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  1. I agree. Linger in the era seems to be the giveaway for me.
  2. I'm in your corner my friend. I think they probably consider Tempe already released Bruce Inc should have released a top notch, high quality recording from each of his major career tours.
  3. They are not saving it for anyone. Bruce's recorded legacy (for the renowned live act he has become) is shockingly under-represented. I have never understood why. I love the archive series but so far it remains a poor representation of his live career.
  4. I would like the two Double Take benefit shows from February 2003. Unlikely I know ☹
  5. Think we can rule out The River Tour. To similar to No Nukes release.
  6. Whilst it would be nice to complete the set I think having a 'run' of shows is a little underwhelming. They are way too similar to enjoy any extended listening period. Give us something different like a good quality '76/'77 show.
  7. Dare I say with a 'little more' work it would be good enough to release?
  8. That just about sums up exactly how I have alway's viewed the Archive Series. Could only have dreamed of these shows when I was a boy.
  9. I am gonna grab Berekley '78 & Indianapolis '08. Specifically held off on those two hoping for a sale.
  10. She sure is. Her music is indeed recommended.
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