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  1. Agreed. The set ranks very high in the series for me as well. It might even be better than ‘Tele Tale Signs.’
  2. I was listening to the 2 CD version on iTunes and after listening the ‘Empire Burlesque’ stuff on it I bought the 5 CD digital version. Incredible stuff, superb vocals.
  3. The album is out. Listening to it for the first time right now. I started from ‘New Danville Girl’. I dare say it is better than her released ‘Brownsville’ sister. Update: holy cow. The whole ‘Empire Burlesque’ section is stellar. It’s not that I had high expectations for these alternate takes, but they’re a very nice surprise anyway.
  4. I hope Bruce sees it, and therefore keeps the song as a “strictly-exclusive-no possible exception-Belgium show only-treat” for the rest of his career.
  5. Well, the comparison with Portugal/Spain will be moot the day Northern Ireland stops existing as a state, I’m afraid. Until that day, it is exactly the same situation in terms of shared land border. But even if it were, as I said, that geographical term is currently used throughout the world. Its origin is far older than the English language or England as such. It dates back from the very times the Iberian peninsula got its name, btw. One day it might well be banned because of new PC concerns, but that would not make this geographical term less accurate or less appropriate today. Hence the comparison with Switzerland: Switzerland is in the same continent as well as Ireland is in the same insular region. No politics involved in both cases: no EU and no UK. The British isles archipelago is called like that on any printed Atlas because in Latin it was identified as ‘Insulas Britannicas’, not because the Romans foresaw that some of them might fall under someone else’s domination some seventeen centuries later. I’m very fond of Ireland and of Irish people (and culture), and I personally would avoid the term when talking to them out of respect. But that doesn’t mean there’s something inaccurate with it or that Irish people have a reason to resent a pure historical geographical definition.
  6. The term ‘British Isles’ is used since Roman times, that is well before any Anglo-Saxon set foot on any of these islands. It’s therefore the most ‘Celtic-friendly’ definition of that insular region one can come across. It’s a pure geographical term, and it is used three times a day by every major weather report in mainland Europe. I understand some people may dislike it because of the modern (and incorrect) identification of British as English, but it is basically like Portuguese citizens opposing the use of the term ‘Iberian peninsula’ because Iberian is nowadays a loose synonym of Spanish. (Or a Swiss citizen getting upset when called European, since Switzerland is still no member of the EU). It would be nonsense.
  7. We live in times where the word ‘flipchart’ (meaning exactly flipchart) is considered controversial / borderline racist. Enough said.
  8. So, should it actually take place in 2023, after all this time shouldn’t it be called “the comeback yellow brick road tour?”
  9. This sounds very promising. I don't expect to hear anything slightly logical or related to what might have happened on planet Earth in the last 60 years, but still very promising.
  10. As it was pointed out before, April sounds pretty early for an outdoor show in Dublin. I remember flying in for a glorious three show stand at the RDS Arena back late May 2008, but God, it was still pretty cold. Especially on the first night. Time will tell.
  11. I was here on that day. I checked in to be sure everyone was ok. I can still remember the official announcement of Live in NYC dvd being posted and then withdrawn. With the due respect, I don’t want to go back there anymore. Peace to everyone.
  12. I’m not criticizing you for mentioning the song. And as I said, I’m very fond of it myself. Also, I don’t feel the need to update anything. My point is discussing ‘Hey Blue Eyes’ today will inevitably turn the thread into a political one (which is not allowed).
  13. It’s a great song, and its inclusion on Magic would have greatly improved the album, IMHO. However, it’s not the song I would talk about on a day like this.
  14. Roy’s bio would be a pure treasure. Imagine a first account of just some of the incredible non-Bruce albums he has been involved in.
  15. Sorry, I never imagined to write what follows in my mid-forties but, I’m afraid I’m much too young to remember that. Thanks for the video anyway.
  16. Both songs are pretty weak compared to their GOLD repertoire. I know albums don’t sell anymore, but still…
  17. There must be a problem here. Amazon.com has the hardcover version for something less than $25 (and the paperback for around $16). Which is more than reasonable. And in Europe you can find both editions for more or less the same price. It should not be more than 35 NZ dollars.
  18. Showing Shayne Fontaine after Cindy Crawford should be made illegal.
  19. Well, balance it all what the Darkness album is about, IMHO. I don’t know whether Steve petitioned for that, but Bruce’s proper version of ‘Because the Night’ wasn’t finished until 2009-2010, so this sound pretty difficult. Also, I doubt you could include ‘Because the Night’ on an album which already featured its twin ‘Prove it all Night’ (and to a lesser extent a song called ‘Something in the Night’) without making the album sound pretty redundant. It would have been like having both ‘Cynthia’ and ‘Glory Days’ (or ‘No Surrender’ and ‘Brothers under the Bridges’) on ‘Born in the USA’.
  20. No album-tour-album-tour-album mode anymore? An E Street 2022 tour must be a given then.
  21. This is not completely correct. The horns were already there but Bruce and Co couldn’t find a proper arrangement. The legend goes (actually Bruce tells it in the Wings for Wheels documentary) Steve walked in the studio and immediately told the horns what to do. The result is the track we hear on BTR. But to be honest, Steve would put horns in his morning coffee, if he could.
  22. Wow, a full new album after 35 years. That makes Axl Rose seem like a recoding workaholic
  23. Absolutely, although a quick check on Wikipedia teaches a lot about what Southside’s career has been since the early eighties. As I said, you cannot simply chose to be small. The industry doesn’t allow you such a privilege. Johnny was dropped by his recoding company around the time Steve went solo, he was re-boosted by Bruce and Bon Jovi in 1991, and he has basically produced his music by himself ever since. Now big bands cost. Just ask young Bruce Springsteen. And you’re not going to keep such a big band for long without a recording contract or by playing clubs on a restricted area. It may happen if your following has always been boosted by your connections with a top tier star.
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