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  1. Time to close up shop.
  2. Wait a minute. Jon Landau is on the RRHOF nominating committee, and Jon Landau was voted into the RRHOF? Time to close up shop, boys.
  3. Janet Jackson is in too? Time to close up shop, boys.
  4. Whitney Houston is voted into the RRHOF? Time to close up shop, boys.
  5. The Police don't even like Sting. Especially Andy Summers. https://dangerousminds.net/comments/sting_puff_daddy_andy_summers_and_the_case_of_the_misplaced_bajillion_dolla
  6. That HOF class is so weak that I'd probably break down and vote for the steroid users, Bonds and Clemens. And since Curt Schilling never killed anyone with rhetoric, I'd probably vote him in too. The outfield walls in Philadelphia tell me that Bobby Abreu is NOT a HOF'er. They also consider him to be something of a snob, since he never introduced himself to them.
  7. At one time Bruce wanted to be Elvis. I'm guessing it must've been the schlocky movie-soundtrack Elvis.
  8. Life's Rich Pageant. Begin the Begin and Cuyahoga are awesome.
  9. Kooly

    Kooly Pics

  10. you are my FRIEND now!

  11. Nosey bugger!