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  1. I can´t go myself, so I have 2 spare tickets. pm me Sorry I know this is not the right forum, but it would be a shame to waste them....
  2. I can´t make it to the show, so I have to sell my two tickets. If you´re interested let me know.
  3. Just bought tickets for Copenhagen november 22nd. Missed them earlier, so very happy they will return...
  4. My cd´s also arrived. Got them january 10th. Best of all - no extra fees or anything
  5. Got the same problem. My CD´s were shipped on december 2nd and they haven´t arrived yet UPS
  6. Think I got all 4 shows now Any artwork for the 2016 shows ? Wish it where included in the download....
  7. Anyone else having trouble downloading?? Half way through the download I get an error message. When I start nugster up again I´m starting downloading from 0% again
  8. Is Horsens the Denmark show ?  If so really interested in these tickets.  Let me know


  9. Need 2 FOS for Horsens. 

    Sorry no Dublin tickets

    Have 2 FOS Gothenburg 3 23/7-16

    1. Chunda



      I need one FOS Gothenburg 3 and have two FOS Horsens?

      -Valdemar, Denmark ;-)

  10. Monica,

    A belated and big thankyou for The Gaslight Anthem

    Apologies it's taken me a while but I took a mini break from work last week and I'm only just catching up now.

    Can you let me know your address please as I want to send you something.


    John Stirrat

  11. Here bruce springsteen - the klansman (unreleased song).mp3