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  1. Happy 70th Birthday Bruce. I have laughed, sang, danced and cried to the treasure trove of music you have given me over the years. It has helped me through more than you'll ever know. Thank you.
  2. I appear to have lost my 'flac' files for both Christchurch & Auckland 2017 shows. Would any kind laker be in a position to help and maybe send me the 'mp3' files, I'd hate to lose the shows. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. For those of us who download the archives in FLAC/MP3 format is there a source for artwork for the back covers?
  4. I have a box at home with a bunch of bootlegs within. i packed it some time ago so I forget how many and what shows are there. Its free to anyone in the UK (other than postage) who would like it before it goes to the tip. PM if interested.
  5. Once again its the lake to the rescue. Thanks
  6. A recent update on my PC saw both Gothenburg 2016 shows lose all files. Can anyone help me recover these files (mp3\flac). I am unable to download them from Nugs despite my best efforts. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  7. Ha, he looks in a huff, like he aint talkin to no one.The
  8. The two are perfectly suited. Enough said.
  9. Born in the USA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Human Rights Now Tour 1988