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  1. He made the required statement 45 years ago on the cover of his “make or break” album. He’s repeated that inclusion statement throughout his career. He denounced this very issue when it wasn’t the “cool thing to do” in 2000, with American Skin. He helped electing and re-electing the first African-American President in 2008 and 2012. Don’t get me wrong. I would appreciate a statement, but let’s face it: it would largely be “preaching to the choir”.
  2. I see what you mean, but as I said, we’ve been there before (and in far less controversial times).
  3. As much as I appreciate a well-informed and educated political discussion, and as much as I consider politics central to Bruce’s message, let’s face it: we are in the midst of a pandemic + world economic recession + we’re on the eve of the most controversial presidential election of our time (and that’s without mentioning climate change). A political forum won’t last a week. We’ve been there before.
  4. Well, I think the time is now to be reasonable. Bruce was a guest on somebody else’s community charity show. Not exactly the best moment to make overt political statements on such a delicate topic, IMHO.
  5. I agree. Watching the news these days and listening to so many African Americans remembering being given “the Lena talk” by their parents made me realize how brave the song really is. As for Bruce rocking with DKM, and despite the Celtic musical affinities, I wouldn’t underestimate the choice of playing American Land (with the “keep OUT” ending) as a statement.
  6. Sorry to hear about her illness. I hope she gets well soon! Bruce should have never let her go.
  7. “American Skin” may unfortunately be pretty relevant these days... The same for Little Steven’s “57 Channels (and nothing on)” remix.
  8. I imagine the usual pay per view.
  9. Lyrically speaking, the album is Earle at the top of his game. The only regret is it’s damn too short.
  10. If there had been a covid-(19)75, that hat would have been among the first suspects...
  11. It’s out. First listening just finished. Pretty interesting. I know it’s basically a theater play soundtrack, but it sounds like ‘Train a-comin’’part II (or revisited, 25 years later).
  12. It was about time!
  13. With the due respect to Guy (who’s an incredible bass player, btw)... ... the real thing is finally coming!