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  1. Maybe, just maybe that particular song means something to him.
  2. Knowledge that there is fair chance of cancellation. That's not normally there. You book tickets make plans & look forward.
  3. There is no bigger issue than the Covid 19 pandemic at the moment. People booking tickets for ANY gig at present have to keep a little in reserve for potential cancellation. It's the chance you take. It's common sense.
  4. I'm an 'anti-twanger' so delighted with this release. I think Bruce sounds great on this one. Nice setlist too. Nice one to have. Thanks Bruce.
  5. Love that little piece. Reminds me once again that Elvis truly was the ground breaker. Even Bruce looking devilish in his little segment.
  6. Ain't nobody touching Bruce whilst Terry was around.
  7. The number of band members, stage crew, employees, audience members etc which would be required to agree to a typical Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Tour under the current worldwide pandemic restrictions make a 2022 tour pretty unrealistic for me. I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce decided to undertake a short acoustic tour of some description in the US only just to get out to some fans. Western Stars & Letter to You contains plenty of material that could work well acoustically. You can forget 30,000 fans gathered in stadiums all over Europe and the US every other night the way we are used to. It's just not that kind of world right now. Just my opinion.
  8. Cant help but notice the 'teaser' didn't reply to this post.
  9. 17 years later I still love this place. The variations, the differing tastes and opinions (good or bad) But that Tempe version free's my soul. To sit in my bedroom in 1986 listening to this on vinyl on Live 75-85 to this.
  10. Was there anything better? Before or since?
  11. I love what we have been offered in 2021 (haven't bought them all!) Can't wait to see what 2022 will bring. Above all else I want a chance to buy those unusual shows, Sommerville 2003, Hartford 2000, Soldier Field 1985. I would also like someone to give the 2014 shows the treatment they deserve. We'll see, first and foremost good health to all in the year ahead.
  12. Not for me. Seeger shows dont have enough variation for me. They are fun shows and all but I have Dublin, Jazzfest and London. Plenty for me.
  13. Never though I would live to see both these phenomenal shows in HD. But what do you prefer?
  14. Got this from Santa. What's with the awful packaging? Three discs and a booklet squeezed into one side that is virtually impossible not to tear when taking a disc out. It's a little thing but FFS (cheap option again).
  15. Wont happen but I would love the two Double Take Benefit shows from Somerville , Febrauary 2003. They are fine shows that should be documented.
  16. Hopefully his live career is something different entirely. That's where the real magic trick is.
  17. For 500m I would full control of his recorded material. From the first chord on Greetings to the last chord on Letter to You. Maybe I'm wrong.
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