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  1. Puerto Rican Jasmine, oh won’t you tell me what’s your name?
  2. So, Jess, are you scared and thinking that maybe you ain’t that young anymore?
  3. Was there a competition in the early nineties in Jersey about who could showcase the most ridiculously dressed axe-man?
  4. I can’t see the dates on the back: is that some sort of fake Japan tour merchandise?
  5. I’d be extremely surprised if he (or any other athlete parent, not being the officially recognized trainer) were allowed to travel to Tokyo for the games. Stadiums are empty and athletes themselves are forbidden to leave the Olympic village because of COVID concerns.
  6. Wow, this is pure class. I raise my hat to him.
  7. It’s a real pity. I really hope she can overcome her issues. It seems pressure was overwhelming, but still, that’s her job after all. Wish her well.
  8. It would be nice, but I’m afraid the community is no longer numerous enough for that. Unfortunately.
  9. A real (full show) “Real Live” is what is really missing in this bootleg series release, IMHO.
  10. I remember signing it at The Frog pub in Paris before the show back in 2002… time really flies by!
  11. And a few years later, the same guy in lady’s pants would co-write a book with the leader of the free world…
  12. That’s hardly a reason for them retire, I guess.
  13. With the exception of the Appel lawsuit and the post Born in the USA + seven singles mania, in that period he released an album every two years (one of which double). Except for Nebraska, he supposed these album by touring intensively. I don’t see much space for additional album releases. It’s in the nineties that he should have put out more music, IMHO.
  14. He probably saw the cover picture… Lynn could have chosen one in which both eyes belonged to the same person…
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