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  1. Waddya mean? Surely he had that carburetor cleaned and checked 'til she was humming like a turbo jet. I'm shocked. Nay, devastated.
  2. Yep. 'Mr Authentic' wasn't as authentic as lots of people thought.
  3. I wonder why they've decided to rebrand them? It seems a backward move, separating them like this.
  4. Connections? Both have released songs called Talk To Me.
  5. What channel is this on, please?
  6. We don't want studio albums. We want an Atilla The Hun raid on the archives.
  7. Why would a live version of Kitty's Back be on there in the first place?
  8. At the moment it doesn't look as if the DVD will be a stand alone item. I wish it was, as I already have both shows from the Archive series. The only possible upside is that the new CDs have been remixed by our hero, Bob Clearmountain.
  9. Didn't the 22nd show run past midnight into his birthday on the 23rd? I think the record above should accurately reflect this. :-)
  10. "He's a coward when it comes to Lynn, He's a coward, when it comes to Lynn" Rewrite history, why doncha.
  11. He's still walking among us? Who knew? I thought he'd passed into the Great Beyond.
  12. That album cover is superb. Easily the best album cover of his career. Although, that's not saying a lot.
  13. So they're selling us the audio of two shows that they've sold us previously in the Archive Series? If that's the case then the DVD should be sold seperately.
  14. NDG is a highlight of course, but there is so much more in there. The whole set is right up there with the best of the Bootleg Series, for me. And who ever thought that Sweet Caroline could have sounded like THAT ?
  15. Life is way too short for me to be indulging in that kind of malarkey. But thanks for the tip all the same.
  16. Yeah, but that acoustic version is as boring as hell. No wonder he threw the band at it.
  17. Spent the weekend with the 5 CD set. Absolutely brilliant, and superbly packaged. Bob continues to show the world how archive stuff should be handled.
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