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  1. Bruce said 'set' in the West, not about the West (am I right?) My guess would be that Bruce has been reflecting on a lot of the material he had whilst he was based on the West coast around 1991-94. Music from the Human Touch / Lucky Town era perhaps?
  2. Ah, silly me. I've never been good at reading sarcasm on a forum . Least we're on the same page then.
  3. It still remains Bruce's most underrated record among his hard core fanbase.
  4. Cant pick only 3 from 1975-87. Sorry. Just superb records.
  5. People have moaning like hell about this for years. It's simply just a little bit of fun, that's all. Nothing more, nothing less. Personally I think it's kinda nice to involve the kids.
  6. I agree 100%. However after almost 40 years I'm used to Bruce (& his people) being lazy when it comes to output. So many wasted opportunities over the years.
  7. IF we get a release today then they have either had it sitting ready to go or have churned it out in 21 days. Interesting.
  8. For me, as a collector I would like a nice even representation of Bruce's live career. Some might feel that 92-93 is slightly under-represented. It could just be that folks out there like that little tour & the music theirin. For me I find the 92-93 shows somewhat nostalgic, brings back nice memories.
  9. Would be a new low to tell us 'no release' now. Have they ever pulled that one before?
  10. Now this raises a point that infuriates me. Please just make all your stuff available on HD/Bluray Bruce (Bruce's people).
  11. Back to uncertainty tho, I like it. Dont like the whole clue, teaser shit.
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