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  1. Now he's just got to admit he's a fat cream cake munching drug addict for the full set. Diego Maradona has backed the use of video assistant referees (VARs) despite accepting his infamous 'Hand of God' goal would not have stood had the technology existed in 1986. Maradona used his hand to score against England in Argentina's 2-1 win in the World Cup quarter-finals 31 years ago. "Obviously I think about it whenever I show my support for the use of technology," Maradona told "I thought about it and, sure, that goal wouldn't have stood." Maradona admitted he benefited from the lack of technology at a World Cup not once, but twice. "I'll tell you something else - at the 1990 World Cup I used my hand to clear the ball off the line [in a group game] against the Soviet Union," he said. "We were lucky because the referee didn't see it. You couldn't use technology back then, but it's a different story today."
  2. Oh..and welcome to the lake *Janey *
  3. I once got smacked in the face outside a shed, I don't like 'em I smacked him back like, but we got beat 4 nil
  4. The last line is the ultimate happy and sad at the same time moment. Oh I wish, I'd never have to let this moment go it's just a perfect end to a song. Oh I wish, I'd never ha I'd never have to let this moment goo let this moment go
  5. I/m not a fan of U2. Not a fan of bono i should really say. But tbf that crowd looks pretty impressive, but you couldn't pay me to be there. I hope you had a great time btw
  6. Audio here, including the "fucked up" start
  7. Audience recording, sound only but still canny good
  8. That's a really good summary of the song.
  9. I's from Brucebase.
  10. I think the assistant on the left has been paying to many visits to the place where the bloke with the big feet works.
  11. He's only sang it live twice, once with the band dunno why he never sang it more often, a great song.
  12. Eh ! Women play cricket as well Bloody hell what next ? Darts and Rugby
  13. I imagine Max's house was the only house on the planet that would not dreaded someone giving a young Jay his first set of drums for Christmas
  14. With £200 million you could buy Ronaldo I was of course joking, but could you imagine Messi and Ronaldo playing in the same team ?
  15. He was, it was beyond rubbish. TBF i did have a bit of a laugh at the full arm " Beckham tattoo" one of them lasses had ... ... and another lass spat on the grass like a real pro' ( football pro'..not the other pro' lasses are better known for )