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  1. I agree with this. I didn't even know there was a leak and someone sent it to me, a first. I've listened to it multiple times but it isn't as smooth a listen as the actual recording will be which will be here when I get home next Saturday at which time I will record it on my computer and dump it into the player in my sewing room. We have no outlets to purchase music here so I order from Amazon except for smaller artists who self publish. I always order a CD directly from them. I figure they earn more that way and I want to support them as I hope to be able to see them live at some point i
  2. It was a surprise send to me last night and the hubby was gone overnight so perfect timing. I have the CD on order and it's arriving next Friday but I'll be out of town so I've been enjoying listening to it early. I am old fashioned, I want a physical format even if I listen online.
  3. Oh wow, I haven't been online here much and am just seeing this. How terrible sad for family and friends. His posts in the political forum could make you laugh out loud or smirk.
  4. Same here. My brother saw them and got a pick from Eddie. He was thrilled, just not my style music but I know how important he in particular was.
  5. You saw Bruce in 78 and weren't impressed?!? I first saw him in November 78 and was blown away. That's what really started this long ride fire me. It's always interesting what hits people differently. I don't like Magic and many people think that's his best of the later albums. As for regrets, we were visiting in Delaware when Bruce was playing in Philly during the Seeger tour and I could have gotten tickets but my husband's family were all going to be together for the first time in 25 years then and I couldn't pull him away from that. After seeing Live in Dublin I was sorry I missed the
  6. This was my feeling on first listen but I'll listen a few more times before deciding.
  7. I never knew that. The first Partridge Family Album was sped up to make David Cassidy's voice higher and more appealing to preteens like me at the time. Apparently after the success of that one he was able to use his natural voice in the rest of their recordings.
  8. I was on the board of our local humane society for eight years and we always said that what our ultimate goal was to put ourselves out of business as there would no longer be a need. I don't think that'll happen in my lifetime but we have managed to eliminate the euthanasia of any adoptable animals, young ones, and even those that have a chance of surviving with veterinarian care. There are even hospice homes that take in elderly animals or those with cancers for end of life care in a home environment. Things have come a long way in the last 16 years.
  9. I'm glad to see that you research how the organizations you support use their money. I tried educating my mother in law and her hubby about using a tool like Charity Navigator to research where she was donating to as she gives money to any fly by night group that sends her a mailing but she want interested. I admit, except for the University that have me the education that provided my livelihood I've ended up supporting local organizations rather than large national groups.
  10. I read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee back when I was in eighth grade and it is probably the most impactful book I ever read. It was very powerful as a young teen. I went through a phase of reading some heavy non fiction back then. I read the Connell book as an adult. I think it might have been the age. It didn't leave the impact of Brown's work. I've often wondered if it would hit me the same if I reread it now close to 50 years later.
  11. Same and only because I guessed right on half of those!
  12. First concert I saw right after Sundown. It was terrible. He was so drunk he couldn't remember the words to his songs. He'd get through one verse and say that's all I remember. I had heard he got himself cleaned up and he was here preforming about ten years ago. Thank goodness I went on YouTube to listen to some more current recorded shows. Unfortunately, all that smoking and age has destroyed his voice. We didn't get tickets.
  13. Do you classify Starman as a horror film? I admit I'm not a horror fan but director or not, is never put Starman in that genre.
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