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  1. Absolutely. Jokes aside, what will be performed this year will probably be as bipartisan as it gets (especially by Bruce).
  2. Biden came out on ‘Wtcooo’ the night the election was called, so who knows...
  3. How about ‘That’s What Makes Us Great’?
  4. The album is out. It’s as beautiful as it must have been heartfelt.
  5. Nice, I would have died for such a box twenty-five years ago (as for the whole 'archive' stuff). But nowadays live shows aren't my cup of coffee anymore.
  6. Well, only Bob knows his mind, but this is the guy who featured in a Victoria's Secret commercial, and who won an Oscar award (that he has been bringing onstage ever since) for writing, 'People are crazy and times are strange / I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range / I used to care, but things have changed'. And this was two decades ago. Not saying that that song was autobiographical per se, but things doesn't seem to have improved in the last twenty years or so.
  7. Second track out. Great version of a song that always made me think of Sweet Little '66 (and to Pink Cadillac and to Racing in The Street). So sad such an album has to be recorded in the first place, but if the rest of it is good as of the first two songs, it's going to be awesome.
  8. Well, I remember reading that Dylan, despite his fame, isn't as wealthy as one might imagine, because of ex wives and stuff. His never ending tour has been a his way of life, but it might also have had financial reasons behind it. But regardless of Bob's bank account (hey, he will always have my couch at his disposal if he ever needs a roof ) I'm afraid these catalogue sales hint at what streaming will mean for music business in the near future in terms of royalties and revenues. And it does NOT bode well for artists, if icons think it's time to give away their rights.
  9. He’s always been kind of... reckless....
  10. Please, stop with this pointless consumer mentality. The old one still works perfectly. No reason to junk it for a sexier model.
  11. I wouldn't worry about tickets. Bruce's fanbase isn't getting any younger. Unless Bruce decides to play smaller venues or just a few selected arenas à la Magic tour (2007 European leg, I mean), no fans will go without tickets. In this respect, I wouldn't underestimate the long term effects of a world pandemic which has basically frozen the live show business and its demand with it. It will probably take years before casual fans feel confortable with mass gatherings again. And most of them will probably give up going to concerts altogether, especially if they're past their prime. Bruce's studio
  12. Well, in Europe, Rock ‘n roll audience is, on average, ten year younger than in the U.S.A. There’s still plenty of younger adults wanting to see acts that belong to their parents’ generation and find them cool. Springsteen in particular. That’s the key difference to me.
  13. No reason to compare these two albums, IMHO. It would be like comparing The River to Nebraska.
  14. Not for me, please. Christmas pop music makes no sense to me.
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