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  1. Listened to the whole album last night courtesy of Alexa. Absolutely love it. It's quieter and less 'anthemic' and kitchen sink than their other two records, but it's a real beauty that I'm sure will reveal more when I actually buy the thing and listen through decent speakers.
  2. Gutted to have to wait two weeks for a UK release. Antonoff is such a clever and genuine producer. Much respect.
  3. Interestingly, Bruce never references AIDS. It could be a song about a person 'fading away' with any other illness. Clever. He did pretty much the same thing with You're Missing.
  4. As a sort of aside, at the July 4th show Max starts playing the intro to Atlantic City when the rest of the band are playing Darkness. He corrected himself without the need to start the song again. Good job he wasn't in James Brown's band or that would have been ten bob out of his wages.
  5. I think most people would like a clean and bright version of The River.
  6. My shows download to my 'download' file on my laptop, I unzip them, and send them to my phone (Samsung android Galaxy, bog standard) with a USB lead. No frills, no screaming abjabs, no tantrums.
  7. He's very famous and very wealthy. He also probably bought the horse. So I'm sure he'll be there. :-)
  8. Relevance today? I would say his opening up on the subject of mental health is where he could be a real force for good, especially in light of the heartbreaking data that is emerging during this time of Covid.
  9. The setlist is almost identical to the LA show a few weeks later. which is in the Archive Series already.
  10. ....and a virtually identical set list to the LA Sept '85 show that they've sold to us previously. It's no wonder that Erik is relatively lukewarm on this one.
  11. Thrilled that they gave it to Bob. That's not a given these days. My Holy Grail would be the The River album totally re-engineered and re-mixed by Bob.
  12. Wow. I never knew that Bruce was annoyed. I guess if LG holds the copyright and they were taken with his consent then it makes sense. I bet he didn't complain about the risque one revealing his phallus in his jeans.
  13. You mean like @JimCT smuggling in his gear and Maxwell tapes?
  14. Fair points, well made. But they have veered from the rhythm of their MO, which was a selling point in itself. The reaction from the customers here and at BTX speaks for itself. Indeed, they 'owe us nothing'. They also shouldn't take the fan base for granted, even though they follow Bruce's quip, 'sell it and they will come.'
  15. Aye. And the Chronicles book only went up to Oh Mercy. Spooky. Should we call Mulder and Scully?
  16. Maybe, as this set was mined from older songs it may be number one in an online series. Just speculating.
  17. I'm not one that counts down to every release, nor do I buy them all. Probably one in four. So I don't really have a dog in this fight, but it's clear and obvious that the JLM/NUGS approach is extremely unprofessional. Their customers really need to kept up to date, that is common courtesy and good manners.
  18. 'Horrific' was my initial reaction. We (yes 'we' @Elbow, ) can only hope somebody has had a quiet word with the pair of them.
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