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  1. I did tell Andrea about this thread, she said she would check it out when she felt up to it.. ( x.. for you Andrea if you do read this) I hope she is going to be ok, I think she will be, as she has a devoted, wonderful and loving grown up son and daughter to look after her. Gary and Andrea must be very proud of Matthew and Sarah, I know I was. Martin was right the queue was massive, all I heard from others while waiting was... " Remember when Gary did this..or Gary said that..." Gary would have loved all the comments and feelings of absolute love towards him, he really was a friggin' lovely bloke... he'd also have loved those flowers in the shape of a telecaster x I'm sorry I missed seeing you Martin, Jane and Eileen in the pub afterwards, maybe the gig in Gary's honour sometime later this year we could have that beer or ten ? I'm proud to have known Gary, I'm also proud that I got to meet him because of Greasy Lake. "The ties that bind are the many, many friendships made here." RIP Gary x
  2. I'm devastated that Gary has passed away; he was a dear friend of mine. Over the years we had such great times together at many concerts both in the UK and abroad, Dublin especially was just made extra special being with Gary and his wonderful wife Andrea. I've never seen a couple more devoted to each other than those two, they were inseparable and just perfect together. Other lakers have said what a lovely man Gary was and he certainly was, his infectious smile and often dry sense of humour made being in his company meant the day was going to be a good one. His personality was addictive, I loved walking in a bar and seeing Gary there. You couldn't miss him btw he was a tall fella, if you've ever known anyone who was just good to be around and made you feel good about yourself and safe...Gary was that bloke. I thought he was brill. I'm thinking a lot about Andrea and their lovely children Matthew and Sarah, hoping that somehow, they get through this difficult time after such a tragic loss. RIP my friend Outlaw Gav (Gary) x
  3. The press and some pundits seem to like Steve Bruce for doing such a good job in getting Newcastle United to the mike ashley "remit" of 4th bottom. the same press keep on insisting he's a nice bloke. I doubt these tenants agree with that. Turns out he is not only a shit football manager but a shit landlord as well.
  4. I think I have missed your point as you have mine.
  5. Man U and LFC did not win the league "forever" FFS ! Arsenal, Everton, Villa, mackems, Chelsea, Newcastle, Sheff Wed, Wolves, Leeds, Huddersfield, Blackburn Rovers have won it over 3 times.... Spurs ( big 6 my ass) have won it the same amount of times as Preston, Derby, Pompey and Burnley. Man City before the money came last won the league before Newcastle United last won a trophy..yup that long ago. Often those clubs were the best run, best managers best facilities and of course better wages as well as big crowds to generate more money. You do know that sunland were once called "the bank of England" club they had the most money at that time ( late 40s). Did you also know that before the 1974 FA Cup final Liverpool and Newcastle United had won the same amount of trophies ! Really. Football in the UK started a long time before it was on the telly all over the world and the "big six" wasn't even a thing.
  6. I think you have missed the point and let your support of Liverpool and hatred of Man U cloud your judgement. I don't mean that to have a dig at you or other LFC fans btw. I'm a Newcastle United...i hate the fuckin' both clubs Liverpool fan Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville were both in agreement and both very vocal, so much so Sky tried their very best to shut them up once they started to talk about the influence of money in the PL. I personally don't think Neville or Carragher are saints or saviours far from it but they both spoke for all football fans and not just the rich ones, that's why I liked what they said, it is refreshing to hear ex footballers speaking up against the greedy owners. (I wish my own football hero Alan Shearer was as vocal against mike ashley but because his mate steve bruce is the fraud manager at the moment he won't) Either way whatever you or any other fan thinks about what they done i believe what they did will help push through laws that will stop owners trying this again.
  7. Man United fans have went way, way up in my respect for them. I only wish Newcastle United fans had the balls to do the same, instead we have had ten+ years of "support the team, not the regime" bollocks. If ashley was owner at Man Utd ( or LFC) he would have been chased out years ago. I also loved the passion of Gary Neville again yesterday, he nailed it ! While i wasn't surprised to see Souness to be the one backing up the owners. The ESL would have ruined football all over Europe, it's took the last few weeks for many to realise that the greedy owners of many clubs need to be stopped and laws put in place to stop them trying it again...because they will try it again. It's nice to see so many pundits now starting to get it and whining about the greedy owners of Liverpool and Man U etc but also rather annoying after giving Ashley a free pass for 14 years. I don't condone the isolated incidents of violence yesterday, there's always one or two idiots at every protest. Protesting peacefully is everyone right and the way it should be done. Well done Man Utd fans.
  8. The thread title is/was correct. The so called super league would see the end of the Premier League and every other league in Europe...and every 2nd 3rd 4th ..division as well. Promotion and relegation is why football is so good. It's the entire reason football exists. These greedy cunts wanted to do away with that. The staggering arrogance of the 12 clubs involved is just..well it's fuckin' staggering. To actually be guaranteed a European league full of TV rights and money and all the shit that goes with it...without even earning the right ! It's FUCKIN' discusting. And let's be honest here, if the backlash and protests did not stop this, these bastards in charge would have let this happen. Liverpool. Man utd, Chelsea, Arsenal Man City or Spurs could finish 4th bottom and still qualify for this money league. It makes me spew just thinking about it. Spurs have won the league twice... 2 times !!! in their history ! 2 fuckin' times ! Sunderland have won it six fuckin times ! Let that sink in..Sunderland..who i hate ! have won the league 6 times ! Everton 9 times, Aston Villa 7 times My club have won the damn thing 4 times ffs Wolves and Huddersfield 3 each ! Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus can go and get fucked ! I hope all three go bust. The so called "big 6" from England, well done, the hatred most non big six clubs hate for you has just gone off the map. Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal and Spurs...take a bow. .. Every other English football club hates you entitled glory hunters even more. ps. for those who say " it's not us it's our owners" nowt worse than having an owner who just cares only about money.. and does what the fuck he wants. Been there for 14 years.
  9. He's left the "best club in the USA " to join the greatest football team in Scotland. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56494598
  10. Brora Rangers created one of the biggest shocks in Scottish Cup history as the Highland League champions knocked out Hearts in the second round. In the meantime Rangers won the league
  11. I still can't believe that didn't go in. A wonderful save by a great goalie. Peter Lorimer played for a team I did not like, but what a player he was. He could hit the ball so hard. A Leeds United legend for sure. RIP
  12. I'd love to see Leicester or Southampton win the FA Cup.
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