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  1. Looks like you've covered it. For any other interested parties, this is damn near essential. Very cheap, too.
  2. Episode 11 was another cracker. Definitely back on track now.
  3. Pink Floyd's Pulse DVD will tell you how to do a spectacle properly. Unmatched, stunning and the last word. That is not the world Bruce inhabits. Never will. Why would he?
  4. Made me chuckle. Fair play.
  5. I liked the fact that the audience had to think about the three timelines in Dunkirk. Movie making today is (mostly) bombastic. On Friday, we sat through probably five trailers for upcoming movies and they were ALL style over substance. In your face CGI ejaculation of noise and effects. Where's Orson Welles when we need him?
  6. Great song. Reworked for Spike Lee's 25th Hour. No soundtrack album available with The Fuse on it.
  7. New album out in six days. Pretty underwhelmed by the few songs I've heard on the radio. Tidy new app to personalise the album cover. I had a go myself.............
  8. I went with my eldest, and he's fascinated by, and well read, on WW2. He said that as far as he could tell it was spot on. As a WW2 expert yourself, it'll be interesting to hear how you feel. As a slight aside, we saw it in an IMAX cinema. The noise was incredible. When those German planes dive bomb the beach at the beginning the sound is jaw dropping. It must have been utterly terrifying for those soldiers. So, if you can do IMAX, it's well worth the extra couple of quid.
  9. Christopher Nolan has done it again. This is an incredible piece of cinema. Not really a 'war film', more of a film about survival and endurance. Anyone else seen it yet?
  10. Do we need a tour / residency wherein Bruce talks about himself all night? Don't fancy that myself. The book was enough for me.
  11. Yes. This would be extreme vanity. Narcissism, in fact. I still think it's all bogus, though. I think we may staring into a void of writer's block. Five and a half years since an album of newly written music
  12. He'd probably say something along the lines of "Bruce, you can afford to bring down your ticket prices." Probably.