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  1. Another excellent book by one of my favorite mystery/thriller writers. Not put downable.
  2. Terrific movie. Don, you and I are probably among the few here who watched Apollo when it actually happened. I was impressed when, in the movie, Buzz Aldrin's pulse was 88 during lift off. My sister was one of the secretaries to the original 7 astronauts in Hampton VA and Houston. She also worked with the Apollo crew.
  3. Bingeing Battlestar Galactica. Excellent series. Didn't watch sooner because I thought would be cheesy remake of the 1970's BG, which was cheesy but fun.
  4. In 1968 a friend who worked in a record store sometimes gave me promo albums that he didn't want. This gem is the only one I remember. They didn't have much success in the US but became one of my favorite British bands.
  5. There should be a hate emoji or at least a BOO!
  6. Harper may be already past his prime. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/bryce-harper-may-already-be-past-his-prime/ But what’s troubling for the Phillies, who are now committed to Harper through his age 38 season in 2031, is that there’s a good chance that Harper has already played his best baseball. But seven seasons into his career, we’re not exactly sure what type of player Harper is. While he’s shown stretches of brilliance, volatility in performance has been his most consistent trait. This has led to an unusual career trajectory to date. He’s one of only 15 position players 25 and younger to own a 10-WAR season, according to Baseball-Reference.com. The rare company includes Ted Williams, Mike Trout, Willie Mays, Lou Gehrig and Cal Ripken Jr. But he’s had just the one elite-level season.3 His other campaigns have had a range of outcomes, from 1.1 to 5.1 WAR. Even within seasons, he’s had dramatic peaks and valleys. Last year, for instance, he hit .214 with an .833 OPS in the first half but was a star in the second half when he hit .300 with a .972 OPS.
  7. Saw Zevon just once, in 1987 at the Boathouse in Norfolk, VA, but it was pretty cool. There were only a few hundred people there and I was at the front of the stage. My memory may be failing me but I think the backing band were the guys from REM.
  8. Saw BC at the Miami Pop Festival in 1968. Interesting festival. Person near me claimed Hendrix wasn't really playing because, at times, he was fingering only the fret board, Arthur Brown (Crazy World of) got mad because his set was cut short (weather), stomped around, and fell off the back of the stage, and Chuck Berry used a local band and the drummer couldn't keep time - drummer from Blues Image stepped in. Some claim BC was the first Heavy Metal band. The lead singer said, no, they just played loud.
  9. JF is bringing back the memories. Had to listen to my first exposure to Winwood. The group I hung with in 1966 were amazed at 18 year old Stevie Winwood.
  10. Organizing cds and finding stuff that was important to me and for some reason have not listened to for years. From the Byrds box set. Now, if I can find my copy of John Barleycorn Must Die.Thanks to JF for reminding me of Traffic.
  11. Its unfortunate that a 50 year old country rock album is way better than almost all of the crap played on modern country radio stations.
  12. Same here, Jimmy. My daughter loved the movie, as did I. Timon and Pumbaa should have been in the trailer.
  13. The actor playing Steve looked familiar but I couldn't place him. Checked IMDB- He was Daario on Game of Thrones and Cal on Orphan Black.
  14. Yes. Pretty good song. Clarence is in the video. Looks like him, anyway.
  15. Her record which had Clarence play on one of the songs is quite good. I think it was the last record he played on.
  16. One of my all time favorite series. Frank in the box interrogating suspects was a sight to behold.
  17. Gus is Giancarlo Esposito. He's been around awhile. Played Mike Giardello, the son of Lt. Al Giardello (Yaphet Kotto) in the superb Homicide tv show in the 90's. Has also acted in many movies.
  18. I don't remember Kim Wexler appearing in BB and I wonder what will happen to her character when Jimmy transforms.
  19. Police procedural with a King twist. Very enjoyable.
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