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  1. I was specifically referring to Bruce shirts at SSJ shows and SVZ shows.
  2. Great post. Thanks. I too go to watch Steven and Southside live because their records are great and their shows are great, too. Not because of their Springsteen connections. I despair at the cockwombles that turn up these shows wearing Springsteen t shirts.
  3. I often write with a hint of sarcasm. For some reason I'm unable to insert a 'winking' emoji or such like to clarify my thrust. Or do I?
  4. Amateurs without a second thought for you lot that keep them in clover. Disgraceful customer service. If it wasn't for you lot they'd be reading the Want Ads out on Chelsea Row. The revolution starts here. Or over there. Or maybe up around the bend.
  5. SPOILER ALERT REVISITED. So, Bruce was trying to master Nebraska while Steve was finishing the Gary Bonds album. Wtf. Steven clearly has Dedication confused with On The Line. Maybe it's the coke.
  6. SPOILER ALERT. I was very surprised to read that all of the band were cocaine users during the lawsuit period. All except Bruce.
  7. It's a great read. Love the insights into working with Southside, Darlene, Gary Bonds etc. There are errors that most Bruce fans could have picked up on a proof read ( exhibit A, horn players on the 92/93 tour?) The guy has had a busy life. I found it a more satisfying read than his mate's much more considered biog from a few years back. Maureen once dated Mitch Mitchell. Who knew?
  8. Waddya mean? Surely he had that carburetor cleaned and checked 'til she was humming like a turbo jet. I'm shocked. Nay, devastated.
  9. Yep. 'Mr Authentic' wasn't as authentic as lots of people thought.
  10. I wonder why they've decided to rebrand them? It seems a backward move, separating them like this.
  11. Connections? Both have released songs called Talk To Me.
  12. What channel is this on, please?
  13. We don't want studio albums. We want an Atilla The Hun raid on the archives.
  14. Why would a live version of Kitty's Back be on there in the first place?
  15. At the moment it doesn't look as if the DVD will be a stand alone item. I wish it was, as I already have both shows from the Archive series. The only possible upside is that the new CDs have been remixed by our hero, Bob Clearmountain.
  16. Didn't the 22nd show run past midnight into his birthday on the 23rd? I think the record above should accurately reflect this. :-)
  17. "He's a coward when it comes to Lynn, He's a coward, when it comes to Lynn" Rewrite history, why doncha.
  18. He's still walking among us? Who knew? I thought he'd passed into the Great Beyond.
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