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  1. Funny but true, bookies will never let 5,000/1 shots happen again, here's an example Newcastle United to win the premier league...2500/1 when the real odds should be about 50,000/1
  2. poch outwitted by steve fuckin' bruce..he'll never live that down
  3. It was a very odd game for me as well as i honestly wasn't bothered , ashley has drained me of my love for all things NUFC, i hate steve bruce because he is nowt more than ashleys puppet. But as we were winning and playing well my heart kicked in and wanted us to hang on to a win. Normally NUFC concede a late goal to fuck it but, i felt joy when we won but then back down to earth as like so many times under ashley reality set in..meh !! 4th bottom is his target...the fucking fat greedy cockney twat has fucked this club.
  4. What already ?? Lighting never strikes twic...oh hang on !
  5. I can believe the cricket win, just can't believe we beat spurs with steve bruce as our manager
  6. England's remarkable win in numbers This is England's highest fourth-innings total to win a Test; the previous highest was 332-7 against Australia at Melbourne in 1928-29. It is the 10th highest successful chase in Test history. This is the third time a team has been bowled out for under 70 in their first innings and gone on to win the Test - the other two instances also occurred in the Ashes, but in 1882 (Australia 63 all out) and 1887 (England 45 all out). Ben Stokes and Jack Leach's stand of 76 is the third-highest 10th wicket partnership in the fourth innings to win a first-class match. This is only England's fourth Test victory by one wicket and first since against South Africa at Cape Town in 1923. Headingley is the first venue to see four fourth-innings totals over 300 to win a Test.
  7. @dr winston oboogie will no doubt find (make up) some excuse Maybe he'll blame the Russian umpire
  8. You got closer to him than D Luiz did
  9. If Eriksen had of started i think Spurs would have won. I'd be worried if i was a Spurs fan as Kane does look very poor almost as if he's carrying an injury ?? Something not right with him, he looked lost. This loss today is why Spurs can not and will not win the Premier League this season, maybe Poch has taken Spurs as far as he can ?
  10. I'm not going to edit the post above, I'll leave it there as proof that.. 1, the Premier League is the best in the world 2, I know fuck all about football 3, steve bruce is still and idiot, a lucky idiot i still don't like him
  11. You are correct Andrew, I doubt @dr winston oboogie will agree with you.
  12. I thought we had as much chance of winning as England did winning the cricket !
  13. Someone wake me up i must be dreaming, we beat Spurs 1-0 away !! FFS I thought we'd get absolutely hammered. If that was a Rafa side everyone would be congratulating a great away performance. So credit to steve bruce for that. In fact he dropped Shelvey, Rafa sussed him, it looks like steve bruce has as well. We rode our luck Spurs maybe should have had a pen, that's football. Dummett was very good and so was Joelinton the happiest man will be the fat toad ashley as his target of 4th bottom is still on. I still think we will go down.