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  1. Not sure this is the complete listing, but it's most of them Please ignore the FLAC or mp3 anotation in the right hand column EV2 FULL LISTING 19721974 The Early Uber Collection - Uber #26,22,21 MP3 10/29/1974 Walking Tall Vol 2 MP3 7/23/1975 The Complete Lenox MP3 12/31/1975 Last Tango in Philly
  2. GODFATHER RELEASES 04-05 The Rising Tour Rehearsals (30.07.02, Asbury Park, NJ) 10-12 Something Special In The Night (18.10.02, Bologna, Italy) 13 Rain On You (29.08.02, Rose Center, New York City, NY) 17-18 Intimate Night (19.02.03, Somerville Theater, Somerville) 27-29 Like Young Lovers (08.06.03, Florence,Italy) 34-36 Let It Rain (28.06.03, San Siro, Milan, Italy) 37-38 The Definitive Remastered Darkness Outtakes 39-41 The Longest Night (31.05.03, Dublin, Ireland) 49 Mu
  3. First 3 are 1981 not 1980 Rehearsals is unknown date in September 1980, not the 1st September Apart from that, spot on
  4. List of various labels https://we.tl/t-c9KCmal5uy Link valid for 7 days
  5. From Brucebase Wiki : "Audience and IEM tapes, as well as a two-camera mix DVD." Thanks to all for their help and suggestions
  6. Looking for 22 June 2000 MSG IEM recording, please
  7. Yes, you are correct - it is the Uber series 14
  8. Sorry I have upset you, Jens. Always thought we have had a decent relationship on here, up till now I simply downloaded this from J'land, and used wetransfer and put up the link I don't know what I have done that doesn't meet with protocol - I have done this on a regular basis, without any previous condemnation I included EVERYTHING that was in the file I downloaded from J'land Please, send me a pm, and help me improve. I am not perfect, never have been, but I will always listen to constructive criticism
  9. Tape Man Joe Volume 68 7 August 1992 East Rutherford NJ https://we.tl/t-m97S1JTLTa Link is valid for 1 week
  10. https://we.tl/t-qV793tdYOj Link valid for 1 week - bluesmick version
  11. Will load this tomorrow morning (UK time!!)
  12. Looking for these two to complete the Tape Man Joe Collection: Volume 2 2 May 1985 Mountain View and Volume 9 14 September 1984 Spectrum, Philadelphia Also these two to complete the JEMS Collection 17 November 1990 The Shrine, Los Angeles and 15 November 2007 Albany, NY Any assistance greatly appreciated If anyone would like any of the Tape Man Joe and/or JEMS releases posted on here, fire away
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