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  1. Yeah, sad. Really talented guy, and the character Omar is a total icon. “Omar comin’”
  2. Couldn’t disagree more. I loved his book.
  3. I listen to Bruce’s stories and descriptions, and I can’t help but wonder if he has considered writing novels. I believe he could do it. Anyone know if he has put any thought or effort into a novel?
  4. I was watching a new episode of “Chasing Classic Cars” this week, and they were buying a 1932 Ford roadster. The name of the episode? “Revved Up Like a Deuce”! I liked it!
  5. C’mon people! It’s Bruce Springsteen, performing live! Some of you are acting like he’s pissed in your Cheerios. I probably won’t be going this time, though I’d like to, but I’m ecstatic to know he is performing live again “in some fashion”.
  6. This thread is about to get locked, I'm guessing. Wandering a bit too far into politics, methinks.
  7. “My father abused me, my woman left me, the economy is tanking, there are hungry folks everywhere...so here’s a song...about a car.”
  8. Haven’t been here in a while, but happy to donate. Money well-spent!
  9. Yes, that flick would be ok...if the character’s name was Joe Blow or something. However, Jack Reacher is a known entity, and his huge size and strength is almost another character in the books. He is also said to be not particularly good looking. A big, lumbering guy, who is actually much smarter than expected. Cruise? A little, tiny, pretty man. Not remotely Reacher-like.
  10. Tom Cruise should NEVER have been cast as Jack Reacher. Worst casting decision ever, if you are a fan of the books.
  11. A bit sad that she lived long enough to see “Gone with the Wind” fall victim to the cancel culture, after probably 80 years of pride in it.
  12. Here is a (poor) pic of the reunion banner, when it was hung on the wall in my basement, at a pre-show party! Picture it upright...not sure why I can't get it to post that way. I believe Andrew brought it to the party, but I'm not positive.
  13. A comedy genius, in my opinion. And his long, long, longtime friendship with Mel Brooks was the stuff of legend.
  14. No, sadly, it can’t get any better.
  15. Not to mention the recurring role she had on The Americans. Her accent is spot on, and amazing, considering she's from New York.
  16. Well, if you want to get picky, in no world would anyone allow two heads of state to fly on the same helicopter! Anywhere at all, but especially in a war zone. Hell, my company wouldn't even allow two executives to travel together.
  17. What the hell happened to this show? When it came out it was great...thought-provoking, well written and action packed. Now, it’s a muddled mess, and I have trouble even following it. I keep thinking it will come together, and after each episode, I am angry that they wasted another hour of my time. I want it to be good again, but I give up. I’m out, sadly.
  18. I stuck it out to the end, but I was only mildly interested. I guess I wanted to see how it ended, but I was never fully engaged. And I don’t care if there’s a second season, which is pretty damning, for me.
  19. Yes, he was brilliant. I never understood how he could be so good, so successful, and yet still seemingly fly under the radar as he did. He was actually on camera quite a bit, especially in the early SNL days, and people still seem to not know who he was. As far as I'm concerned, Get Smart alone was a career high, and he was only beginning!
  20. One helluva funny show is ending its run this Sunday, December 8, after six hilarious seasons. If you have even a passing knowledge of tech, you would love this show. If you have even a passing knowledge of business, you would love this show. Hell, if you have even a passing knowledge of funny, you would love this show. Have I mentioned it's funny? I hate to see it go, but I'm glad it's going out while it's still fresh. And funny. Really funny.
  21. Well, as a Falcons fan....aaaah, nevermind.
  22. I was sadly disappointed with El Camino. Frankly, I thought it sucked. Boring, forced, and clumsy. Probably the fact that I so excited to see it, set up expectations that were impossible to meet.
  23. Well, I don’t want to say you’re wrong, but..... you’re wrong!
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