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  1. To which mod should I send a private message to on the topic of changing my site password? Thanks.
  2. God these people suck at their jobs. Delay, delay and underwhelm.
  3. Basically each and every selection from Darkness on the Edge of Town. The studio release never grabbed me (still doesn't, actually). But on Live 75-85, those songs shine. Plus Independence Day and Jersey Girl. Definitely the Bruce album that sent my fandom into a different realm. Not many artists can give you 40 songs and leave you wanting more!
  4. I honestly had a feeling July 9, 1981 would be released after Bruce and Patti surprised me with that acoustic Jersey Girl. I figured, "Hey, they recorded the whole 1981 show where Jersey Girl came from, so why not?" Of course, we all try to look smart after the fact. So I'll get out in front of why this month will be Fenway (Sept. 7 2003): Ties in nicely to Bruce joining the Dropkick Murphys there last week. A Jersey boy joined a Fenway show to help local residents. So now he could use funds from selling a Fenway show and let Boston folks help a New Jersey-focused cause. We
  5. Found it! Tangled Up Puppet by Harry Chapin
  6. In the past six months or so, maybe more, a thread was created with songs about parents and kids, I think. I know for sure there was a song about a father/daughter relationship. It was a male singer, live, with either a guitar or piano accompaniment. I would search old topics but I can't even think of a"keyword" or two to narrow the search. I just remember a bittersweet vibe to the lyrics. Can anyone recall the song? Sorry that I don't have much to provide...
  7. Second Fenway Night 2003. Just the cure for an endless stretch of lonesome days.
  8. Same "last show" for me. I found magic in the night, however. First time for Independence Day. And I thought the post-River selection was strong. And if it's goodbye, that's all right. It would be a second goodbye of sorts, anyway. The first happened in 2008 at the same venue. Jungleland was played. And the image of Clarence finishing his solo as the spotlight went dark remains an indelible memory.
  9. Hope this is the right place to ask... When you get to the page on brucespringsteen.net where the dates of live shows available for purchase are listed down the right side, how do you use the up and down arrows that appear in the lower right hand corner? I can't scroll lower than 1981. And I've tried everything I can think of to make those arrows work. I'm using Google Chrome for browsing if that matters. Thanks.
  10. Yeah lots of carry over in the 75-85 and 75-88. Bottom line is, I'm betting more official releases come from the sources on these fabulous collections. Happy New Year!
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