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  1. Indeed. I've been getting mine from Covers 33 for as long as I can remember
  2. Upsetting and chaotic scenes in the NYC hospitals. Reminded me of a somewhat prophetic line from For You, "They'll be waiting for you at Bellevue, with their oxygen masks." Gratitude going out to all health workers worldwide. x
  3. Above ^, liner notes from Q magazine back in the day.
  4. Five brand new songs, please. We've had years of retro stuff, looking back, and resurrecting older sessions. Lots of musicians are stepping up to the plate while our hero is conspicuously quiet. This is the time for NEW, nay, BRAND NEW music. Over to you, Boss.
  5. It was indeed. And it bagged him a trip to LA for an exclusive interview with Bruce during band rehearsals for that tour. I think the Beeb did a special on it. Hepworth is Marmite to me. Sometimes his writing is great and cuts right to the heart of what it means to have music front and centre in your life. But, other times it's self opiniated waffle.
  6. Q magazine once said of TOL, that the darkness on the edge of town had seeped into the master bedroom. I thought that was pretty good.
  7. Morons. I'm going back to pressure washing my decking. Far more interesting.
  8. We need songs to cheer us up, not songs about house repossessions, murder, and dead dogs.