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  1. Neil's tour and all those tours postponed from 2020 will surely get priority in 2021 over any newly planned tours. With that reasoning, it could be a long time before Bruce gets a significant window to tour with the band.
  2. We've had no newly written music since 2012. It's going to be interesting to see if the next record will also be archived projects or something brand new. Or maybe he's intimidated by 79 yr old Dylan's new masterpiece.
  3. 2020 dates now pushed back to Spring 2021.
  4. As much as I love Chapin's music, I'm not going anywhere near her pet t shirts. Actually worse than Bruce's horse shirts.
  5. Personally, I don't care if he never makes another record. All I want is the complete emptying of the archive.
  6. Fair point, but I would argue that the boot of Stockholm '88 (first set) is vastly superior to the butchered Nugs version. In fact I'm not entirely sure that Altschiller really knows how to mix a horn section properly.
  7. It's worth noting that from the very beginning of their relationship Bruce and Landau were over protective of Bruce's 'art'. Very few interviews, almost zero TV, resistance to live albums and the woeful under recording of his live shows. Even this archive series is way way later than most artists. Of course, it hasn't affected his earnings one iota as he could probably buy a small country if he wanted to. But maybe Bruce feels that he's kept his integrity. Except for the fact that you can buy official BITUSA boxer shorts.
  8. In the breakdown where he introduces the band (10th Ave?), he's beseeching Patti during her roll call and uses the expression "a vacation from masturbation" which is removed.
  9. Great reminiscing. Thanks.
  10. There is partial footage of ID on YT.
  11. You mean, you're not doing a chin wobble in floods of tears? Not a real fan.
  12. Send a PM to Erik. He can wax lyrical and make you feel as if RM is a classic.