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  1. No one wins unless every autograph collector wins.
  2. That album cover painting is interesting. Apparently it was done by Mellencamp's son.
  3. I have some swamp land in Florida you might be interested in.
  4. B. B. King is sitting in the back of the car because Eric Clapton is his chauffeur. It's a symbolic show of respect for the old bluesman.
  5. Mortgaging his house was the term I've seen used. I should have used quotation marks. Whether he "mortgaged his house" or borrowed money from his dad, it was still his money that kept the organization going. Money that he very well could have recouped with t-shirt sales.
  6. The interesting thing about t-shirts is that Bruce would not allow his management to market concert venue t-shirts, probably at least until Darkness or thereafter. So while manager Mike Appel was mortgaging his house to keep the band afloat, Bruce was refusing to let him market his image for easy money. Now, of course, his image can be found on EVERYTHING. From t-shirts to key chains to coffee mugs, etc.
  7. The guitar work is Mick Taylor. In fact, this song is cited as one of the main reasons that Mick Taylor left the Rolling Stones, because he feels he should have gotten a songwriting credit on the tune.
  8. He's already allowed his music to be co-opted and used by a political party, (by golly he now holds that political party close to his heart and will let everyone know about it), so who cares if he still has "artistic" control of his music? He's already sold his soul to the devil, whether it's to Joe Biden or Barack O'Bama, Donald Trump or George Bush. Flip sides of the same coin. I'd be happier if he was shilling for Jeep or Chrysler instead of political parties with blood on their hands. Obviously, this post will be deleted because this is the world we now live in. Our own choosing.
  9. I stopped at Barnes and Noble the other day and there were about 8 billion copies of this book scattered throughout the store. I felt a little sick.
  10. https://www.nfl.com/news/former-raiders-coach-jon-gruden-files-lawsuit-vs-nfl-commissioner-goodell Bravo!
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