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  1. A good draw for Chichester City
  2. Patrice Evra: Jame Carragher apologises for Luis Suarez t-shirts
  3. Latest odds.. To win the premier league Liverpool 8/11 Man city 5/4 Chelsea 80/1 Arsenal 100/1
  4. My next door neighbours don't have problems with hearing it
  5. Last week a very poor, in fact a crap Newcastle United beat an average man utd team and this week the European champions and one of the best teams in the world at the moment couldn't beat them !!! That's why the premier league is the the best, most entertaining, most watched league in the world.
  6. VAR says sorry..
  7. Cracking strike. I had a bet in the game at 5/2 More than 1.5 goals 5 + York corners 3 + Stockport corners 10 + booking s each team. That foul and red card in the 4th and last minute won me the bet.
  8. That Welsh fella who took the elbow to the face must be hard as nails. He hardly flinched, it would have knocked me into next week
  9. It was always a matter of time before players walked off.
  10. Aye, they look like the tournament winners to me. Very impressive.
  11. We have a chance,but watching the All Blacks demolish Ireland makes me think they look like the eventual winners.
  12. Ahhh I see, I guess the Scottish record books must have blank spaces in the places where it says England are... World Cup winners in Football, Cricket and Rugby.
  13. A very good show Listening while watching England beat Australia in the rugby world cup, a canny good way to spend Saturday morning.
  14. Correct..Aussies Go...Go home Once again it's time to say ENGLAND are World Cup Semi Finalists !