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  1. Maybe it's not a coincidence that Bossy never released the BITUSA box set. He's pretty much admitted that he hates the full-band arrangement of the title song because it's "misunderstood." Told us how terrible the song and image was once he cashed all the checks. He gave My Hometown to Joe Biden for his presidential campaign, sullying the song to a certain percentage of his fan-base. Those two songs were the artistic bookends to his most popular album, said Jimmy Iovine, and now the legs have been cut out from both of them. Not to mention that one of the most popular songs on the album begins with "Hey little girl is your daddy home," which doesn't play in the "woke" era. Bruce became so fascinated with wanting to become the dearest "Father Knows Best" of our country that he failed to protect the legacy of his recorded work and allowed it to be manipulated I might have to fine-tooth scan the lyrics to the rest of the songs on the album, see if there's anymore grist for the mill.
  2. Without getting political, I find his appearance and performance offensive to the tragedy of 9-11. Why does he feel the need to bookend the 20 year anniversary of this event? Yes, The Rising was interesting for what it was, maybe even healing for many people, and I get that. I loved it. But this appearance is unnecessary and self-serving in my opinion. Since when did Bruce Springsteen become pallbearer to a nation? There's so much more I could say, but this is where I'll let it lay.
  3. I'm sure that Bruce couldn't have approved of that misunderstood magazine cover.
  4. The intro to Downbound Train is very similar to Let It Bleed.
  5. I no longer buy anything Bruce-related, so I'll skip this one unless my local library gets it in.
  6. The guy ought to sue his father if the picture is so offensive to him now, but I'm sure his old man isn't rolling around in Nirvana money.
  7. On Street Fightin' Man, Charlie Watts is playing a 1930s toy drum kit. Keith Richards on bass.
  8. This doesn't make any sense for the time period indicated, and there doesn't seem to be any smoking gun here, as far as research is concerned. Dylan just appears to have been too damn busy for this type of drawn-out encounter. The authorities should check with Bob Neuwirth. If anyone is up to speed with what Bob Dylan was doing in 1965, it's Bob Neuwirth.
  9. "Real music, by real musicians."
  10. I would have preferred a straight-up Infidels outtakes set. Hopefully, they're not holding stuff back from those sessions to give us Empire Burlesque outtakes.
  11. This song is rumored to be one of the outtakes to be released on the Bootleg Series-Infidels set. It was included as a bonus track on the latest Uncut magazine cd. Some of the lyrics appeared in Foot of Pride.
  12. Perhaps Bruceco is trying to tie in this archive release with a vaccine mandate. Obviously, Bossy would have no say in the matter.
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