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  1. hey do you still have the seat for Paris July 11th?? Is it an eticket? or hard copy? 

    I would be interested!



    1. mantop



      PM sent

    2. pienelien




      I gave all your details to the Spaniard this was for. I don't  think he is buying a seat after all so keep looking for the sale. If he does want to buy he'll  contact you directly. Tnx for pm and thinking of me.


      Guys.. this ticket is still for sale!



  2. niiice one Pam,


    Have fun there! I won't be doing any Spanish shows. You'll love it!


  3. Ladies... Snakes, koalas... We need updating!
  4. Bandanas???!!!!!! Wrist sweatbands.... And for minimuppet: buttons:) let's get the fundraising express on the road!
  5. The tribute buce spoke was indeed the words off the t-shirt! It was very very touching. He did get mt.banner on night one, also signed by as many fans as I could find during roll calls (and that can be tricky.... We all know) It said European wrecking ball tour when 1+1=3. Thanks for your rock and soul. The two Muppets will update the blog asap. This time round it was a lot of hard travelling, very little sleep, frayed tempers but also glorious generosity and comradery. Thanks to all lakers for slv, to all fans for sharing and caring and casino nancy for predicting that Cardiff would be the show of the tour.
  6. I am flabbergasted he did not play nycs... Really really am.. well I'll be ready for it at Wembley
  7. No way.. how on earth is Bruce ignoring nycs??? After that effort??? Or is it coming still??
  8. This does look rather epic ... happy for my buddies who were really LUCKY with lottery tonight ... yeah!
  9. Why? I am checking for you ! I'll take you off the list then ! One less text to Holland to worry about ! Picky makes no sense. You get a ticket and you have currency then to barter with. There are people with GA's that want seats on the list! because Kev, I agreed in principle with your post. Why should I leave it all up to you?! Makes no sense. We all should work not just you. That's why. I'd feel I would take terrible advantage of you without even trying. that's why. I'd love to stay on the text msg list, please. I check at a random time early just in case, but then i go back to sleep until work! Unless of course I get woken by a message from you! :-) tnx for heads up on the peeps looking for seats instead of GA... I hadn't noticed that. That's cool. I'll not be picky ;-)
  10. I check every second daybetween 4-5 o clock for a friend. She the other. We are picky though.. gotta be a GA.. phoning to UK is not option on regular basis. I reckon it is cool you try so hard kev but each fan does what he can.
  11. Hi! I would be happy to buy your tickets. Actually I need one, but if you prefer to sell them together, I'll gladly buy both. Paypal is fine, but I can of course transfer to an bank-account if you rather prefer that. regards Øyvind

  12. no possible way ... never say never ... ;-) you're speaking to the fans that invented the hushed stage rush
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