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  1. I've heard that he's a top bloke.
  2. Yeah. Like Bowie, it all disappeared around 1980.
  3. Haha. Elton's going to throw his tiaras out of his pram when he reads that.
  4. The answer will probably be that it's not that great. He's been blocked for years and he had to put something out. This is basically an archive release. The forthcoming BITUSA box will go through the roof.
  5. Tangerines immediately reminded me of this. Jim Royle picking on Chris Evans. Genius.
  6. Cabby, get off the fence and tell us how you really feel. Until then, not heard one of your jokes in ages. Lighten the mood with one.
  7. Saw it a while back. Bored me to sleep. Don't think I got to the end of it.
  8. Set list for Liverpool, here. Looks great !! Play Video deo
  9. Yes. The OP is a well liked and respected member of our community and I thought the supporting link made for an interesting discussion. I have no idea why the OP asked for the thread to be deleted but I thought the idea was worthy of further discussion. Mrs Springsteen was diagnosed around about the time that the song was written. The possibility (however remote) that it may be about Mrs S makes the song a whole lot more interesting, to me.
  10. Can't argue with that. A highlight of the box.
  11. Still not hearing 'Whitetown' either. Love that song. Can you narrow it down? Something specific?
  12. It's a fact. This is a release from the archive.
  13. Slackers. It was all over the world yesterday. We've moved on already.