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  1. Glad for the vinyl collectors around here (though called them "classic albums" might be a bit of promotional stretch... )
  2. Seeger sessions volume II closing track?
  3. This might be the silliest question ever posted. I mean, the guy is 70, and he’s spent the last 50+ years talking about cars. Why the heck should this multi-millionaire’s wife be at (or around) a bus stop?
  4. Me too, and I'm confindent it is still coming out. The Wall DVD took quite some time to be released, if my memory serves me well. As far as the new tour is concerned, I’m really curious about what he’s planning to play, considering that his last two tours were basically a Pink Floyd celebration. I wouldn't mind him covering his own solo material a little more.
  5. Wow, I didn’t see it coming. Quite surprising, if one considers that no DVD from the last tour has been released so far (movie theaters excluded, of course). Bring it on! (Anybody else already smells a ton of politics in there? )
  6. First time I listened to it I basically thought,“what’s that shit?”. But after a few Listenings I’m starting to really like it. Very intriguing sound.
  7. Back on the day the show was once in a life event I guess. Plus, if you had left your spot, you’d have told it goodbye for good.
  8. Just started reading it. It looks interesting.
  9. Steve doesn't have a clue?Let's start saving: a tour is coming for sure. ;)
  10. I recently read these two books: The first was good, though sometimes boring. The second is not worth reading, IMHO.
  11. So far I got: Guns n' Roses (Bern) Pearl Jam (Zurich) Queen + Adam Lambert (Zurich) Nick Mason's saucerful of secrets (Luzern) Lenny Kravitz (Locarno) UPDATE Sting (Zurich)
  12. Bruce seems in great shape, but he should change those jeans once in a while... ;)
  13. Great to have the forum back.