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  1. There are MANY great 'live' (possibly better) versions of Bruce's material out there. Take your time, go back to the start & enjoy it. It'll be the best journey of your life.
  2. 'Reason to Believe' from the early days of the Magic Tour worked well. 'Incident' solo piano & full band equally superb. And of course full band 'Devils & Dust' has proven to be exceptional.
  3. Thanks for sharing these pics. Means a lot to me seeing pics from this place & time.
  4. Here is what gets me. Bruce has a huge network of songs which he can clearly rework. This 'Devils & Dust' is superb. He has recently made a great job of reworking three 50 year songs on Letter to You (& they are superb). The reworking of his catalogue works. Other than more new material could there be anything better than reinventing songs from his catalogue? For me I'd rather have that than another box of B-sides.
  5. A fine thought. That would be my ideal option given the choice. It would have to be pretty much ready to go however for him to break cover about it.
  6. The key word for me is surprise. Can Tracks 2 a BITISA box or Nebraska box be called a surprise? Besides I recently gathered all the outtakes from Tracks, Darkness, The River boxsets & a few other sources & aside from a few real jems I think his outtakes are outtakes for a reason. Dunno if a box set of B Sides would be that interesting. I reckon Patti's pregnant again.
  7. I often wonder what other people's thoughts are on shows that have not yet been released in the archive series yet (or may never be released) The San Jose show from April 2008 is already out there in stellar IEM mixed bootleg sound. Barcelona 2002 can surely be sourced to facilitate that release. There are some great sounding boots out there that would be a great source for the series. The quieter show's such as Joad & Devils & Dust should also be fairly straightforward to mix.
  8. I really, really, really hope so. We should be allowed the opportunity to document this period for ourselves.
  9. The minute I heard this song I imagined the shows opening with that fantastic intro played longer as the band take their places and build the song through Max's drums. Those bells!!! I can dream.
  10. I mostly agree, however I think Letter to You is better than Wrecking Ball.
  11. Chill out & enjoy the music, you might forget the lyric sheet.
  12. 'Burnin' Train', lousy tune? Really? Opinions tho eh? Man, that intro!! It stuns me that this band, this guy can do this to me after all these years. Would be a dream to hear it live. Pure rock! 'Ghosts'...instant classic. 'I'll See You in my Dreams' an emotional rollercoaster. A brilliant record. Best in years.
  13. I rarely listen to the studio records. They are always there & every single release provides me with something when I need it. For me Bruce is a 'live' act & the 'archive series' is a complete godsend, good or bad.
  14. 'The Wish' is for Adele. 'Blood Brothers' is for the band. 'Kingdom of Days' is for Patti. 'Letter to You' is for us.
  15. It's typical Bruce, you can interpret it whatever way you want. But its definitely his message to us, the band, his family telling us what he has tried to achieve over the years.
  16. You know, even after all these years there nothing quite like hearing Bruce's raspy old voice belting out new music surrounded by his superb bandmates.
  17. I reckon the mixers pass the show to Bruce to sign off and if he's not happy to release it's returned to fix within the week.
  18. Most of The Ghost of Tom Joad record. Couldn't get into it initially. Whilst its a moody record, when I'm in the mood to go there its a fantastic experience.
  19. Hello I wonder if anyone could help, ive managed to lose my flac file of Murder Incorporated from the MSG 2000 Nugs show. Can anyone assist please? Cheers
  20. Happy 70th Birthday Bruce. I have laughed, sang, danced and cried to the treasure trove of music you have given me over the years. It has helped me through more than you'll ever know. Thank you.
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