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  1. Already knew from my experience with live Bruce recordings that DITD did not translate well live in 1984-85. Really not until the Rising Tour, actually. But today, listening to my first Prince bootleg from 1985, I realize The Purple One's monster hit WDC suffered the same live fate. Interesting how both these guys enjoyed huge success with these songs that both sound great on radio but not from the stage.
  2. Kinda smart by management to delay release dates from time to time. Get the fans lathered up to get "new" old music and then sit back and watch those impatient fans think, "Well, I NEED something new, so I might as well buy that one show I've been thinking about buying the past few months."
  3. To my ears, this show offers better sound than the two 1984 shows (Aug. 6 and 20) and even the later 1985 show (Sept. 27) that I purchased. Band is tighter. Mixing of show is better. You can track the evolution of the band's performances from the fall of '84 for sure. I used to think Aug. 20, 1984 was the BITUSA peak. No more. And speaking of Aug. 20, I am still pissed about that feedback/whistling sound that ruins Born to Run and Detroit Medley for me. Needs a fix!
  4. Most certainly the three-pack (or four) to open the VFC show I saw in St. Paul. 12-string Star Spangled Banner was OK, but then the Born in the U.S.A./Badlands/No Surrender rocked the house. I can only imagine how the BITUSA opener would have been received in 1984/85 during peak Brucedom.
  5. For me, most of the Darkness on the Edge of Town album. I didn't care for the album version at all, save Badlands and Prove it All Night. When I listened to Live 75-85, the DOTEOT-heavy second disc became, and remains, my favorite of that collection. Same is true of the Live 75-85 version of The Promised Land on disc three.
  6. The 92-93 tour ... The Live Archives Series version of a bathroom break.
  7. I'll say this ... the overall momentum of this series has slowed. It could use a shot of something strong, a pleasant surprise.
  8. To which mod should I send a private message to on the topic of changing my site password? Thanks.
  9. God these people suck at their jobs. Delay, delay and underwhelm.
  10. Here's the deal. I can appreciate the solo or "other band" shows. Well, the solo shows. That said, we're good on those. From here on out, the guiding principal when it comes to live archive series releases simply should be, "Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. That's the legend."
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