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  1. I think otherwise - as Bruce said "the release day is just one day, the record is forever" - if he takes longer, so be it
  2. How is it similar to No Surrender? 1. Dlfferent key 2. Different tempo 3. Different structure
  3. None But The Brave with just Max and Danny - WOW!
  4. Im guessing a show with 41 Shots in light of recent events
  5. Hello all, I remember this show in a Church in London (?) broadcast on the bbc, is the mp3 of it floating around somewhere? Thanks in advance
  6. I read somewhere that Bruce performed Outlaw Pete solo acoustic does anyone have the mp3 of this?
  7. Hello, I am looking for a way to stream all my music, more bruce than anyone. I'm thinking how to incorporate my bootlegs into this. i'm also thinking how i can stream these on my Amazon Echo Dot ("Alexa play Racin In The Street from Asbury Parl 1996") what is everyone else here doing? Thanks in advance
  8. Does anyone have the seeger show 2006-06-16 by any chance? The solo Into The Fire is on it
  9. Meeting is epic Linda - nice song, not worthy of one of the greatest albums of all time good on mile for speaking plainly to him!
  10. Adam Raised A Cain Prove It All Night (Live '78) Murder Incorporated (Live 99/00) The Ties That Bind Streets Of Fire