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  1. I'm sure it'll be a snoozefest like Bruce's book. No blood will be shed, no secrets revealed.
  2. I remember the days when I used to pay $75 for a three-album bootleg set of a live show. Of varying sound quality. I've had no compunction with putting hard-earned money in a bootleggers hand over the years, so I really can't balk at financing Bruceco for putting out better quality shows. I'll pay for this set because I haven't bought any of the previous 78 releases and this is a nice package deal. I was there in '78, and the magic was real.
  3. The three creepiest/scariest songs that come to my mind are: Frankie Teardrop-Suicide Heroin-Velvet Underground The End-The Doors. If you ever have unwanted guests at your house, throw one of those tunes on and you're sure to scare them off. The Suicide album is tremendous, though.
  4. That pre-show thing was dreadful. As far as the live concert is concerned, all I can say is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I can't wait to delve into the Sign 0' The Times boxset.
  5. That main riff sounds like something from XTC.
  6. I listened to it. For point of reference. It didn't cost me a thing.
  7. Back in Black for me. I love that drum riff. When I first heard You Shook Me All Night Long on the radio I thought it was Bob Seger.
  8. 1984 Atlantic City into Open All Night. The best part of being a Bruce fan.
  9. I'm really looking forward to this release, especially the live material and the unreleased songs. That New Years Eve show is fantastic. There's been video of it floating around for years.
  10. I remember at one time NFL Films was preparing a Bruce Springsteen video home release, and were involved with editing some of the video shot from the BITUSA tour crew, mostly the 1985 stadium tour dates, which went out on a video feed to each stadium's setup. I found a link that describes something along those lines, although it doesn't tell us exactly why NFL Films was involved, or who would actually own that footage. I believe that NFL Films operates out of South Jersey, so perhaps their proximity to Bruceco is the reason they were involved. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xp
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