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  1. Well, it's way too early to know, but given how tiny album sale margins are these days, I doubt live concert won't be back. For sure it won't be for early next year, as Bruce himself pointed out in his recent RS interview. My guess is big acts (who weren't on tour early this year) will carefully watch how the rescheduled shows of their pairs actually work out in 2021, before making their move. Too much money is involved.
  2. You're certainly right about The Promise and The Ties That Bind material having 21st century touch-ups, but the question is, were these additions absolutely necessary, or was Bruce's perfectionism at work (with time to kill and a professional home-studio at his disposal)? Also, if we exclude the b-sides (and the previously released This Hard Land), even the Born in the U.S.A sessions appear somewhat weak, if not underrepresented on Tracks. We'll probably discover the reason when a Born in the U.S.A boxset hits the market.
  3. Well, Tracks was an incredible release back in the days (and it still is), but by no means it represented the sessions outtakes, album after album. Quite the opposite. The Darkness & The River boxset material, Devils & Dust and (to a lesser extent) The Seeger Sessions clearly show that back in '98 most of the true album outtakes were put aside and saved for future releases (despite Bruce's white lies about not liking X, not finding a complete recording of Y, or just having live takes of Z, etc). With the exception of what was later re-released on The Ties That Bind, what's on Tracks is
  4. Well, the lyrics are the blues, the tune is the gospel. Pretty classic for A Bruce song.
  5. And the guy under the “I” is Simon Helberg. (or his biological father).
  6. After a few listenings: I really like it. It conveys the perfect feeling of a live in the studio album. It makes me think of a mix between We take care of our own (the drumming) and I'll work for you love, but it sounds more agressive and raw. It has the classic E Street feel, but it also remind me of a Rolling Stones song. Thumbs up, as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Well, all information indicate this is a burst project, recorded to be as fresh and as classic E Street live as possible. Self-referential Rock 'n Roll is also probably the driving theme of the album, if it has any. We have Ghosts, which is basically an ode to present and past (and passed) band camrades. We know House of A Thousand Guitars will be a sort of R'n'R heaven, and the known lyrics of Last Man Standing refers to playing in a bar band. So in this respect, both Letter to You and Ghosts bode well, if you asked me. More importantly, I wouldn't aspect anything new or progressive from
  8. The bass on this track is a pure guilty pleasure. Great mix.
  9. on iTunes now Ladies and Gentlemen, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band! Instant classic. Next E Street tour, Ghosts will fill the slot before Badlands (you read it here first).
  10. No, no Rorschach test of course. Simply a well-known Picasso about a windmill-fighting-literary hero. But had it been some sort of test, it would have probably betrayed some reluctance of yours to recognize/acknowledge works of genius (especially when ‘orse-related).
  11. Copyrights expire 50 years after of the original release. No need to do the math here.
  12. We've heard of multiple shelved projects over the years. A box set containing three or four of them wouldn't be difficult for Bruce to fill. Plus, nobody knows the details about these rumored project, so that the distinction between albums and recording sessions will be inevitably blurred. I've always thought that the emply half an hour od Tracks disc 4 meant Bruce must have had something from the nineties he didn't want to "waste" on Tracks. At this point of his career, a lost-album-focused-box set would make perfect sense to me.
  13. I swear I've spent the last hour trying to find the usual night skin on each and every setting option... Glad to know it will be back
  14. Without a doubt, as far as I’m concerned. Just listen to the rhythmic session. Actually, I can still remember going through the booklet almost 30 years ago, in order to find out why the album sounded so thin and weak to me (except maybe for two-three tracks), despite the great songs it features.
  15. Well, this is an age long debate by now, and I know the majority of Bruce's fans have an issue with the production of Human Touch. It's hardly soulless to me. On the contrary, it shows what Bruce wanted to do without the E Street Band. As for the supposed warmth and spontaneity of Lucky Town, I wouldn't argue with personal tastes. However, what appears as spontaneous to some, is probably just lack of details or carelessness to others. Just look at the album credits: I can not think of something less spontaneous than an album where the singer plays most instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard,
  16. I would have said, great! if the circumstances weren’t so sad. I guess it takes a hell of a lot of guts for Steve to record such a tribute album.
  17. I think Lucky Town might have been a pretty good album, had Bruce taken the time to finish the songs properly. As I've written several times over the years, some songs on this album sound demo-like (and in this respect, the album credits tell all). Just listen to the title-track: a great song, but where is the solo? XXplugged is hardly held as a reference in terms great music, but just listen how the Lucky Town material shines, once it was properly worked out. Unfortunately, the "carelessness" of Lucky Town is also highlighted by the perfectly crafted (like it or not) material on Hu
  18. I’d say another single in ten to fifteen days, and another teaser in early October.
  19. This looks like This Hard Land meets Reason to Believe meets Death to My Hometown. Interesting.
  20. Great stuff. Bruce has always been a wise man. And that's why I've always been proud to be one of his fans.
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