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    NUFC, gambling on the gee-gees..but more than anything else,the music of Bruce Springsteen.

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  1. "Difficult decisions will have to be taken"
  2. shitbag says sorry
  3. Finally the rest of the UK is finding out what a proper twat mike ashley is.
  4. A quarter of the worlds 7.8 billion people are now in some kind of lock down ! By my calculations that must mean approximately 653 million at home listening to Bruce Springsteen I hope lakers are all keeping well
  5. It's Mothers Day keep your mam and dad alive by not seeing them..more than 2 meters apart
  6. If the world was full of people like you everything would be ok
  7. Greasy Lakers are the best Tomorrow there'll be sunshine xxx
  8. and this is the best version of Growin' up EVER
  9. one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen covers I FUCKING LOVE THIS
  10. Shenandoah was indeed played for a fan who was injured while waiting in line to see the show ( Elizabeth) Greasy Lakes "ain't a beauty " asked Bruce to play this for her. i was there, this is true
  11. Bocajoes your dad sounds like a he was a real nice bloke and a very good friend to you. He sounds like the type of bloke i would have loved to have a beer with. Your post was a perfect tribute to him.
  12. I dunno why, but the best thing about that picture was the sun peaking thought in the top corner. Love it