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  1. Promise61

    Keeping Faith

    I always watch with the subbies on for that very reason. Apparently (according to Points Of View) lots of people have complained similarly, but the producers of these dramas claim there's nowt going on.
  2. Promise61

    Erin Rocha.

    I reminisced about Erin after hearing this piece of beauty on a friend's FB page. Brass band gets me every time.
  3. Promise61

    Erin Rocha.

    Always been a sucker for a brass band on a pop song, haven't we?
  4. Promise61

    Another Stroll Down The Backstreets

    Essay by Mike Saunders. Great writer. Lovely bloke.
  5. The most remarkable thing about it is the fact that when they were compiling Tracks, Bruce didn't even remember recording the song. Someone had to remind him about it.
  6. Promise61

    Keeping Faith

    It was broadcast in English. Although, a lot of the actors in it are Welsh speakers. Edit. It was shown last year on the Welsh language channel S4C, in the Welsh language.
  7. Promise61

    Keeping Faith

    This was shown on BBC Wales earlier in the year and proved to be very popular, with great reviews. The finale is worth waiting for. My old infant school on Barry Island was featured last week. Laugharne is well worth a visit. Lots of Dylan Thomas connections, and stunning scenery..
  8. Promise61

    Its Wembley June 5th 1981! holy shit!

    Speechless in South Wales.
  9. Promise61

    Its Wembley June 5th 1981! holy shit!

    A question about something trivial, but it's bugging me. During the band introductions bit in Rosalita, Bruce flatters and then namechecks someone who's name sounds like 'Bobby G'. He says that 'Bobby' is 'stage left' which leads me to think that he is the monitor guy. Remember the intro to 'Racing...' on the Winterland boot, "Can we get this up a bit Bobby?' Anyway, the monitor guys are not named in the The River Tourbook from '81. So, does anyone who the guy is and what he does? I've not slept for a week with this running around my head. Please help. Thank you.
  10. Promise61

    Suggestions please!

    This too, from 'Angelyne' It was a simple affair, only a friend or two Preacher asked if they did, they said they do She bought two tickets with her daddy's American Express And hopped a Greyhound bus in her wedding dress
  11. Promise61

    Suggestions please!

    Bruce wrote Book Of Dreams about his own wedding day, and that last verse is pretty nice. Now the ritual begins 'Neath the wedding garland we meet as strangers The dance floor is alive with beauty Mystery and danger We dance out 'neath the stars' ancient light into the darkening trees Oh won't you baby be in my book of dreams
  12. Promise61

    Candy's Boy, Holmdel NJ

    Probably never inhaled.
  13. Promise61

    I just love Judith

    One of my earliest musical memories. On a Dansette record player.
  14. Promise61

    Candy's Boy, Holmdel NJ

    Brilliant song. Don't know if it got mentioned on the Roy appreciation thread, but his organ playing (ooh, matron!) on the finished version is among his very best work