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  1. Yeah, cringed like f*** during that performance to be honest. Not his best. I also feel his performance of I'll See You in my Dreams at the 9/11 memorial was a little concerning, very weak. I remain confident that he will prepare himself and the band fully for whatever tour they decide. Faith will be rewarded.
  2. What a strange world. Of all the shows I have been to the 2016 show was the one I enjoyed the most.
  3. Absolutely bang on. The difference between Tempe/No Nukes and the Nugs releases from the same period is night & day.
  4. Completely agree. I think there is a bit of a misconception in Bruce world about just how many people truly care. If his commercial department are behind what you suggest above, then its a bad call.
  5. A River show would be my first choice however I don't see it with the No Nukes release immanent. Too similar an era.
  6. The beauty of internet forums. '78-'81 is peak Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band for me. Man, if I had a time machine.
  7. Utterly baffling that a show like that wasn't documented. What a terrible decision overall. What gets me about all of this is one thing. Would it have been so difficult (in some fashion) to record every show they performed? Even in the early days. I understand that the Vietnam Vets show was slightly different in that it was a benefit show.
  8. The silence is deafening. Very disappointing really.
  9. Strange, that's unlistenable to my ears. Genuinely curious as to what you get from listening to a recording like that?
  10. Just my two cents. Every year I think about the horrors all of the people involved on September 11th 2001 must have faced. This year is no different. In my thoughts and prayers.
  11. Without a doubt these shows require a specific mood from the listener. They are also unlike the Joad shows which at least follow a narrative. I love the D&D shows & it's great to have them but they are for quiet nights with the Bose headphones for me.
  12. If anything sounds like a late 70's early 80's Bruce outake, that he would eventually work into his own.
  13. I remember as a teenager following record fairs around the country praying I would see a few Bruce Springsteen live bootleg cassettes. I once bought Wembley 1985 on 3 cassettes for £45 with the shitiest black & white photocopied inlay. It was like treasure, I loved every minute of listening to that crap sound. Now I think (all things considered) that Bruce Inc are missing a trick with the Archive Series however to have these shows in this sound was something I could only have dreamt about in those days. People complaining about covers always makes me smile though.
  14. I will make whatever pointless comments I want, it's a forum, that's what it's all about. Right?
  15. Well who knew, another FULL show for you to write one of your pointless reviews about.
  16. I rest my case. Another delay for half a show.
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