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  1. I think Bruce looks more like Jerseyfornia everyday......... jus sayin..
  2. Chips and peas Morpeth tea shops
  3. Devils and Dust Cliff Richard
  4. Queen of the Supermarket
  5. Actually you are right it sounds like Andy Williams....... never liked him ....he wa old when you were young
  6. O come on...... We take care of our own is at least a good patriotic sing along
  7. Seriously old un we are both the same age as Bruce...has he ever released a worse track?
  8. This is his worst track since Q O T Supermarket and personally I didn’t think that was possible
  9. Haven’t bothered reading all the other opinions so I am just going to dive in ...... it is without doubt the most most naff track my hero as ever written IMO. Sounds like some sixties crooner. Doing a bit of DIY today in the garden and straight after giving it another listen “Cover Me “ played on the radio.... Bruce what have you done?
  10. and the winner is.......Cabby