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  1. Was this ever answered? Im curious about audio quality
  2. Ive missed some archive releases. What are the last 5 releases please?
  3. One question: are thes actual live performances or just mimed performances as part of a movie? im assuming its the latter as the Tuscon Train and Western Stars videos would appear to be from the film? Im assuming this as its unlikely bruce would have filmed mimed performances in addition to live ones? sorry if this has already been raised
  4. Thanks guys i think that Born To Run is the winner!
  5. Hello all i am getting married in november. We are having a string quartet and was looking for suggestions for a bruce song any ideas?
  6. Thanks guys! anybody else feel we could do with an updated version?
  7. What is the latest edition of the book? Im curious for an update?
  8. I always got the feelin that they werent that close