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    NUFC, gambling on the gee-gees..but more than anything else,the music of Bruce Springsteen.

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  1. I can't stand Tom Morello, he should never had anything to do with the E-Street Band he couldn't do anything Steve or Nils wasn't capable of. IRA supporting twat. Fuck him and all he stands for !
  2. Andrew, you are the top poster in the Man City, Chelsea and Spurs threads, over 2,000 posts combined more than your posts in the LFC thread. In a record 756 posts you have mentioned "evil cheese" outstanding patter.
  3. I hope Tiger makes a full recovery, I always liked that fella.
  4. 33 years ago ! Fuckin' Hell 33 years ago ! I remember some of the things from that tour as if it were yesterday, and yet I can't remember some of the things I did yesterday. This was my first "travel all over the place to see The Boss" I went as far away as..as.... Villa Park, Sheffield ( Spare Parts..I'm somewhere in there) and even as far as London. I had no idea what the set lists were until the actual shows. Now that I think about it. It was around this time that my hero changed from being one of many NUFC footballers to a rock and roll star and only one. If I co
  5. Congratulations Mr Humphrey B Bear, you have just won the Greasy Lake post of the month award.
  6. Agreed, it's a crap idea and it's just a rumour. I didn't start it btw.
  7. Rumours that Euro 2020 2021 games could all be held in the UK
  8. I agree with you 100%. Newcastle United under ashley deserve to go down. If by a miracle we do stay up next season will just be exactly the same. Every season target or as Bruce calls it the "remit" is 4th bottom. Under Rafa we had hope and that has long since gone.
  9. The play offs should be ok mind. TBH I think Boris could change his mind and make it sooner so long as the vaccine roll out continues on track and the infection rate goes well down, of course it could all be stopped if it doesn't go to plan. Fingers crossed. I reckon Newcastle United could well be down long before the last game as long as Steve Bruce is in charge, we have 8 points from the last 42 available that is relegation form for sure and he hasn't got a clue.
  10. Crowds will be allowed back in to all UK grounds from 17th may with a 10K maximum.
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