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    NUFC, gambling on the gee-gees..but more than anything else,the music of Bruce Springsteen.

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  1. it's ok, they will just change their shirt to whoever is playing against England
  2. Bruce Springsteen's music changed me, it changed me for the better, if it wasn't for his music i would have got in to trouble, or should i say more trouble. I left a group of mates ( who i still think the world of btw) those mates were my "football mates" Life changing for sure. I met a Springsteen fan from Cornwall at a Springsteen show, although we have now since split up, we still have son..Bruce.
  3. I doubt very much Bruce Springsteen will read this thread, maybe one of his mates or advisors will read..i dunno ( mates and advisors..pass it on) It's a slim chance i know, but if one of the above does read this thread, please, please tell him..or you That this album, is absolutely fucking fantastic !!! I've tried to say what i mean in words that are not swear words..i just can't fucking do it ! This album is fucking awesome, it's just absolutely fucking awesome ! so... Dear Bruce Springsteen.... thank you very much you , you can never know how much you and your wonderful music means to me.
  4. i always break into the record store the night before to get my copy, it's so much less stressful than all this waiting crap. mind you it pays to check out the release date, in 1992 while breaking into a record store for the HT/LT albums i was trapped in the storeroom at HMV, i was a day ealy !!! FFS I spent the whole day listening to Whitney Houston's', I Will Always Love You and that damn Rhythm Is A Dancer crap..fucking hate those songs !
  5. “There's no one quicker than these two tungsten tossers... ”
  6. Who will win the premier league 2019/20 .. Man City 3 in a row ? Liverpool ? Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs or Man Utd ? can someone do a Leicester ? Maybe Leicester ? three new teams Norwich , Sheffield United ( I've seen the Boss there so i like 'em) and Aston Villa