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  1. I rarely listen to the studio records. They are always there & every single release provides me with something when I need it. For me Bruce is a 'live' act & the 'archive series' is a complete godsend, good or bad.
  2. 'The Wish' is for Adele. 'Blood Brothers' is for the band. 'Kingdom of Days' is for Patti. 'Letter to You' is for us.
  3. It's typical Bruce, you can interpret it whatever way you want. But its definitely his message to us, the band, his family telling us what he has tried to achieve over the years.
  4. You know, even after all these years there nothing quite like hearing Bruce's raspy old voice belting out new music surrounded by his superb bandmates.
  5. I reckon the mixers pass the show to Bruce to sign off and if he's not happy to release it's returned to fix within the week.
  6. Most of The Ghost of Tom Joad record. Couldn't get into it initially. Whilst its a moody record, when I'm in the mood to go there its a fantastic experience.
  7. Hello I wonder if anyone could help, ive managed to lose my flac file of Murder Incorporated from the MSG 2000 Nugs show. Can anyone assist please? Cheers
  8. Happy 70th Birthday Bruce. I have laughed, sang, danced and cried to the treasure trove of music you have given me over the years. It has helped me through more than you'll ever know. Thank you.
  9. I appear to have lost my 'flac' files for both Christchurch & Auckland 2017 shows. Would any kind laker be in a position to help and maybe send me the 'mp3' files, I'd hate to lose the shows. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
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