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  1. An important and serious poll :P

    New. Album. Needed. Pronto.
  2. Imitation is the best form of flattery, they say,. Van may be a curmudgeonly old sod, and he probably hasn't made a GREAT album since Hymns To The Silence in the early 90s, but on his day he is as good as anyone. Seen him live lots of times over the years and the first time I saw him in '83 I couldn't believe what I was seeing/hearing. It was incredible and seemed effortless. Saw him just before Christmas 2017 and he was still spellbinding. As for Bruce ripping him off, well, I don't see that myself. Not really. Maybe a couple of moments on WIESS.
  3. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    I hope it's John Steinbeck. I'll feel like a right banana if it's not.
  4. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    Love your avatar!!
  5. I live with someone who is bipolar, and in our discussions with mental health experts this does seem to be a possibility.
  6. Too many people on stage, inferior versions of established songs, FOH mix way too loud. I loved the last third of the show, the rest just meandered. For me, at least.
  7. I think Bruce and the ESB are done. That's no bad thing as they basically went out on top. No diminishing returns - that's often an embarrassing thing. I went to more gigs last year than any other year of my life and none of them were Bruce (the disappointing Disciples Of Soul was my only Bruce related show). Several of the shows I saw were joyous, life affirming occasions. A couple of them probably made my Top Five Gigs Of All Time. So, don't sit around waiting for a moment that just don't come. There's still a ton of great bands and artists out there.
  8. I would disagree 100 pc with this. Garry has always come across as the guy that doesn't suck up to Bruce. Therefore, the most honest.
  9. The Calvary and the Sunny Day Girls

    Steady on lad.
  10. Best concert (i.e. bootleg) opener

    For me, noting beats the power of BITUSA / Badlands / Out In The Street in the summer '85 shows. Segued brilliantly, after 20 minutes it felt as if he'd already done a whole show.
  11. Best albums 2018

    Stevie Van Zandt picks Alice Cooper's Paranormal as his album of the year, as posted on his FB page, Stevie Van Zandt January 5 at 7:32pm · Stevie Van Zandt's Album of the Year 2017: Paranormal - Alice Cooper More recommended albums 2017 Anything Could Happen - BASH & POPLoud Hailer - Jeff Beck Dead Reckoning - Soraia The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be BITERS INHEAVEN - INHEAVEN Tally Ho! - The Woggles Out on Your Block - WYLDLIFE Gimme Gimme Rockaway - Steve Conte The Complete #Stax #Volt SinglesBANG: The Bert Berns Story Double LP Soundtrack Soulfire - Stevie Van Zandt
  12. New Album

    Scousers never buy The Sun.
  13. ...Max is ready with his tumbler to catch the shrapnel.
  14. Well, this must come as a complete surprise to Bruce Inc., as there's no way that this would have been a part of their MO.
  15. The Next Few Years

    An Uber fan, obviously. Have you thought about therapy? I'm more concerned about hitting the target and not flooding the floor.