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  1. I guess fans who bought his current tour merchandise are entitle to a refund...
  2. Glad for your family! Hope they enjoyed the show!
  3. yesterday I finished “The End of Nature”, the first major book by Bill McKibben. It’s incredible (and sad) this that book dates from 1988. Now I’m reading Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”.
  4. Anybody else at Wembley Stadium right now! Imelda May and Kaiser Chiefs a good surprise! Vedder’s performance was out of this world! Upadate: what a night: The Who and the orchestra were fantastic. A pure sonic pleasure!
  5. They probably know that these days promotion doesn’t change much in terms of album sales.
  6. I think you should really give the album a second chance. It’s a great one, and it would be a pity if you kept rejecting it in deference of what you first said on this board.
  7. I recently read: Both Duff McKagan’s book ‘It’s so easy (and other lies)’ and ‘How to be a man (and other illusions)’. Both are surprisingly good and deep. Very different from what one might expect. Greta Thunberg’s booklet, ‘No one is too small to make a difference’. Nice collection of her recent speeches. Micheal Wolff’s ‘Siege, Trump under fire’. Very interesting.
  8. The only way Bruce could possibly release such an unfinished track is if he did something à la Dylan’s bootleg series (thing of the Cutting Edge stuff).
  9. Well, Justin Townes Earle surely deserves being mentioned in this threat for his album theology ‘Single Mothers’, ‘Absent fathers’, ‘Kids in the street’.
  10. What a nasty game. A real pity.
  11. The buyer in this case is the owner of Indianapolis Colts, who had bought other famous guitars in the past.
  12. The sale profits go to Had I known the money went to an environmental cause, I would have considered buying the Black Strat myself...
  13. Coming straight after Western Stars, that would be quite an about-face. Unless Jessica has started deer-riding, I mean