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  1. Is it weird to anyone else the powers that be seem to be working on the shows in the weeks leading up to release? Why the scramble? How can you not be ahead by months and months? Or is the delay a way to entice us? Hope it's the latter. Otherwise, good golly...
  2. Confusion point No. 1: If you go into the normal live.brucespringsteen.net link everything is still full price. Confusion point No. 2: I went through the 25-percent off link to the Nugs site. I was looking for 12-29-1980. But it was not listed among the 40-something shows to download. The good news: I found it in a search and downloaded it at the promotional price. But geez, how about making things a little more smooth? Then again, this is brought to you by the folks who STILL have the title "Bruce Homes Home" above the 9/19/78 essay. Yikes.
  3. How big of a must-have is this show? Last time I downloaded a show was November when there was a 50-percent off sale. And that was after asking the Mrs. permission. This time, I'm asking her for forgiveness.
  4. The Netflix SOB performance doesn't equal a bootleg I've listened to from earlier in the tour. And watching one guy for two hours on TV isn't something I can do straight through.
  5. Anyone who had downloaded the "Outtakes 75-85" bootleg had heard the first four songs from the 12/29 show. In comparing the snippets from the official site, I believe there is a slight sonic upgrade to those four songs. And of course, those four songs were an improvement from the "Coliseum Night" bootleg. So long answer short, this is worth the purchase.
  6. The monthly releases provide a similar thrill to the old "vine" days, when you knew you were next up to receive a bootleg show through snail mail. And the day your walk to the mailbox finally paid off! I look forward to what's ahead in terms of the truly elite shows as well as the surprises. I don't buy them all but I'm damn sure glad they are getting put out there.
  7. "Trapped," probably, on the radio. Live in 1999 in Minneapolis it was "The Ties That Bind"
  8. I don't recall a Father's Day sale, sorry. I should have couched it by saying it's all wishful thinking.
  9. I know, perspective is everything. Maybe they will hook us up with a FLAC discount for Father's Day!
  10. MP3 is crap. C'mon Springsteen Corps., knock a few bucks off the price of the FLAC and I'm in.
  11. Should have been 8/20/84 until the audio was junk on Born To Run and the Detroit Medley.
  12. Keep in mind I love Springsteen on Broadway. Totally won me over and became the music I spent half of 2018 consuming. Our guy Bruce is incredible in all his forms. But I've had to time to think a bit more about what we did see/hear vs. what we did not and I have a few thoughts. At first, I thought the show suffered from a lack of insight about parenthood. Refer back to the "Jesus Was an Only Son" rap during the Devils and Dust tour to see what I mean. But then, perhaps my example answered my own question and Bruce didn't wish to go back over old ground. As for mental health awareness, I strongly feel an opportunity was missed. Bruce's battles with depression deserved a segment. And that's not to be trivial about mental health concerns and suggest that all of someone's problems can be resolved in a 5-minute spoken intro. That said, any little bit helps. Bruce has long done his part to create awareness of veterans' issues and citizens going hungry so saying something, anything about mental health would have been appropriate. He's never worked in a factory. But he's walked miles in search of a better understanding of his mental state and some on-stage representation of the journey would be welcomed. As for the Netflix special, I don't think the performance held a candle to the Jan. 9, 2018 performance. That bootleg is a must-listen. That night, Bruce has great pace to his stories and just the right affect on his voice at key moments. He was happy and into it and it was moving to listen to throughout. During the Netflix special he seemed rushed, even a bit bored at times. I suppose that'll happen after all those nights but I expected him to rev it up once more for posterity. All-in-all, take a bow, Bruce. Your Broadway run was a moving, inspiring time in our long conversation with you.
  13. 1. Tempe 80 is a force of nature 2. St. Paul 2/29/16 because I was THERE, man 3. 3/2/14 Auckland, New Zealand offered Royals and a complete Born to Run 4. 8/20/84 would have been No. 1 without the feedback that ruined Born to Run and the Detroit Medley 5. 8/30/08 ...and then she kissed me
  14. Buyer beware on 8-20-84. And I'm pissed because it's my all-time favorite show. But the truth is, the audio issues on Born To Run and Detroit Medley are so noticeable and so distracting that they are ruined and the overall recording of such a great show is stained. Not sure what the culprit is...feedback on a microphone? An instrument? But it's awful. And I can't believe there wasn't something that could have been done to fix. I can live with a few warts on 30+ year old recordings but this is bad.