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  1. Another good reason to post this. For me, one of the great Bruce live clips. Very emotional.
  2. Promise61

    Chris Evans

    Staring at the moon was probably far more interesting than listening to him.
  3. Promise61

    What question would you ask Bruce

    In response to the Appel finance thing, dunno. But Marsh reported years ago that Mike sold his publishing rights for a pittance.
  4. Promise61

    netflex- any recomendations ?

    Will do. I've put it on the 'watch list'.
  5. Promise61

    netflex- any recomendations ?

    Sex Education is also very good. Don't be put off by the title. Lots of humour, lots of pathos, and a brilliant young cast. Beautiful location, too.
  6. Promise61

    netflex- any recomendations ?

    You gave with one hand and took with the other.
  7. Promise61

    What question would you ask Bruce

    It was lovely to see that.
  8. Abandoned band names. Johnny and the Self Abusers became Simple Minds. Mark Skid and the Y Fronts became The Boomtown Rats (who took their name from Woody Guthrie's 'Bound For Glory)
  9. Promise61

    netflex- any recomendations ?

    Like others on here, I really enjoyed The Kominsky Method. Two great leads in Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas. Funny, poignant, and charming. Arkin is tremendous, as always.
  10. Promise61

    Born to Run intro...

    The band have never nailed that intro properly in concert.
  11. Promise61

    What question would you ask Bruce

    I like this. I like it a lot.
  12. Promise61

    What question would you ask Bruce

    Bruce, as you are a collector of fine whiskeys, which one is your favourite?