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  1. No, no, no. A hundred times no.
  2. At one time Bruce wanted to be Elvis. I'm guessing it must've been the schlocky movie-soundtrack Elvis.
  3. Life's Rich Pageant. Begin the Begin and Cuyahoga are awesome.
  4. Terrible vocals and arrangement, IMO. Living Proof and the subsequent Lucky Town album was supposedly inspired by Bruce hearing Bob Dylan's Series of Dreams from the initial Genuine Bootleg Series.
  5. Terrible snippet there, but Johnny Mac's always been a big Bruce fan so I'll cut him some slack.
  6. Infidels material would make a great box set.
  7. Why would anyone cringe at calling Bruce "The Boss"? In his inner circle of friends, at least since the 70s, he was often referred to as Boss. He was The Boss, Landau was The King and Marsh was The Duke, etc., etc.
  8. I could listen to Keith Richards all day. Every interview is like a history lesson on music.
  9. I had also read somewhere that Bruce or Landau wasn't happy with Max's playing on the studio version of Prove It All Night, although I find it odd they came to that conclusion after the release of the record.
  10. From what I've read, Max's possible dismissal was a power struggle between Landau and Little Steven, who had a co-production credit on The River. LS wanted Max to play in a loose style, reminiscent of Keith Moon, while Landau wanted a more regimented, consistent beat.
  11. Edit: That was a screw up.