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  1. Promise61

    And the answer is? Norman Vaughan

    This Broadway nonsense was always going to end in tears.
  2. Promise61


  3. Promise61


    The Down In The Vaults track isn't the same as the one on The Promise (2010) I don't think.
  4. Promise61


    Bruce's comments at the time of Tracks was that they decided that everything on there would be a previously completed song. Apart from some (modern) Vini Lopez vocals, this appears to be true. Whereas with The Promise (2010) nearly every song on there has a new/modern element to it. In fact, Save My Love is brand spanking new. So, I'm guessing that the 2010 songs never made it to Tracks in 1999 because they needed too much work doing to them and there was no time to do it if they were going to meet the Christmas release deadline and subsequent Reunion Tour.
  5. Promise61


    The best I've ever heard.
  6. Promise61

    Top 40 Best Selling Studio Albums In The UK

    Charity shops are full of those Dido, David Gray and James Blunt albums. Not to mention Robbie Williebums.
  7. Promise61


    The definitive version. Great post.
  8. Promise61


    "I don't write songs about lawsuits" is (I think) what's quoted in the first Marsh book. Funny that, because it sounds like the whole Darkness album is about Appel and the lawsuit. To me.
  9. Promise61

    The Welsh Springsteen

    Well, he is the "Welsh Springsteen". Seriously? The Last To Dai?
  10. Promise61

    Not enough Broadway tapes.

    Swinging? Now, there's a thread hijack.
  11. Promise61


    Aye, it's pretty great. Highly recommended.
  12. Promise61

    Not enough Broadway tapes.

    Is he still on Broadway? Bloody 'ell.
  13. Promise61


    This new version of The Promise is a steaming turd of Bruceness. He's clearly annoyed that we all had a moan about him leaving the great version off of Tracks and this was his revenge.
  14. Promise61


    The one that was leaked online? The one we all think is unicornology?
  15. Promise61

    Not enough Broadway tapes.

    Incorrect assumptions.