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  1. Just started reading Naomi Klein’s new book, “On fire. The burning case for a Green New Deal”. I admit she’s preaching to the choir with me, but it’s excellent.
  2. I I’ve always told him he goes onstage underdressed, but he never listens...
  3. Most of these polls (and this in particular) are so frequent they should come with the date (year, month, day) in the title.
  4. I have no clue, but it would be a very strange moment to release Tracks II. I mean, Bruce has just released a stunning album (which deserves its place in the sun IMHO); a movie (with a probable DVD) is coming soon; a SOB DVD is probably coming as well; and on the top of all this, Bruce claims he has new E Street material to be recorded on the fall (with a tour for 2020). And that’s even without mentioning a Born in the USA boxset. I’d be surprised if they chose to go with Tracks II instead.
  5. That tour was so mind blowing I have no idea how they can do it justice on screen. That being said, I’m certainly going the movie and buying any official release that might follow.
  6. Those Ladies aren’t afraid of comparisons, it seems. The album sounds good, but as good as they can be, such “a big shoe name” might backfire pretty badly, I’m afraid. The original Highwaymen were all country legends and rebels on their own before forming the supergroup. I mean (and I’m saying this with the greatest respect for women), you can play a female Ghostbuster, Thor or Dr. Who, but if you want to be a credible female Johnny Cash, you’d better be Aretha Franklin-like (or at least Emmylou Harris-like, to stay in country). The Highwomen sound like Dixie Chicks 2.0 version at best.
  7. Well, he has either put off his cowboy boots or got off the coffee table...
  8. I recently read Steven Tyler's autobiography, "Does the noise in my head bother you". I'm now reading Fantasy Land, by Kurt Andersen. Very interesting.
  9. I didn’t know the non Meat Loaf released tracks. Some are really impressive, especially the duet on “What part of my body hurts the most”.
  10. I saw it in London last year, twice in a day . Very nice. My only complaint in that the music wasn’t played live. But go and see it if you have the chance. Also, the soundtrack is available on CD and it’s pretty good.
  11. To be honest, ‘get away’ might be a bit of a stretch.
  12. Well, that particular 3 minute record wasn’t ‘London Boy’ for sure. It makes Katy Perry’s Roar sound like Let it Be in comparison.
  13. Looks like something from the LT and TGOTJ photo sessions. Also, that table with the bottle of tequila might have a reference in the autobiography.
  14. I had almost forgot how I love this girl...