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  1. Blair IS a war criminal. Don't know about the 'reformed' bit.
  2. Wot Alice sez. This goes for you, too, Mr Bruce Springsteen.
  3. God knows his empire can afford a generous gesture. Come on Bruce, in the spirit of all that's gone before, throw something out there from which you and JLM don't benefit. You are Croesus rich. Scatter some crumbs.
  4. My Lover Man on Tracks actually alludes to a time in Bruce's life when he was sexually confused.
  5. Regarding Alltschiller, it still remains a great surprise how somebody who had no previous involvement with Bruce gets a top job like this, and an important one to boot. Obv Bob The God was too expensive for a monthly series, but I would have thought Toby Scott ( who mixed the original Stockholm '88 show live to air) would have been a better fit, especially as he's already on the payroll.
  6. Artists are getting 'Christmas ready' so Bruce's announcement must me imminent.
  7. Oh, come on, just listening to that Miracle song is torture.
  8. Tnx. Not seen it, but will look out for it. Bruce connection, too, I believe.
  9. That wasn't rain, that was an all day Biblical deluge. Proper fan he is for sticking it out all day, it was an endurance test. Love the song.
  10. It's all about historical context. Bruce, JLM, and Columbia were planning mass acceptance and King Dollar. Whatever it took. Cheesy videos. Check. 12" dance mixes. Check. TV exposure. Check. MTV competitons. Check. SEVEN singles from one album. Check. Global striding stadium shows. Check. There are probably more but I'm on my mobile just about to finish a marathon at the end of another Iron Man Triathlon and I'm a bit bored. You can fill in the gaps.