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  1. One of my favourite songs ever. Simply perfect.
  2. I like Steve, I really do. But the difference between him and Nils is the same there was between Keith Richards and Mick Taylor. With the problem that Steve (or anybody, for the matter) can’t be Keith Richards...
  3. Unfortunately I can’t help you, but I’m still damp from that night. Just saying.
  4. Congratulations South Africa. They were the better team today.
  5. On a Reno alternate take lyrics sheet, I guess...
  6. Well, I was in kindergarten/early grade school when I first saw the dukes of hazzard... I couldn’t have noticed those pants at the time.... P.S. : she’s so hot she could even redeem the High Hopes album... (almost).
  7. Indeed no other poll is needed, but to be honest, the first reference to WS being ready predates the Wrecking Ball recording. Now, be it because of WB, HH or The River box and their tours or not, my point is simply there’s no direct connection between the Broadway stint/project and an aborted WS tour.
  8. and glad they went there. But whatever the reason, it doesn’t change my point above.
  9. I don't see any direct opposition between the Broadway stint and Western Stars. High Hopes and the following E Street tour were chosen in lieu of releasing Western Stars (and possibly touring behind it) at the time. A more proper poll therefore would therefore be WS vs HH... but of course that would be like pitting Mike Tyson against my late little granny...
  10. Congratulations South Africa, but how sad for Wales. It was so close.
  11. The flags were also interesting to see. One of the oldest vs. one of the “newest” in terms of design. Just saying.
  12. What a magnificent performance for England. Personally I would have wished for All Blacks to reach the final, but the All Blacks played in white today. This would have made for an incredible final act.