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  1. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Abbey was eventually allowed to go home yesterday. She had her christmas dinner and opened all her prezzies, she had a very good and very much deserved nice day. The physio is very tough going but she's a very determined young women. Tomorrow she is back in the RVI for another round of chemo. Abbey has to have two operations one for each lung, the first is in two weeks. She has been so very brave we all so very proud of her especially Abbey's mam and dad. I just want to thank everyone again for all the messages of support, I know for a fact she reads them as i watched her read them on christmas day in hospital. Thank you all so very much.
  2. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Unfortunately, Abbey's temperature hit 38.1degrees over night and an ambulance was called to take her back into hospital Christmas day morning. Blood tests have revealed she has an infection and will have to spend the next few days at least in hospital, she's understandably very upset.
  3. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Thanks to every one for all the lovely pictures and wonderful words of support for Abbey. She reads this thread and I know it has helped her through this difficult time. It's a few weeks since she had the operation, she is now home for Christmas, she is at her mam's at the moment. Abbey is back in hospital on 29th dec for more chemo, she is kicking chemo's ass..chemo does not know who it is messing with. Abbey has to go through a lot of physio, it's hard work for her but she is a warrior and will be up and about in a very short time I'm sure. She actually stood up for the first time in months this week...mam and dad very proud uncle roy had a visit from a fly. I've got Abbey's permission to post a few pictures... Here is Abbey during physio, what a warrior ! Abbey with her friend Becka The The genius surgeon at the RVI in Newcastle has done a magnificent job her leg should heal up lovely
  4. The Official Newcastle United Thread

    125 years since NUFC were formed ( this is actually wrong btw) any way another loss, relegation battle we all knew would happen is ongoing takeover is going to drag on but hopefully it will go through ten years of the fat cockney twat in charge will soon be at an end..
  5. Picking up the tab - donations needed

    Friday Night's pay night guys fresh out of work.. Well it's Thursday pay day for me, so I'll be donating a few quid on pay day to this wonderful site. What the people on the lake have done for my niece and my brother over the last few month, donating to keep up it's running is the very least i can do. i joined the lake in 2004, since then i have met so many wonderful people it's fair to say it was life changing, as i now have a son called Bruce who's mum is from penzance. Just fooking amazing ! the 500 plus Springsteen bootlegs i have...thanks greasy lake traders ( in those days the postman dropping off a big fat parcel full of Springsteen bootlegs is still to this day one of the best things EVER ) the tickets, the beers, the nights out, the craic standing in line for the pit, thanks greasy lakers the lakers i have met who i now class as dear friends for life..thank you x the lakers who i have not met but would love to, thank you ( it's the truth that when i dream of winning the lotto, i dream travelling the world for a meeting with every single say thank you) My hopes and dreams have changed a lot this last few months. It's fair to say that greasy lakers have restored my faith in humanity. To the man who had the vision to start this all, Karsten, thank you, I'm going to tell my son about you and your site, maybe one day if i never get to meet you he will. GREASY LAKE RULES OK
  6. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. I can't go into to much detail about the operation as I'm worried i get some facts wrong and upset Abbey. However the 10 hour operation was a successful one. They have a ten day wait for the results Forgive me for the short update as i hope you all understand it's been a very stressful few days for Abbey and her mam and dad. Her bravery has been outstanding
  7. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Abbey is a super star warrior, i love her so much.
  8. The Official Newcastle United Thread

    I just love Newcastle United football club
  9. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Thanks to you both for asking, yes you can write to Abbey at the same hospital address, or if you want to send it to her home PM me and i will send you her home address. Abbey has had lots of cards and letters, she loves them. Honestly loves them. She starts another chemo tomorrow, the last one before the operation (30th Nov) I have to correct something i posted earlier about her weight she was originally 9.3 stone she lost weight down to 6 stone but now she's back up to 7 stone, it's my mission to bring Abbey as much cheesecake as possible. I'm also going to mention all her pets, her pet cat Trixie, her dog Oscar ( stays with her mum) and the very fluffy rabbit Chip, after the chocolate not the potato kind . I forgot to mention Oscar in my last update...sorry Oscar. She has been keeping herself busy with lots of arts and crafts, it's very impressive if i do say so myself. NYC is mentioned a lot, Abbey loves NYC. The day i get a postcard from NYC off Abbey will be a truly wonderful day. I can't thank all you kind and generous lakers for all the nice things you have done to show your support for my brothers beautiful, wonderful daughter. Sure we are all Springsteen fans, but it's not about that, it's about just very, very nice caring people. On behalf of my brother Darrin, Abbey (x) and myself Thank you very, very much x
  10. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    I've just got back from seeing Abbey at her dads. I passed on some gifts that lakers have sent her, you will never know how much the gifts/cards and well wishes have cheered her up, thank you all so very much. She's still got some discomfort on her tongue as it's swollen from mucositis. But no pain and no high temperatures . She has a great appetite, she asked me to bring some cheesecake... New York style of course and double cream, she loved it. Her weight has gone up a bit she was 9 stone originally but went down to 7 stone over the last few month, now she's back up to 8 stone. The plan is one more week at home then she's back into hospital for two more rounds of Chemo, then the operation on her knee in four weeks time. The surgeon who is doing the operation has been head hunted by a top London hospital but he has promised Abbey he will not go until he has done her operation. It was lovely to see her, she's an absolute superstar, she's passing her time doing arts and crafts, watching some TV and filling in her diaries. She is sounding very positive. Thank you all again for your support. x
  11. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Today at 18.44 i got a wonderful text off Abbey "I'm home, And I cried" Abbey is home, after over two month in the RVI hospital Newcastle She has had a few days of chemo with very little side effects, her temp has been sound, and she hasn't been sick, she has been allowed home for three weeks !! xxxx She's been reunited with her two pets, a rabbit and cat , who were delighted to see her, and are now being cuddled...lots She has asked me to thank all the wonderful, kind people who have wished her well and sent cards, she said "the cards mean the absolute world to me " Abbey has been amazed that the cards have come from all over the world, she has actually kept the envelopes that the cards came in. Abbey has had gifts and letters as well, she's chuffed to bits that so many care. i wish you all could meet her, Abbey is just the most wonderful young women you could wish to meet, I'm soooo proud to be her uncle. My laker friends I've said this so many times but i mean it sooooo much Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart Here's another stunning picture of her.
  12. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Hey, i resemble that remark Yes, Abbey would rather i post a picture she approves of. I got to see her yesterday and she was looking fantastic her appetite is back and she's in good spirits. She's keeping a journal of her treatment, thoughts etc i think it's a good idea. She got her new wig, i've seen it, it looks fantastic. Her next round of chemo does now not start until wednesday, the experts are hopeful the side effects will not be as harsh on her. She can not believe how people here have been so kind to her, some cards came they really did cheer her up. ( thank you my friends) The way my fellow Springsteen fans have tried to help and support her has restored my faith in humanity She has a long and difficult road ahead of her to get rid of this horrible disease, but yesterday at least was a better day. Abbey has been so brave her courage is outstanding every one is so proud of her. Here's a few pics
  13. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Abbey has a slightly better last few days. The effects of the previous rounds of chemo have eased. She's no longer is as much pain, and off the ketamine altogether, also down to half dose of diamorphine with no more pain killer boosts. Yesterday she had her first medicine by mouth, Darrin suggested she tried some magic star chocolate to get rid of the taste, she agreed. She cried as the chocolate melted in her mouth, that was the first taste she's had in her mouth in a month. Mam and dad also cried. The last few days she has hopefully built up some much needed strength. Because the last two rounds of chemo side effects have hit her so hard the experts there are trying a different type of chemo ( from Italy apparently ) this is planned to start sometime over the weekend. I've never been able to see her the last two weeks as she was to unwell, but hopefully I'll get to visit her on Saturday. When i do see her I'll be telling her all about the wonderful people of greasy lake and beyond, rest assured I'll be mentioning every single one of you to her, I'll be telling her about the words of support the kindness and the offers of help..and there's lots. I haven't got the words to tell you all how much I appreciate your kindness. I've told Darrin about everything people have said and done, he is quite simply blown away with it, in fact he just can't get his head around it. So once again from me and on behalf of wor kid. Thank you thank you thank you x
  14. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    I can confirm Abbey is reading this thread, i just want to say, Abbey, your uncle roy loves you soooo much xxxx
  15. To all my wonderful Greasy Lake friends. I've started this new thread so i can give updates about Abbey and so you can leave her well wishes. I also want to thank every single one of you for the donations and wonderful words of support for Abbey. The fundraising page is almost at target so will be closed soon. Abbey is such a wonderful, loving and caring young women when she eventually is well enough to read them I know it will warm her heart to think so many people care. You Greasy Lakers have absolutely astounded and humbled my brother and I with your kindness. Abbey will be amazed that people from all over the world are on her side fighting for her and asking about her, from the top of bonny Scotland to Penzance, all over Europe, from Australia and New Zealand to her beloved New York City. I wish I could thank you all personally. Thank you all again my wonderful Greasy Lake friends x