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  1. He pinched a line from a book for a song on LT. The line popped up again in a song on Tracks. In fairness, he did give full credit. Unlike Bob, who has 'borrowed' for most of his career.
  2. It's about six and half minutes, I think.
  3. Reminds me of the joke doing the rounds during the Apocalypse, Sat in my garden with my wife during lockdown. She told me that if I was bored I should make a bird table. So I did. She was furious when she found out that I'd only put her in fourth place.
  4. That's a great read. Tnx. And we can finally put a rest to all those idiotic posts about a tour next year in the time of a pandemic. Looks like he'll use the time more wisely and give us more music.
  5. It's a great album. A minor gripe, for me, is that the Big Muddy (chorus stolen from Preacher's Daughter) interrupts the autobiographical story arc of domestic bliss.
  6. Well. It looks as if that album is just about finished then.
  7. Wow. I thought the lyrics to LTY were bad, but these are appalling. Worn out themes and cliches. Ain't nobody gonna be having any of THAT tattooed on their body.
  8. Well, never had this subject pop up before.
  9. Thanks for the link. Nice piece. By sheer coincidence, I took this photo earlier this year (just snuck in before the virus thing took off) from virtually the exact same spot. Spooky. Also went up to Bethesda Terrace where Steven did all the album shots for Men Without Women, and then bumped into him on W 33rd when he was dropping a car off. Gutted that I forget to go down to where The River was recorded at the Power Station on W 53rd. EDIT. Don't know why this facility posts photos sideways. Don't know how to alter it. Sorry.
  10. Good shout on Frankie Teardrop.
  11. He's not someone I've ever taken to. The new album is Album Of The Week on R2 and it's done nothing to change my mind. He sure needs a decent lyric writer. Sorry
  12. Ooh, if I may say, unnecessary aggression here Jimbo.
  13. Aw, I thought that this was going to be a thread about the Gary Bonds album, or at least, the title track. Shame.
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