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  1. On which night/between which songs was the lynn goldsmith incodent?
  2. Are we therefore to take it that Gary was the member of the band who wanted more money but was advised to "look in the mirror"?
  3. I think it holds up. I think of it very much as a full circle album due to the mortality aspect of the songs and the three old ones re-recorded. If this is the The opening and closing songs work really well effectively bookend the album The LMS, TPOP, 1000Guitars sequence in the middle is still for me the heart of the record. I think Rainmaker is brilliant. The most rocking song on it with the best lyrics (Ghosts is good but doesnt come close) If it’s the last E street album, i’m happy that it’s this one (wouldnt have felt that way in 2009).
  4. “The first album since Born In The USA” was always going to be a great marketing tool
  5. Love bruce - but this does nothing for me. A weak vocal poorly represented in the mix
  6. Apologies if im not allowed to ask but is there a website with torrents for Dylan boots please? Looking for live ones Thanks in advance
  7. Hi im in the uk - are these available for download catch up? Sorry if this has been asked already
  8. Which Takamine model was he playing?
  9. Yes neve preamp 1176 compressor
  10. Ive subsequently found out its a Shure SM7
  11. Anybody know the make and model of Bruce’s Vocal Mic for this please?
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