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  1. First of all, I don't compare one tune "Letter To You" to the album Western Stars. It will be something complete different, which will be hardly to compare. After several listenings I have to say Letter To You is a grower on me. The song gets better with every listening. So I am curious for all the other tunes. A very good first track.
  2. Yeah ! What a great experience ! Absolutely hilarious ! Starting with Atlantic City and ending with Roll Of The Dice and in between Jersey Girl and Tell Me Why !
  3. This was not only my Bruce summer it was my Bruce year starting with the great Atlantic City show at the Boardwalk Hall in March. I saw a lot of his shows in Europe, the German shows, the London stand, Vienna and Milan. And of course the final two shows at Giant Stadium ! What a fantastic experience ! Finally the grand final at Shea with all three shows.(Number 2 is my favorite) I really have great memories which will last as long as I live.
  4. After a year, the album is still a wonderful one. It stands the test of time. It is a timeless gem !
  5. My Top 15 01. The Promise 02. Racing In The Street 03. The River 04. Stolen Car 05. Valentine's Day 06. Paradise 07. Meeting Across The River 08. Shut Out The Light 09. Across The Border 10. You 're Missing 11. Independence Day 12. My Father's House 13. Sandy 14. Highway Patrolman 15. Jack Of All Trades
  6. My peak as a fan lasted from my first time I saw him live in 1973 through the years 1974, 1975, the Chicken Scratch Tour and the Darkness Tour with my highlights the Roxy Show in LA and Saginaw, Michigan until the fantastic River Tour with the highlights Nassau Coliseum on 12/29/80 and my favorite concert on 08/20/81 the Night for the Vietnam Veterans in LA. Also remarkable have been Frankfurt, Germany and his Wembley Arena stand, the first time I saw Bruce on European ground. What a great time ! But even nowadays I am still enthusiastic about him. I loved The Rising Tour very much, the solo Devils & Dust Tour was so great, the Seeger Sessions Tour was fun and special and the Magic Tour was so incredible. The Wrecking Ball Tour was fabulous with the horn section. You see he gets me all the time if he is on the road. Even the tours I didn't mention were exceptional. I had and I hope I will still have a great ride with Bruce. Long may he run ! Thanks Bruce !!!
  7. Gypsy Biker -Bruce Springsteen Mountains - Prince Tracks Of My Tears - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Respect - Aretha Franklin Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye Redemption Song - Bob Marley Be My Baby - The Ronettes Superstitious - Stevie Wonder A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke If You See Her Say Hello - Bob Dylan