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  1. 14 years ago i love this and i still do now, it's one of my very fav Springsteen covers
  2. the last thread like this was hoyed in the bin.. love this
  3. If I'm honest, most of the games I watch on TV, especially the Premier League games, I turn the volume down and have The Boss on. Some of the commentators and pundits..especially michael fucking owen just do my fucking head in. The atmosphere at the Premier league games are really crap, so i don't miss that at all. Although I do love the football. The German league is a league I'm a great fan of, they have it spot on with crowds ticket prices and most owners Watching the games with no crowds is most certainly not as good but after weeks and weeks of fuck all I'll gladly take it I never knew your team was Bruges, i thought you were a Liverpool fan. Maybe when this virus has been killed i could come over and see Bruges play ?
  4. I've had a real crap day I had this urge to get back home asap to listen to Incident On 57th Street didn't matter what version, i just had to listen to it now On you tube, Incident on 57th Street ( live in Barcelona ) has 302K views the last 30 odd views were me Thanks Mt Springsteen you've done it again, you got me through the day
  5. I just don't get this. I've watched many games without crowds over the years. Newcastle United reserves, Hebburn Town, the Heed and dozens of schoolboy football In fact some of the most enjoyable games I've watched has been when less than a hundred people were there. Maybe it's because...and i mean no offence, you've only watched football on the telly ? I've watched lots of the Bundesliga games since it restarted, i've enjoyed every single one, The crowd makes it's better but doesn't spoil it for me.
  6. PM me, so you can get my address, then send me the item..i will check it out for you
  7. You really should remove your fingers from your ears and stop saying lalalala out loud, when you visit England.
  8. Everton v liverpool.gets the go-ahead played at goodison park. Liverpool also allowed to play games at anfield. No fans are expected to be outside of the ground, so no chance of catching the virus.
  9. League One votes the same Clubs in League One had previously been divided over whether or not to bring the season to an early conclusion. Initial talks stalled after at least six sides, including Sunderland, Portsmouth and Ipswich Town, said they wanted to continue the campaign. However, the new regulations - proposed by the EFL board and approved by the 71 member clubs earlier on Tuesday - meant just 51% of teams in any given division needed to agree on ending a season early. The points-per-game system does throw up one significant change to the League One table, with eighth-placed Wycombe Wanderers replacing sixth-placed Peterborough United in the play-offs. Wycombe will move up to third because they have at least one game in hand on each of their play-off rivals. Promoted: Coventry City (champions), Rotherham United Play-offs: Wycombe Wanderers v Fleetwood Town, Portsmouth v Oxford United (dates tbc) Relegated: Tranmere Rovers, Southend United, Bolton Wanderers