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  1. hey do you still have the seat for Paris July 11th?? Is it an eticket? or hard copy? 

    I would be interested!



    1. mantop



      PM sent

    2. pienelien




      I gave all your details to the Spaniard this was for. I don't  think he is buying a seat after all so keep looking for the sale. If he does want to buy he'll  contact you directly. Tnx for pm and thinking of me.


      Guys.. this ticket is still for sale!



  2. niiice one Pam,


    Have fun there! I won't be doing any Spanish shows. You'll love it!


  3. Hi! I would be happy to buy your tickets. Actually I need one, but if you prefer to sell them together, I'll gladly buy both. Paypal is fine, but I can of course transfer to an bank-account if you rather prefer that. regards Øyvind

  4. Hi

    My name is Rasmus and I have 1 GA for Gothenburg night 2. I need 1 Ga for night 1. I believe I've waited in the GA line with you before - maybe Hamburg '06? My tickets are the "print it yourself" kind. I'll send it to you on email - or we can meet up at the venue (maybe both...)

    My old profile got lost in an update (Karsten is trying to dig it out) T...