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  1. If anything sounds like a late 70's early 80's Bruce outake, that he would eventually work into his own.
  2. I remember as a teenager following record fairs around the country praying I would see a few Bruce Springsteen live bootleg cassettes. I once bought Wembley 1985 on 3 cassettes for £45 with the shitiest black & white photocopied inlay. It was like treasure, I loved every minute of listening to that crap sound. Now I think (all things considered) that Bruce Inc are missing a trick with the Archive Series however to have these shows in this sound was something I could only have dreamt about in those days. People complaining about covers always makes me smile though.
  3. I will make whatever pointless comments I want, it's a forum, that's what it's all about. Right?
  4. Well who knew, another FULL show for you to write one of your pointless reviews about.
  5. I rest my case. Another delay for half a show.
  6. I meant more along the lines of us all thinking: 'oooo must be a really special show if there is a delay' It rarely works out like that. I've gotten really excited in the past thinking a special show was gonna follow a delay only for it to be something like the Bridge Benefit '86.
  7. It'll be a show with no obvious reason for a delay, there never is.
  8. This or more Broadway? Not difficult is it?
  9. I agree, thought that since the start. With the sheer number of performances potentially available surely they would have a chunk of gap-fillers for instances like this.
  10. (IF) Bruce or his 'people' are sitting around saying 'we better hold of on this months archive release because we are announcing another money grab on Broadway' then they need a reality check. He no longer has the pull for it to make any difference.
  11. Love the series, detest the (lack of) strategy.
  12. Filming was completed for a released DVD from 2002 & that's not been released as an official audio.
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