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  1. K if i had a pound for everytime I've listened to that version i'd be comfortably well off tonight I listened to it as you posted it, i'm crying lots but its helping if that makes sense. I love this version of this song sooooo much
  2. "Long Time Comin'" and "Growin' Up" from Live in Dublin are just the best versions of those songs ever. "How Can a Poor Man..." is in my top ten BOSS songs ever. I loved this tour, the tour and my memories of this tour are in my all time life memories. I met lots of people, the pubs, the line, the friends i made still impact my life now. I'm getting old, i can't remember what i did two days ago, but i remember that tour, loved it..all of it
  3. When Bruce tours i rob a bank..( barclays....88,91,03,99 and 03) Could people please confirm i do not have to rob a bank right now ? If no ? I'm gutted Bruce Springsteen is not touring this year, i really need to see my hero again. I might just rob a bank anyway..fuck it
  4. The bloke in the video ( Mr Springsteen) clearly wants to shag the posh lass who owns the vintage T Bird (same car used in the film American Graffiti btw) she won't shag him because he's working class, he won't shag her because he might lose his job.. I would have shagged the arse off her, then pinched and sold the car.. nowt pervy about that
  5. Fuck the damn thing and blast it all over Australia !
  6. NUFC have an owner who will not invest in the future of the club, and hasn't done so for 13 seasons I fail to see how you can connect the two clubs ( yet another cheap shot at me ?) I agreed and liked @steve54uk post because he said the fans will suffer, he is correct. The real fans ( hard core loyal man city fans who used to go when they were in the 3rd division) the fans who will now not be able to watch that fantastic team play in the champions league for one year ( it will be one not two) are the ones who will suffer, those who actually go to the match home and away. The footballers who are on a 100 grand a week i don't feel sorry for...and never will Plastic jump on the bandwagon glory hunters fans who watch it on the telly will be pissed what ! Man city have a rich owner who has broke the rules, cheated. It fuckin' stinks ! I hope all the rich money grabbing tossers who own football clubs crash and burn, i include Newcastle United in that, hoy this crap in @MagicRatAFC thread. I'd gladly give up the best league in the world if it meant bringing the game back to the proper fans..what do you reckon @dr winston oboogie and @MagicRatAFC
  7. JJ i wasn't taking a run at anyone, i thought my comments were tongue in cheek tbh. I doubt very much music city mike would be bothered or offended about what i said or how i said it. You have no idea how i feel about the lakers here who have been supportive to me, in fact i think it's a cheap shot for you to mention it on a public thread as most of the support i have received has been via PMs.
  8. Arrrh I understand why you are pissed off with me, it's because i had a go at you on the Lions Den for called Sheffield United just plain old "Sheffield" . Trust me if you are ever in Sheffield to watch your beloved.."Manchester" play be careful if you call a Sheffield United fan a "Sheffield" fan, just a heads up. Anyway back to music city phil thompson, i called him a "gobshite" because i believe he is a gobshite. He's one of those people who love to tell the world how much of an expert they are about..well just about everything. You seem concerned about him not getting his opinion over, i wouldn't worry about that too much JJ because music city mike likes to tell everyone his, he'll most probably not stick around the lake very long, i doubt very much what i said to him will make a slightest bit difference to him because music city mike isn't interested in anyone else's opinion, that's ok with me because i don't give hoot what thinks of my opinion. I sussed out within a few minutes of music city phil thompson ranking video that he's not a Bruce Springsteen fanatic like most here, he's a music fan and he's an expert on everyone or as i call it a gobshite Also don't forget he did actually invite criticism, unless you misunderstood what "fire away" meant. So if he can't take it why invite it ? but don't worry about music city mike JJ, he's doing fine, he'll be on an Elvis Costello board as we speak. He knows everything about Squeeze as well as about 100 other artists Fair play to music city mike, he must listen to a lot of music
  9. It will be nice for you to actually go to another match from the best league in the world instead of watching it on the telly every week as usual
  10. Yes, Newcastle United and Newcastle United reserves
  11. United.. Sheffield United. Two clubs in Sheffield. What was the reference btw ?
  12. The bloke is a grade one bellend, this is more proof.
  13. It's no problem CC i can help you. If you look out of your the left you'll see a tree, not a big tree as far as trees go, but a canny size tree anyway. Go over to that tree and with one hand one your left ear push..with great force, your whole head and especially your right ear onto that tree, many times, many many times, then repeat this with your other ear. This should remove the " I just don't though " from your lugs.