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  1. Say a prayer for those who crawl Say a prayer for those who run Say a prayer so all and all There's a better life to come Say a prayer for those alone Say a prayer for those apart All the golden boys and girls The crusaders of the heart Say a prayer for all the lost Say a prayer for the unborn Say a prayer for all the young It takes a fire to keep them warm Say a prayer for those obsessed Say a prayer for those enslaved Say a prayer to beat the drums From the cradle to the grave Say a prayer for all the saints Say a prayer for all the sins Let the dancing never end Let the future now begin Say a prayer to all the gods Some are near and some are far Say a prayer to all the gods To make us braver than we are Rest In Peace, Meat and Jim
  2. The mind blowing thing is her vocals were chosen over both Cher’s and Bonnie Tyler’s who also recorded that female duet part.
  3. It’s a pity if he wasn’t vaccinated. That being said, I kind of remember reading that he was scared to death of needles (and that basically saved his live since it prevented him from shooting heavy stuff in the late seventies). I may be wrong though.
  4. Seems like the Kiwis took a page form the Djokovic’s controversy and found a clever and polite way to keep Rod out of the country.
  5. Very sad news. May he rest in peace. A true rock'n'roll legend.
  6. What did Bruce write there? “Bruce Spt For F**k Sake”?
  7. As every country, Australia has its CODID policy concerning immigration. That’s regardless of the contagion situation in said country.
  8. It’s a pity for Djokovic, the tennis player. Despite his questionable positions on many things, he didn’t deserve to be turned into the anti vax poster child (although he may thank his farther’s big mouth for that). Djokovic is no spring chicken, and his reputation may hand up being tarnished forever because of this media circus. I think the Australian Government took the right decision. Once Novak became a no vaxxer icon around the world, any exception for him was off the table.
  9. You're making a very interesting point here. It's something I've been suspecting for a while, through monitoring the sales of a few acts who normally sell out pretty quickly here in Switzerland. To some extent this may also be related to overbooking. Not only fans may be less willing to go to shows (or to buy tickets for shows that may be rescheduled at any moment); they probably have tickets for shows from the two previous years. Of course die-hards couldn't care less, but to make a stadium show profitable you need the general public.
  10. No clues, but Dylan’s “Series of Dreams” was first released in 1991. The song is said to have inspired Bruce for “Living Proof”. In any case, there was no chance Bruce could have released a song like “Burning train” the year after “Series of Dreams”
  11. It’s a pretty complicated situation. I understand that it was difficult for the Australian Open to exclude its last champion and world number one, but it was stupid to let him fly to Australia and then stop him at the airport. I have no sympathy at all for his no vax position, but they could have treated him more professionally (with that I don’t mean making exceptions for him). Just spare him the flight and this media circus. The fact that he may risk a three year ban from the country if his visa is refused is ridiculous, IMHO.
  12. Well, you're right, but I guess if Bruce really wants to tour in 2022, he will with the E Street Band. It's not a matter of band size or continent to play in. Bands are scheduled to play Europe extensively this spring and summer, and many of their tours are brand new, not rescheduled from 2020 and 2021. The alleged 2022 European Tour was probably in the making since late 2020. Overbooking is probably a bigger issue than Omicron in the alleged postponement of the 2022 European tour. After selling his catalogue, Bruce Inc. know that touring is now his only breadwinner, and the next tour may be the last. They probably want to make it as profitable as possible (that is big cites, major venues, reasonable time and travel from show to show), which is a problem in an overbooked market. In a few weeks things will be much clearer.
  13. To be fair, there are also several bands who recently announced new tours for 2022. Ed Sheeran, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, The Cure, Placebo, Slipknot, Counting Crows, Bryan Adams just to name a few. Time will tell.
  14. There are half a billion additional reasons, I’d say. I wouldn’t jump to health issues out of a rumor about an unconfirmed tour apparently not taking place.
  15. So: probably… allegedly… supposedly… and Bruce Inc should tweet to confirm or deny such a rumor in real time? Come on. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to know about Bruce’s plans for 2022 as soon as anybody else around here, but it’s January 5 for crying out loud.
  16. How reliable is Tramps of the Lowlands? I’d never heard of them before 2022 to be honest, and I’ve been around here for a pretty long time. I mean, maybe they’re right, but I don’t see why an artist should come out and take position on a rumor spread by one of their web/Facebook communities. Especially when the said rumor is about something not announced yet not happening altogether. Let’s be patient. If there’s a tour in the making, we’ll know everything we need from mid January to mid-late February.
  17. The funny thing is that these rumors probably come from here or BTX.
  18. For holiday season I mean the Christmas week and the first week of January. This definition may well differ in different parts of the world, but I don’t remember any major announcement from Bruce coming in this two week period over the last 30 years.
  19. This might be controversial, and for sure it’s the wrong thread, but I’m planning a complete non-Bruce 2022 (unless he releases new music or plays live, that is). I’m trying to listen/discover classic albums/artists/genres that I had never paid much attention to.
  20. Be patient. No announcement would make sense before the end of the current holiday season.
  21. Well, I respect you opinion, but whatever you're taking, I really hope it's under prescription and strict medical supervision.
  22. The “expert” lost me when he started talking about kids and family. Let’s face the truth: Springsteen was presented with a financial offer he wouldn’t refuse given the dismal state of the music business. The rest is premium horseshit. He was already nearly half a billion dollar worth. How much does two grown up sons or daughter need to comfortably go through their life? 300 million dollars each? No need for pointless feel-good alibis: Bruce sold his catalogue because he thought it was a great deal, the last one of his career (and he was probably right, financially speaking).
  23. You’re lucky the 14th century Black Death doesn’t have a Twitter account.
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