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  1. I think the judge "Mean" John Brown will lock him up for this terrible crime. 98 and a year, so he will be called Bruce 99 This means, there will be no tour in 2022 ! I believe Mr. Springsteen believes his biography is a little boring without a "so called" scandal. So with growing age he is working hard for a new image. Is this the surprise in 2021 he was talking about a few weeks ago ?
  2. As a human being he was to say it carefully a very doubtful and mean character. As a producer, creator of the Wall Of Sound and sogwriter he was a phenomenal artist. May the lord judge your deeds on earth as a human and artist right.
  3. During the 70's and 80's Bruce's sideman was Clarence Clemons. He was his go-to guy. I loved their interaction ! Amazing ! So my favourite member was and always will be The Big Man !
  4. Recording the "Magic" album the way he did "Letter To You". I know it won't happen, but this would be fantastic.
  5. 01. Fetch The Bolt Cutters - Fiona Apple 02. Letter To You - Bruce Springsteen 03. Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa 04. Untitled ( Black is ) - Sault 05. Punisher - Phoebe Bridgers 06. Women In Music Pt. III - Haim 07. Saint Cloud - Waxahatchee 08. Rough And Rowdy Ways - Bob Dylan 09. What's Your Pleasure ? - Jessie Ware 10. Untitled ( Rise ) - Sault Honorable mention: Live Forever - Bartees Strange Evermore - Taylor Swift Shore - Fleet Foxes Folklore - Taylor Swift Reunions - Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit McCa
  6. But before that, you have to install some judges who are Bruce experts at the Supreme Court ! Good luck !
  7. I think he once was called "The Doctor" before he became "The Boss" !
  8. My Boy and his brothers delivered !!! Thanks Bruce and the E Streeters !!!
  9. My Top 50: It has to be ! Ten are not enough ! 01. Born To Run 02. Thunder Road 03. Incident On The 57th Street 04. Badlands 05. The River 06. Backstreets 07. Racing In The Street 08. Stolen Car 09. Jungleland 10. Bobby Jean 11. The Promised Land 12. The Promise 13. I'm On Fire 14. The Rising 15. Born In The USA 16. Atlantic City 17. No Surrender 18. 41 Shots (American Skin) 19. Girls In Their Summer Clothes 20. Tougher Than The Rest 21. Adam Raised A Cain 22. Night 23. Gypsy Bike
  10. First of all, I don't compare one tune "Letter To You" to the album Western Stars. It will be something complete different, which will be hardly to compare. After several listenings I have to say Letter To You is a grower on me. The song gets better with every listening. So I am curious for all the other tunes. A very good first track.
  11. Yeah ! What a great experience ! Absolutely hilarious ! Starting with Atlantic City and ending with Roll Of The Dice and in between Jersey Girl and Tell Me Why !
  12. This was not only my Bruce summer it was my Bruce year starting with the great Atlantic City show at the Boardwalk Hall in March. I saw a lot of his shows in Europe, the German shows, the London stand, Vienna and Milan. And of course the final two shows at Giant Stadium ! What a fantastic experience ! Finally the grand final at Shea with all three shows.(Number 2 is my favorite) I really have great memories which will last as long as I live.
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