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  1. From nbc4ny . . . . Prosecutors say Bruce Springsteen has agreed to plead guilty to consuming alcohol in a closed area at Sandy Hook. Prosecutors move to dismiss DWI, reckless driving charge after breathalyzer showed Springsteen's BAC was .02 well below the legal limit
  2. Yeah, good call on Long Walk Home . . . that would be so fitting. I'll take Land of Hope and Dreams though! Maybe we'll also get Promised Land. Can't wait. It's a new day here in America. No matter what party you tend to vote for, we absolutely need decent human beings in office. Both parties are fully capable of providing those people . . . each has before and will in the future. The fact of the matter is, Donald Trump was not one of them. Ready to get back on track and hopefully bring America together as much as possible.
  3. Any predictions regarding Bruce's song or setlist? Promised Land seems like a no-brainer. Land of Hope and Dreams and American Land would be perfect, though very unlikely due to this almost certainly being a solo performance. Any thoughts?
  4. Holy Shit!!!! ”If I Was the Priest” Is amazing. The vocals are pure Bruce, just awesome. Best recording of his in a while, in my opinion. Wow. Blown away! Album is full of good songs, not a bad one in the bunch. He sounds great. Tons of rocking band music, lots of melody, and plenty of growers once we learn the tune and words. Very nice album. Thank you again, Bruce!!!!
  5. Holy shit!!!!! "If I Was the Priest" is nothing short of amazing! Gives me chills from the very beginning. This is my favorite thing he's recorded in a long while. Album overall is pretty good . . . not really a bad tune in the bunch. Nothing else that stands out to me like "Priest" but tons of great band sound, lots of melodies, and plenty of growers once you learn the words and tune. Thank you, Bruce!!!!!
  6. Yep, “Letter” has grown on me too. It’s also better the louder you play it. In another post you mentioned wanting more pronounced sax on “Ghosts” and I have to agree. Other than that, no complaints about “Ghosts” . . . I love it.
  7. Sax seems to come in right about the 4:50 mark and kind of continues throughout. It starts shorty after the band count-in. Definitely not overdone though, but it’s there.
  8. Yes!!!! Ghosts is awesome. The band is back in full force with this one. Play it loudly and then play it again! Really ready for this album now.
  9. Couldn’t do 10, just couldn’t. So, here’s my current Top 25, in the order they popped in my head. . Badlands Jungleland Tougher than the Rest Prove it all Night The Promised Land The Price You Pay I Wish I Were Blind Thunder Road Land of Hope and Dreams (Live Version) Atlantic City (Post-Reunion Style) Incident on 57th Street Candy’s Room None but the Brave This Hard Land Wrecking Ball My Love Will Not Let You Down Ghost of Tom Joad (High Hopes style) Rosalita Sherry Darling Long Walk Home My City of Ruins How Can a Poor Man I Wanna Be With You Born to Run Human Touch
  10. My two cents: I love the way he sings the word "pain" at the 2:52 mark . . . for me, it's those little snippets of raw emotion that bring his studio tracks alive. I hear a lot of "'I'll Work for Your Love" in this tune . . . a lot, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. The lyrics are nice, but perhaps a little broad. It's a solid enough song and the E Street sound is definitely there and that ALWAYS gives me chills during a first listen. I hope there a few grittier/angrier rockers in this batch of tunes. I love everything he does, hell, I love him, so I'm sure I'll think the album is winner.
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