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  1. I've bumped one for you ^ , but I don't think it's the one that I was thinking of, because in that particular one is a reference to the TTTB sax solo sounded like the Caddy riff.
  2. It has been mentioned before in a thread about Bruce plagiarising himself.
  3. Exactly 45 years to the day that they recorded Santa Claus. Also my birthday.
  4. I've recently discovered that the hotel I stayed in on W55th St in NYC in January, is the building where Bruce first auditioned for Mike Appel.
  5. Aye. I pinched it from Bruce expert Billy Smith, on FB.
  6. It turns out that it it's a Drifters song in the days that he went by the name Benny King. He adopoted Ben E King when he went solo. Who knew?
  7. I believe Bruce payed a hospital visit to one of the Dave Clark 5 before the show. Mike Smith.
  8. It's beyond belief, really. They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Good job it wasn't Salmon Dave singing that song.
  9. Nice. Tnx, L. Always preferred Ellen's version. It's live, one take. Taken from her fantastic debut album, Nightout.
  10. Thanks for this, I've always had a lot of time for Appel. Will savour this later.
  11. Reissuing the album with a bonus disc. Great if you didn't get the album first time around. Pretty cynical otherwise.
  12. No. This is what the estates of dead artists do. It's also what living artists do when they go down to the river of inspiration and the river is dry.
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