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  1. I wish he would just concentrate on the music. That's why we love him.
  2. I wanted a Joad show on Friday & was lucky enough to get one. Have to say I was somewhat surprised that it was from 1997 & so random. Great show however. I'll visit this one & Belfast for my Joad fix plenty.
  3. I have always been of the opinion that artists who release archive material whether or be Bruce, Dylan, Pearl Jam or whoever do so for their established fan base. The ones out there who crave a little more. I dont believe casual fans whould be interested or even know about archives. Its mainly commercial. The quality of the product will reflect the money they make. Which clearly isn't much. I've always viewed the archives as an extra option for us if we want it.
  4. Don't get me wrong it's still a fine solo tour but I prefer a tour with a narrative like Joad has. The stories, the pace helps it run much smoother. As you say tho...to each their own.
  5. I used to love the experiment aspect of the D&D tour. Now the more I listen the more I feel that Bruce tries too many things that don't work. They effectively largely sound like rehearsal shows for me.
  6. 'not in the mood' Sounds serious. With regards Joad, it was a great tour with great shows & great bootlegs, ripe for remastering. It's also hugely under represented in the archives. Those benefit/charity shows dont count for me.
  7. Would you fly from NJ to Nebraska to film a commercial? Not you personally, mind
  8. IF we get a show tomorrow I want a Joad show. That's all. Thanks.
  9. I know it's your dream Daisy & I pray you get your wish. For me tho' Nebraska is perfect as is. Reworked outtakes like Child Bride intrigue me however.
  10. A remastered record, a Johnny 99 mug, a framed photo of the Mansion on the Hill, a miniture Used Car, the book The Life & Times of Joe Roberts, the actual co-ordinates to My Fathers House and loads more goodies that give us all a Reason to Believe. The around 3 months later a special Daisy Jeep edition containing all that plus Nebraska Live 2021.
  11. Anyone who attends a Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band concert & is not converted is worth the watching.
  12. Man, I'd forgotten how much I love that intro. He should've built a song around that.
  13. My partner was converted after seeing Bruce & the band live. I remember Christmas 1986 hearing that live box set for the first time. It was a true treasure chest. For me it's the live experience.
  14. With the 'Bootleg Collectors Corner' going strong I was wondering how many of us still listen to our bootleg shows in the wake of the Archive Series. I used to have around 300 bootleg shows but there are only a handful I return to.
  15. There are MANY great 'live' (possibly better) versions of Bruce's material out there. Take your time, go back to the start & enjoy it. It'll be the best journey of your life.
  16. 'Reason to Believe' from the early days of the Magic Tour worked well. 'Incident' solo piano & full band equally superb. And of course full band 'Devils & Dust' has proven to be exceptional.
  17. Thanks for sharing these pics. Means a lot to me seeing pics from this place & time.
  18. Here is what gets me. Bruce has a huge network of songs which he can clearly rework. This 'Devils & Dust' is superb. He has recently made a great job of reworking three 50 year songs on Letter to You (& they are superb). The reworking of his catalogue works. Other than more new material could there be anything better than reinventing songs from his catalogue? For me I'd rather have that than another box of B-sides.
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