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  1. Trying to update my old kindle but it downloads in a bin. file and my pc says it needs an app to open it. Anyone know of a reliable virus free download anywhere?
  2. Getting very lonely all the way up here
  3. Will try to odo the free trial tomorrow when I am sober or I will probably sign up for a year..
  4. What does Janey needs a shooter remind me of? Whatever it is I love it..
  5. So how do I get the movie without having to take a bite from the apple........ just askin....
  6. If ever there is another tour (remember them) I will come up to Hampden and you can buy me a pint of heavy (do they still make that).
  7. You must have slept all the way back up to Scotland
  8. Yep I am ok. One day hopefully we will have another Hyde Park session. Ahhh happy days
  9. We took a wrong turn and we just kept going Hugh....
  10. That accounts for listening to Cliff (Deaf as a post)
  11. You would think that some sort of link could be placed on his website so peeps around the world could listen.
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