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  1. I have a strong feeling of something from the BTR era.
  2. If Nugs gets the mix wrong, we'll moan. If they don't, we won't. Problem is with them, not us.
  3. I'm guessing Lynn Goldsmith. Brucebase says that The Way was first recorded Aug 1977, and they were certainly an item at that point.
  4. When it first circulated back in the 70s it was running a bit slow, but I'm not sure anyone really knew. It was a revelation when an updated version at the correct speed popped up on YT many years later. Great song. Loved it from day 1. I'm surprised that there haven't been any major covers of it.
  5. Mrs Robert Plant. Fantastic songwriter.
  6. Nice series. "It's lonely down here on the farm" is a bit unnecessary, though.
  7. It's nice, but not a fan of that horn arrangement. One of Bruce's best songs.
  8. Odd that Meeting isn't followed by Jungleland. I'd buy it, if only for the refreshing change of era. Bruce Inc were criticised for a lack of early stuff on Live 7585 and the archive series pretty much continues to deny anything from the Appel era.
  9. Actually, as a modern day suggestion, the solo on Frankie from the recent archive series show (Goteborg?) is pretty flippin' brilliant.
  10. Largo 78 PIAN intro. Back in the days when he could play great lead.
  11. If Bruce put out a reggae stroke ska stroke bluebeat stroke rock steady album, what would puntastic title could he give it?
  12. Jah Love was the band. Bruce was the guest.
  13. On the plus side, Patti earned a few quid in airplay royalties. Keeps her out of the poor house for another couple of weeks.
  14. I think that there are a couple of demos for the The River album that could be called ska. But, like you, I'm just going from memory and not 100 per cent sure. I'd have to go through the titles.
  15. Great versions. There's enough reggae/ska stuff by Bruce to fill a whole CD.
  16. The chances are high, but not certain, that the new download will have a version of Born To Run on it. Erik will also declare it to be one of the most amazing things that he's ever heard and that he did actually faint when he heard that rare version of (pick any song).
  17. Oh, and the Hurst on the floor thingamajig mistake.
  18. Isn't there a historical error in Stand On It? Like his pronunciation of 'Orion'.
  19. And comes on stage when he feels like it, regardless of what it days on your ticket.
  20. H5 is a typo. It's Child Bride, not brave. All this stuff is available on torrents, CD etc. It's just an expensive vinyl copy if what's been available for years. Having said that, it's a gorgeous package. It's probably available in a different configuration on YT.
  21. It would have been when PJ were at the peak of their powers and probably would have been in Mojo or Q. I'm pretty sure he called Eddie a 'w****r'. At the time I wasn't a fan of Hoskyn's writing and I wasn't and never have been a fan of PJ so I didn't read the whole thing.. But, it's out there somewhere.
  22. Tnx. Duke Levine is indeed an incredible guitar player. Probably unknown in the UK, he reminds me of a younger Gilmour. Excited much for this album.
  23. UK muso journalist. Good one too. Written many books. There was a feud years ago.
  24. Aye. Bruce should have sat it out, too. It's totally in the wrong key for him. Also, does anyone know why Barney Hoskyns hated Eddie Vedder so much?