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  1. Apart from some obvious overplayed crowd pleasers (Sunny Day, Out in the Street, Hungry Heart) you mean? Well, I was quite disappointed by Bruce dropping Thundercrack in the first European leg of the Magic tour in favour of 'Santa Claus is coming to town'. It was pretty anticlimatic IMHO. Maybe the infamous bug might have had something to do about it, but still...
  2. Well, you may well be right about the BITUSA box. But that basically strengthen my original point about having an E Street celebration kind of tour instead of an innovative one next time around.
  3. .... In related news Guns n' Roses have just postponed (again) their 2020 tour Euro leg to 2022...
  4. Well, indeed this is what he/we may want, but let's face it: next time he tours he'll be 73 years old at best. And as popular as it can be, his latest album is all about "looking back" if not nostalgia altogether. So, I don't see him going down any innovative path while promoting LTY.
  5. I truly think that when Bruce hits the road again with the E Street, the show will be as standard as possible. Basically a hit filled celebration of the band. Imagine a remake of the 2016 River tour in terms of line up. He’s been repeating that time is finite for almost 20 years now. I don’t see him experimenting with the E Street format after a 6-7(+?) year hiatus.
  6. What’s NCIS? New City Iork Serenade?
  7. Jokes aide, I wouldn’t mind that at all.
  8. So we're finally going to get Steve's own take on how he singlehandedly defeated Apartheid in South Africa...
  9. Very sad. God bless her and her dear ones.
  10. Well, I don't care about signs in general. However, back in 2013 or so I was in the pit in Zurich with a good friend of mine. He brought some plastic buttocks with him (please, don't ask where he'd got them) with THEN SHE KISSED ME written over them. It was pretty amusing.
  11. Don’t know really, but I don’t think there is much left from The River sessions to make it the focus or the core of a Tracks II. I mean, they already had to recycle everything that was originally released on ‘Tracks I’ to justify ‘The River’ boxset outtake discs after all. And that speaks volumes to me. It’s probably a 2016 website skin reused to update the official site for no real purpose.
  12. No, she will not be able to click. She’ll her ‘her fingers in the cake’, one way or another.
  13. It more similar to the Apple film version (or it can even be that), if I’m not mistaken.
  14. Well, actually in the opening number of the most underrated album ever, a certain lady gets the Boris treatment...
  15. Well, long residences in big city venues have probably been the dream of every promoter (if not of every act), but I really doubt this is feasible, commercially speaking. I can’t figure out which act nowadays is big enough to fill a stadium more than three times in the same city. And that without taking into account the fact that fans may be less inclined to travel long distances in a post pandemic reality.
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