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  1. "In some motel room, there'll be a radio playing, and you'll hear me sing this song."
  2. "Working in the fields, 'til you get to Blackburn."

    1. bettertohaveloved


      'Working 'neath the wheels till you get your tyres turned.'

  3. I prefer Gary Bonds original version when it had different words.
  4. This is pretty epic. Lump in throat time when he sings about his mum and dad. How on earth is this guy not famously famous?
  5. Here's a couple from James in his pre Wood days. He wore his Socialism well in a band called Fire Next Time on their one and only album, North And South from 1988. Like a melodic Billy Bragg. This one avoids any polemic.
  6. Of course. But Bruce had the opportunity to enlighten us all on a variety of things but, yet again, he chooses not to. That's the tactic they choose. Fine. But why on earth?
  7. @Elbow. "If I thought I would get away with saying "What the Fuck are you on about" on here without getting banned, I would probably ask what the fuck are you on about. " It's also about banter and conversation. I'm sorry I said something that disagrees with your sensibilities. Block me. That way you won't throw profanities in my direction on a public forum any time in the future.
  8. Although it's heavily edited on the No Nukes album, it still remains as one of the most exciting things he's ever committed to record. Back when he was hungry, largely unknown and just about to jettison The Ties That Bind. Love it.
  9. I think you may be missing the point about my point. Which was, what new info did that brief phone call reveal? None. Diddly squat. Nada. It's pretty much an exercise in keeping us simmering and hankering after every scrap of info.
  10. I love the joy, optimism, danceability (is that a word?) and scope of Steven's new album. I'll return to that much more than I will to WS. There's only so much loss a man can stand on one record. Viva les strings and horns.
  11. Is it news? We knew that was in the pipeline weeks ago. 1. He hasn't told us when it's coming 2. He hasn't said where we will be able to view it. 3. He hasn't given any clue as to what the new project(s) is. 4. He hasn't revealed a thing. And yet it's pee your pants time on the 'net. Jeez.
  12. Bloody 'ell. I bought three last week. And one on the way. Does that make me some kinda dino? Promiseasaurus?