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  1. If the whole thrust of the topic is the Viet Cong being called 'the yellow man' then maybe the thread shouldn't have been allowed in the first place. After all, we'll only end up on the naughty step.
  2. Bruce is singing in the third person at a specific point in history. The term 'yellow man' would have been in the vernacular back then. Bruce wasn't being racist. There's no need to change a thing.
  3. John is there for the listening party at Bruce's Rising Ranch for the new Bob box set.
  4. More Woke nonsense. Anyone wanna fight over 'coon skin cap'? Yeah, I know it's shorthand for racoon, but still, there must be some Wokies looking to be offended on someone else's behalf.
  5. In Cardiff they remove the pitch and close the roof. Must be an absolute dream for the crew when building up.
  6. This is a great thing. Thanks. My first boot concert was a cassette copy of Winterland in about 1980. I didn't realise it at the time but the pitch control was off and it played a little fast. The CD version many years later was a revelation. Took a long time to get used to it.
  7. As rough as. Maybe it was the emotion of the occasion. But it was beautiful at the same time. I love the fact that he was dressed the way that he was. I also love the fact he avoided anything from the The Rising album.
  8. Yes. Any insight into how Steinman worked in the studio would be great.
  9. I remember her. Danny's mum. There's more trivia for ya.
  10. This sort of trivia is worthy of Champion's League Popmaster.
  11. Really like this one. Goosebumps for me towards the end.
  12. Some heavy break up stuff there, on the same day that Pats cancels her gig due to unforseen circumstances. Gossip? Me? Nah.
  13. Haven't got it in front of me, but something tells me it was Japan on BITUSA tour.
  14. Well, there's certainly a great b & w photo describing exactly that in the live box booklet.
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