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  1. I remember seeing it but never signed it as I wasn’t a member of the lake at the time. I joined in 2004 after lurking for a while but it was the banner that first got me interested in GL…….
  2. Could always use the Emirates...no football being played there at the moment!
  3. Trying to update my old kindle but it downloads in a bin. file and my pc says it needs an app to open it. Anyone know of a reliable virus free download anywhere?
  4. Getting very lonely all the way up here
  5. Will try to odo the free trial tomorrow when I am sober or I will probably sign up for a year..
  6. What does Janey needs a shooter remind me of? Whatever it is I love it..
  7. So how do I get the movie without having to take a bite from the apple........ just askin....
  8. If ever there is another tour (remember them) I will come up to Hampden and you can buy me a pint of heavy (do they still make that).
  9. You must have slept all the way back up to Scotland
  10. Yep I am ok. One day hopefully we will have another Hyde Park session. Ahhh happy days
  11. We took a wrong turn and we just kept going Hugh....
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