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  1. Promise61


    I was MAJORLY disappointed. Nothing really happens. At all. The ending is rushed and the rest of it isn't scary or frightening in the slightest. I watched it with my fifteen year old and at the end of it we just looked at each other in bemusement. All hype and nonsense. As Mr J Rotten once said, "Ever feel like you've been cheated?"
  2. Maybe this is the fire that lights the bonfire of a new creative writing phase.
  3. Promise61

    David Byrne - American Utopia tour

    Absolutely amazing. Never seen anything quite like it. Almost like a Broadway show. Incredible musicianship, brilliantly choreographed, too. As Kay said ^, a total innovator. This clip from Manchester gives you an idea of the concept of the whole thing.
  4. Promise61

    Where Does Bruce Go From Here?

    They're possibly taking a cut from Broadway.
  5. Promise61

    "these are the Mike Appel reels"

    I can confirm this to be true, and that the whole thing makes sense.
  6. They've really been hyping this one, and it seems they've got it right this time looking at all the rave reviews. Seems it really is a horror film that does exactly what it says on the tin. Really looking forward to seeing it. Has anyone on here seen it yet?
  7. 'Springsteen Collectors' on FB have some amazing Bruce Dens. Fair play.
  8. Promise61

    A Guide to the Archive Series

    Excellent stuff, Paolo. Thanks for sharing. Just a suggestion, but maybe at some point you could include a link to the full set list(s) so the fans know exactly what was performed.
  9. Promise61

    David Byrne - American Utopia tour

    Have tickets for Hammersmith on Wednesday. Excitement level just rose a bit. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Promise61

    "these are the Mike Appel reels"

    Seriously? You'll get into trouble if you talked about it? Who owns them, the mob?
  11. Promise61

    "these are the Mike Appel reels"

    So, what did we miss?
  12. Promise61

    "these are the Mike Appel reels"

    'video unavailable'
  13. Promise61

    I had a dream...

    Of course not. It may influence some new topics though.
  14. The article doesn't give too much away though, does it?