chap in this photo. It's her musical director/bass player Jeremy Chatzky who played with the Jersey boy on the SSB album and tour.
  6. Twas the year I bought my first record, with my paper round money. I'd keep School's Out, Ziggy, and AllThe Young Dudes.
  7. The saddest news. Loved her music dearly. Saw her twice in Cardiff over the last few years. Great shows, very conversational (though scripted, no problem). Rumour has it that there is a whole album's worth of music in the vault from her ESB sessions. You were one of the greats. RIP.
  8. Heart breaking. Thank you for everything, Ronnie. RIP..
  9. Every parent's worst nightmare. I hope you have finally found peace, young man.
  10. Isn't red headed guy Big Bad Bobby Williams?
  11. I have only two wishes for the new era. Give Bob Clearmountain the original The River tapes and get the whole thing remixed and remastered, loud and crisp. The release of the mammoth BITUSA box.
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