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  1. Good call Two weeks to go, will there be another single before then do we know?
  2. Plugged 1992 - the stuff they didnt release and the rehearsals. Any advice?
  3. Now that we’ve seem the new video does anybody have any info on bruce’s home studio - the equipment etc
  4. I personally think its a shame there are three ‘old’ songs - really pleased Western Stars is comprised of new material Still excited for a new record
  5. I think otherwise - as Bruce said "the release day is just one day, the record is forever" - if he takes longer, so be it
  6. How is it similar to No Surrender? 1. Dlfferent key 2. Different tempo 3. Different structure
  7. None But The Brave with just Max and Danny - WOW!
  8. Im guessing a show with 41 Shots in light of recent events
  9. Hello all, I remember this show in a Church in London (?) broadcast on the bbc, is the mp3 of it floating around somewhere? Thanks in advance
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