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  1. ohhh shugs — i recorded this, feeling very silly for even hoping people might like this. tnx for compliment
  2. As I figured I might not be the only one booking this with Stan, I thought I'd start a thread with the details and meet-up for peeps who still have spaces available here are the details on how to book: http://www.njrockmap.com/customtours/ or https://www.facebook.com/NJ-Rock-Map-119704888084584/ Stan does a 2 hr or 4 hr tour ($250). I myself have booked a 4 hr tour on Dec 29th, at 11.00 am. The tour can take 4 people: at the moment I am with two, so if anyone wants to join and share costs, feel free to pm me or respond to this thread. We will travel from NYC in the morning by train. Stan picks us up at Asbury Park station and drops us back at 3 pm. We will then either walk some more on the boardwalk (depending on weather) and then head 'home' again to NYC. Here's to Bruce pilgrimages
  3. I have a tour booked on 29th of Dec -- still two seats open for anyone wishing to come ... (and share costs)
  4. i have no time nor interest in doing that kind of research. from personal experience .. i know 7! fans at least who codes codes two times, and even some that got them all 3 times. Enough proof for me that the system is flawed.
  5. however -- many of the peeps that got codes ... got them all three times ! Others got standby and nothing (or worse: selected and nothing) It seems ridiculous that the verified system does not disqualify those who already have. Such a lottery system really seems unfair.
  6. waiting for the date to become available -- not able to book right now ... tnx so much for the info guys.
  7. eheh -- so here is the plan: stay in / near Redbank on the night of show. take a train to Nyc on 1st. potentially stay in nyc on 1st and travel by train to boston warly on 2nd. i think amtrak is scheduled to work better get my hands on a train schedule now!!
  8. So minimuppet and me are in NYC for the 30 Dec show and are contemplating going to the SSJ show in Redbank on the 31st instead of watching thw ball drop on Times Square 1. would you make the same decision? 2. do you know of places to stay IN redbank as we wont have car 3. does public transport run on 1st of January when we want to get back to NYC to travel on to Boston later that day.
  9. i phoned the theatre and asked. was told: only through verified fan system - quite categorically ... no not theough box office
  10. i am fortunate enough to attend the 30 Dec show. On 29 December me and my girl are going to do Stan's Jersey Shore (4hr) tour. Two paces still available of anyone fancies it. Share the costs ... Stan will pick us up at 11.00 am Asbury Park station . Basically day trip from NYC