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  1. I'm not going back to St James' Park when that money grabbing twat is the owner. I have however been to the Strawberry next to the ground many times..and will be there again this saturday I dunno if your post was a sarcastic post or not, doesn't matter, NUFC are fucked with him in charge we may well stay up this season, so what next season will be the same..just survive Newcastle United have won fuck all for 50 years , let that sink in a bit..and we still get massive crowds. You, as a "recent" fan of whatever team you support will never get what I'm on about and never will
  2. Newcastle United are 11th in the Premier League mackems are also 11th
  3. Football gods don't need pyjamas Football gods like Messi don't need blankets or quilts or hot water bottles in bed Football gods like Messi only need a baseball bat in bed to scatter all the babes that will keep him warm in bed. Mane is a good player that is not in doubt, but nowhere near football god status like Messi Nice try like
  4. poor Arsenal beat again how will their fans cope with mid table and not winning a trophy for months ?
  5. Dear Chris Wilder Was the Newcastle United player offside ? yes or no ? Have you ever heard this football expression since you were a 16 year old fan Play to the whistle ?
  6. Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder talking to BBC Sport: "I'm involved now in a different sport, it's a new game to where I started as a 16-year-old. It's a different game. It's a completely different game and I've got to get my head around that. "We were told at the start of the season that the linesman would keep his flag down, but he didn't. The referee was about to blow his whistle but he didn't. You can criticise my players for stopping, but even the goalscorer didn't look too interested. It's disappointing. It sucked the life out of the whole stadium. We're on the end of a poor one. The game has changed and it's quite sad. "The players are disappointed. You're talking about a manager learning a new game but the players have to learn on the job too. It seems to be all over the place at the moment. "It just doesn't feel good. It doesn't feel good to be involved in. It doesn't feel good when you score a goal. I can handle it if people make a mistake, we talk about it all evening out, but it's just taken a completely different feel. "We'll get told it's new, we're all learning about it. I'm not sure I want to learn about it, I'm a bit fed up of it. It's a mistake by the linesman, why didn't he just keep his flag down? Five minutes later it happened twice and the referee blew up twice. What's the difference? Where's the consistency we're all after."
  7. One of the funniest things I've ever read here
  8. you and about a million other football fans in the world
  9. Some sad news today Former England captain Bob Willis has passed away. RIP
  10. He's 12/1 to score the first goal tonight. I've invested a couple of pound. Howay Bruuuuuuuuce
  11. newcastle roy


    "ignore the boogie man Lionel, you are the best, yes you are" .... "by the way have you any cream buns handy"
  12. His squad number should be 23...have a word with the club Ken
  13. This is what football is all about, superb and a must watch
  14. Even if Newcastle United get knocked out by either Rochdale or Boston United we have got further in the FA Cup than sunland