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  1. Interesting, especially as Bruce seems to be doing the opposite, according to the other thread.
  2. Fair points, well made. Bruce will be remembered for many great things, but never for his overall sound quality at shows. Weirdly, the best sound I've ever heard from Bruce was on the Seeger Tour when there were about five hundred people on stage. Maybe it was the acoustic nature of those shows that made them sound so good.
  3. Can't be worse than the Ted Bundy thing on Flitnex. That guy was a pure evil sickmeister. Although, the Jackson thing turned my stomach more than the Bundy thing.
  4. Definitely. They've allowed this stuff for years and years. Why stop now?
  5. There's been way too much down time in the Bruce camp these last few years and those people on the payroll have to justify their existence somehow. Maybe our hero is turning into a miserly old Scrooge in his old age.
  6. I watched this last night. It's a great watch, and jam packed with tons of great stuff. The audio is stunning - mixed by Bob The God Clearmountain. BUT !! The whole show has this filter thing applied to it which gives it a grainy finish. No doubt they've done it to give it a retro feel in conjunction with other effects that they've applied. This basically defeats the object of having it on Blu Ray. Totally baffling and very annoying. Why on earth? So, if you're expecting a crystal clear, sharp and hi-def experience, forget it. Be warned
  7. I'd be amazed if a complete copy doesn't exist somewhere. An Uber collector is probably sitting on it.
  8. Possibly a preview of a forthcoming official release. If nt, it seems odd that Zimnydooda Zimnyay would put in all that work just for a vanity showing.
  9. This is why I've never watched The Exorcist. ^ I love a great horror film, the jumpier the better. But I know that film would mess with me.
  10. Yes. As soon as the film finished I went on to the interweb to buy the soundtrack.CD.
  11. Alice Cooper - The Quiet Room ( from the album, From The Inside) "They've got this place Where they've been keeping me Where I can't hurt myself I can't get my wrists to bleed Just don't know why Suicide appeals to me The Quiet Room Is sterilized and white It's like a tomb With just a moth stained naked light Plastic forks and spoon No laces in my shoes They all know what I tried to do Outside the Quiet Room"
  12. And finally, my two favourites.