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  1. Will there be Tequila and red headed gym bunnies there? Will Lynn Goldsmith be the official photographer? Will Mike Appel host the opening ceremony? Will Landau cry again?
  2. Like a lot of folks, I first read about The Promise in 1979 in Marsh's book. I think he referred only to the live version and called it 'a remarkable new song.' It was a couple of years later that I actually met someone who had a bootleg collection that could curate a C90 for me. It was Dave Percival, some of you may know him. Top bloke. Still friends with Dave to this day and I still have the tape. The studio version of The Promise on there is a still unreleased version that eventually turned up on the CD boot called, aptly, The Promise (part of a three CD Darkness outtakes set on t
  3. Def not the Apple footage as Landau cries at the end of that. Looks like a mix of that and the footage from Promise box set. Sounds like the audio is from the Apple doc, though.
  4. Why do people refer to the PM as 'Boris' all the time? Every PM is referred to by their surname. He's Johnson. He's also a twat, but we won't go into that now.
  5. Unbelievable energy that night. He seemed to be in such a good mood, too. I don't think he played a slow song until the encores.
  6. That solo version from Seattle in June '76 (?) is stunning. Originally titled and performed as The Loser.
  7. So, better than all the other promoters he's met. That makes him the best he's ever met. Harvey will be livid. Aiken's son won't be far behind. :-)
  8. Nice tribute. But every promoter he's ever worked with now feels slightly offended. Btw, didn't he say the same thing about Jim Aiken when he passed on?
  9. https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/obama-springsteen-spotify-podcast-betrays-its-mission-using-exploitative-platform-ncna1258903
  10. It looks like the new Brazil variant of Covid 19 has started its UK tour. Its full itinerary has not yet been disclosed but it is almost certainly coming to a town near you. 2023 for shows, anyone?
  11. I would imagine people like Live Nation have their eyes on the countries where it's totally under control. Music fans in those countries could be in for a bonanza. Cue the music.
  12. Is all this optimism based on Johnson's words? If so, fugedabourit. Anyway, I'm more interested in seeing artists that I've never seen before. That excites me muchly, when the circumstances are right.
  13. He may have been found not guilty and walked away with a fine of small potatoes, but I bet all this piss taking is bruising his Elder Statesman ego. Many people have mentioned to me how the timing was so cynical regarding the announcement of the Obama thing.
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