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  1. As I said in another thread, the album could have been called The E Street Thunder Revue or, alternatively, The ghost of Bob Dylan. Along with George Theiss and the E Streetters themselves, Bob is the life-long inspiration the album pays tribute to.
  2. Well, you're certainly right, LTY has the spontaneous and traditional rock sound Steve has always pushed for. And even in his own production, we see how traditionalist Steve has always been. His latest 'Summer Of Sorcery' sounds as if it might have been recorded in the late fifties/early sixties. This was not an approach a major artist like Springsteen could have followed. However, after having gone as far as possible from the E Street sound with both the Broadway show and WS, Bruce's probably realized that this is right time (and God-forbid the last possible time) to go as E Stree
  3. Well, I think we shouldn't take what's on the documentary as everything that happened in those five days. I mean, the album and the documentary are a celebration of the E Street Band. The sound is the unfiltered sound of the band arranging themselves, finally brought into a recording studio. The "virtual" album producer is the E Street Band rather than Aniello, Landau or even Springsteen himself. And the documentary focuses exactly on that: the band members discussing arrangements and playing their way, the video footage (and the songs) from a long forgotten past, the tribute to th
  4. No. It’s simply a fantastic album in a completely different way. And this should be no surprise for a Springsteen fan.
  5. Another incredible interview. To be honest, it's almost a shame that all these fantastic stuff come out at the same time. They would deserve a much greater attention, IMHO.
  6. Glad to see that black sticker. I was just thinking that if there is an album the ever needed to go under the name Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, it is this one.
  7. Nice review. Just my two cents, cousin Frank Bruno is the father of the Seeger Sessions guitarist, not the musician himself, if memory serves me well.
  8. I watched it yesterday morning before the AppleTV video was released. A very interesting interview.
  9. That’s also my impression. And it’s a pity. Patti did a splendid job on the video.
  10. They should have called the album, The E Street Thunder Revue.
  11. Just finished my first listening of the album. It’s impressive. It’s probably the E Street Band’s studio greatest achievement.
  12. Thank you. That’s really interesting. Do the credits list something different for ‘Rainmaker’ or ‘Janey’ with respect to the other tracks?
  13. I've haven't heard the album yet, but I'm very intrigued by the songs whose recording don't feature directly on the documentary. "One minute you're here" sounds as a possible WS outtake, and the "Brilliant Disguise" kind of video performance might betray that it wasn't recorded during the LTY sessions after all. I'm curious to read the song credits here. "Rainmaker" is a Magic (or G.W. Bush) era outtake, maybe slightly reworked in 2019. Even more interesting in this respect is the absence of "Janey needs a shooter". Referring to the old songs in the documentary, Bruce mentions h
  14. There is an interview I saw earlier today to Thom Zimny, and he describes that particular scene as his favorite moment of the movie.
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