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  1. The following articles arethehurtsongguthrie&springsteen.pdf absolutely essential: CatholicImaginationSpringsteen.pdf ghostsofflanneryo'connorinspringsteen.pdf
  2. Well, I would have to check, but I think the Jacksonville version you mention has those lines.
  3. I actually agree with you. Once my dad heard it and said Springsteen howled like an injured dog--in pain and in defiance. Also, the Sad Eyes interlude begins to sound like a prayer of a sort. I have a 3-disk compilation of some of the best versions. PM if you would like a copy. Take care.
  4. Would you please send me a digitized copy of the Isbell record that has "Atlantic City?"  I would deeply appreciate it!

    I am not much with technology, but I have very large collections of Springsteen and Elvis.  Could I send you something in return?  Or at least postage costs?

    My information is:

    Mark Stalnaker

    1156 Sky Drive

    Newton, NC 28658


    Please let me know when you receive this and if you will be able to help me.  Thanks!

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