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  1. The much discussed edit in Quarter To Three is very harsh and very obvious. Apart from that it's incredible. The versions of The River and Thunder Road are much better than the ones we know and love.
  2. Ah, now, but, it seems they were correct in saying 'Benny King' and not 'Ben E King' after all. I think SVZ called that one.
  3. Let's be honest, every release comes with some sort of error. Leaving Roy off of the cover is an unforgivable howler, though.
  4. The vinyl version doesn't have the BTR error, it's exactly the same package as the CD (minus the 'hold for pick up' sleeve) but for the wicked six panel poster.
  5. Indeed. And how talented is she? I'm very late to the party as I only started listening to her after discovering the absolutely stunning Folklore album. The new double album, Red, is pretty brilliant too. Incredibly talented woman.
  6. A fan, back in the day, described it as the "Flying Springsteen."
  7. Jake gave it to Jon, Jon gave it to Bruce. Bruce should now return it to its rightful owner.
  8. This new version of Red is fantastic.
  9. That hat was worse than the bandana look.
  10. Aw, it's a song I return to often. Absolutely gorgeous.
  11. Love Hull's writing. Run For Home could well be my funeral song when the time comes. Must tell the kids. Sam did a smashing Tracks Of My Years with Ken Bruce a few short weeks ago. Seems to be a lovely young man.
  12. Feb 1979. Bruce and LG in happier times. That's before LG found out about Joyce Heiser. Never seen these photos until today.
  13. Kevin Buell and Ron Aeoli get credits, so I'm wondering if some of the guitar parts have had a makeover.
  14. Ooh, nice. I hope they ask him about, you know, that other thing.
  15. They never ever get it spot on, do they? There's always something somewhere. And as for 'legendary', well, even Bob refrained from that hyperbole on what is generally regarded as one of the greatest live albums of all time, 'Live at the Royal Albert Hall'.
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