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  1. I didn't realize it would be quite so dark in northern Sweden at this time of the year! Beautiful. I just picked up my husband yesterday from a solo week long backpacking trip on a section of the continental divide trail here in Montana. He's been doing this every every year for four years now. The next three trips this summer will be with one or two others but he also loves to get away from the cities and towns.
  2. I first found the Lake when this banner was going around. I didn't officially join until 2005 so just read about it but the posts are still vivid.
  3. If this finally has the unedited Quarter to Three in video I will be very happy.
  4. You must not have grown up in the Catholic Church! Hah. It's used in a church for a special prayer. I know candles are also used in the Greek Orthodox Church not sure about any others though.
  5. I figured it had to be Nils since Morello wasn't on the list of players but it doesn't sound like any of the Nils silos on Prove It that I've heard before. I'm guessing it's also him I hear in this style on BTR. Too bad there was a head out whatever in the way for a chunk of the solo!
  6. Finally finished listening to the entire show. Besides a disappointing Kitty the only other not great part was the kid singing on Sunny Day. Loved American Land and finally having a great version of Higher. I admit that I had to go look at the players list after Prove It and again during BTR, it sounded like Tom Morello!
  7. Okay, the first one I've bought from the modern era. Love NYS but disappointed in Kitty. That's one of my least favorite versions, too slow. The shuffle was also great and Billy is a huge improvement over the album version. Human Touch is also great.
  8. Congratulations Hero! Mary had big sparkling eyes. Aren't you too young for all this life stuff?!?
  9. I'm so sorry to see this! We had PM'd a few times as my Dad had to have a kidney removed about 15 years ago so we talked about his surgery and the trip he was planning to make our West which ended up not being the big swing he'd originally hoped for. I remember discussing Montana and timing. I believe the trip ended up being more of a strait shot out to Denver and back. He seemed like such a nice guy. Please let his family know he will be missed.
  10. I don't know about Nevada but here in Montana you have to sign the back of the envelope that is mailed or turned in. Inside is the ballot that is within another envelope so that the ballot and signature can be separated to keep how you actually vote secret from your name. The signatures on the outside envelope are compared to your signature on your registration and if they don't match the ballot isn't accepted. I hope that makes sense!
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