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  1. Slightly off topic, a health warning. A couple of Christmases ago, up popped a new Christmas movie, Christmas With The Kranks. Written by John Grisham (!), it is a Chris Colombus film. Starring Tim Allen, Jamie L Curtis, Cheech Marin and other notable names. Executive music producer (or something) is Steven. The soundtrack is brilliant, killer. The movie is absolute, total shite. It's a steaming pile of dung. A total sleigh wreck. Avoid at all costs. Your well being depends on it.
  2. Amazingly, the sound quality of disc one is actually better than the Nebraska remaster itself.
  3. Seems like it, seeing how it's had more coverage than Trump's love-in with Ukraine.
  4. As an outtake obsessive, I couldn't believe the pre release rumours regarding the LMs. Huge upgrade in sound on nearly all of existing outtakes (from '77 on ), but significantly, brand new stuff. Protection, County Fair, Losing Kind etc etc. I know what Batlan did (if indeed it was him) was wrong, but boy oh boy, it's great to have all this stuff.
  5. Possibly the songs they originally played on are the ones that they feature on in concert. Give or take. There's no doubt that Nils wipes the floor with Bruce and Steve (and Patti and Soozie ) when it comes to ESB guitar talent.
  6. There's an instrumental version of Someday WBT on the Lost Masters series.
  7. Bruce brought down the Berlin wall just like Little Steven ended apartheid. Better than Batman and Robin, those two.
  8. Maybe it's a sequel of sorts to Candy's Boy. "Weekends in the sun in that cheap motel down by the dynamo We loved each other till there was nothin' left And drove that old car as hard and fast as she would go."
  9. Two great disappointments, for me, on that tour. One was that he stopped playing the whole album (it's my favourite album of all time), the other was his reluctance to play hardly ANY of those amazing outtakes that are in the box. Most fans would have given a kidney to hear Stray Bullet.
  10. Yes. This fact keeps cropping up, so I can't imagine there is any concrete plan in place for Bruce to tour next year. Yes, if he was on tour anywhere in the world he could be home on his private jet within a few hours. But, as Proth and I agreed t'other day, the potential chaos for cancelled gigs (especially stadium gigs) is enormous.
  11. A tour that's not in support of new material. Exhibit A, the The River Tour. Exhibit B, most of the WB tour. The River tour felt like an opportunity to flog t shirts and posters. And badges.
  12. HMV had it. Can't remember all the details other than that 93 radio broadcast.