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  1. Who needs another Darkness or Wild ? Those albums were written when Bruce was 24 and 28 . Does anybody really think that a 72 year old man will write songs like in his twenties ? He will probably write more reflective songs than songs about Candy's Room or to prove it all night. I think his material written since 2000 is absolutely great and stands the test of time for me . By the way I would prefer an album or a tour like Devils & Dust in 2005.
  2. What does anybody expect of a collaboration by Mellencamp and Springsteen ? Answer : Wasted Days and Time ! Thanks boys, nice attempt, but it is forgettable ! I am looking forward to No Nukes release !
  3. After the reunion of the E Street Band, Bruce released three masterpieces in my opinion: The Rising Magic Wrecking Ball Especially on tour the Wrecking Ball tunes were fantastic live. A great and wonderful album which I still listen a lot to today and a great tour especially the 2012 run.
  4. Chicken Scratch Tour 1976 - 1977 Darkness Tour 1978 The River Tour 1980/81
  5. I think the judge "Mean" John Brown will lock him up for this terrible crime. 98 and a year, so he will be called Bruce 99 This means, there will be no tour in 2022 ! I believe Mr. Springsteen believes his biography is a little boring without a "so called" scandal. So with growing age he is working hard for a new image. Is this the surprise in 2021 he was talking about a few weeks ago ?
  6. As a human being he was to say it carefully a very doubtful and mean character. As a producer, creator of the Wall Of Sound and sogwriter he was a phenomenal artist. May the lord judge your deeds on earth as a human and artist right.
  7. During the 70's and 80's Bruce's sideman was Clarence Clemons. He was his go-to guy. I loved their interaction ! Amazing ! So my favourite member was and always will be The Big Man !
  8. Recording the "Magic" album the way he did "Letter To You". I know it won't happen, but this would be fantastic.
  9. 01. Fetch The Bolt Cutters - Fiona Apple 02. Letter To You - Bruce Springsteen 03. Future Nostalgia - Dua Lipa 04. Untitled ( Black is ) - Sault 05. Punisher - Phoebe Bridgers 06. Women In Music Pt. III - Haim 07. Saint Cloud - Waxahatchee 08. Rough And Rowdy Ways - Bob Dylan 09. What's Your Pleasure ? - Jessie Ware 10. Untitled ( Rise ) - Sault Honorable mention: Live Forever - Bartees Strange Evermore - Taylor Swift Shore - Fleet Foxes Folklore - Taylor Swift Reunions - Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit McCartney III - Paul McCartney Chromatica - Lady Gaga
  10. But before that, you have to install some judges who are Bruce experts at the Supreme Court ! Good luck !
  11. I think he once was called "The Doctor" before he became "The Boss" !
  12. My Boy and his brothers delivered !!! Thanks Bruce and the E Streeters !!!
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