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  1. Try putting some tuna water on her food. Does she eat any canned food? We have gotten some more appetizing cans from the vet before. You can also try jarred baby food, just make sure it is meat and water, no garlic and onion flavoring.
  2. I hope you get a very good report tomorrow. One of my cats went to the vet a few weeks ago. He had some issues in December but this time it seems to have been some intestinal bug and the other two came down with a more mild version a day later. Please keep us informed!
  3. I thought that mess was the back upper cushion of the sectional!
  4. Troublette

    What are your unpopular Springsteen opinions?

    The only version of this song I find tolerable is the one from the Tunnel of Love tour. One of my least liked songs.
  5. Troublette


    I saw this Tuesday night. Not a comedy despite the absurdness of the conversations between Ron and the local klansman and David Duke. The theatre was dead silent when the film was over. I thought it was very powerful.
  6. Troublette

    Sting - we gotta talk

    I hope you enjoyed! I saw Stevie back in 1985 and he was incredible.
  7. I was just in Missoula, 115 miles away and for me that's an overnight stay. I'm not driving through the mountains to get home at 1 in the morning! There I've seen The Decemberists, Lydia Loveless, Aimee Mann, Peter Frampton, and Shakey Graves. I'm going to Billings, about 240 miles to see Bob Seger. I did go to Calgary which is a seven or eight hour drive to see Bruce back during The Rising tour but I haven't traveled to see him since. My vacation time was always used to the max and family and big overseas trips have always taken a priority and still do. That means I'm a total slacker and have only seen Bruce ten times since 1978. So be it, I'm okay with that as much as I'd have liked to have seen more shows. Besides, the shows in Missoula have cost between $10 and $50, so not bad. I'll continue to watch for what's coming there. The one show I saw in Bozeman was a 3:00 festival closer on a Sunday afternoon so and easy trip there and back for the day. It's about 90 miles.
  8. Troublette

    Gigs 2018

    I saw Shakey Graves and Jose Gonzales last night. Great fun and Shakey rocks much more than I expected based on the sound of his last record. Oops, this posted you've and I can't get rid of one!
  9. Troublette

    Gigs 2018

    I saw Shakey Graves and Jose Gonzales last night. Great fun and Shakey rocks much more than I expected based on the sound of his last record.
  10. @deadmanstown Hit click to choose files and on an Android phone you can click on the the lines on the left and select photos, downloads, etc from there. Here is a picture of Eleanor who has a brain condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, kind of like cerebral palsy. She is six and it's the first time she managed to get herself up on any of our furniture in her own, I just don't know how she did it!
  11. Troublette

    "Thriller" no longer top selling record in the US

    I guess not. I have to correct myself, it looks like Hotel California came out in 76 so I was in high school. For me it and The Long Run were their two weakest albums and I admit, if they ever put out another after that I've never heard it. Personally, I think Rumours is a way better album than Hotel California. I really have never understood why that is so highly rated.
  12. Troublette

    "Thriller" no longer top selling record in the US

    But, it's the best time period for The Eagles before the atrocious Hotel California came out. I personally loved the early albums. Hotel California came out while I was in college. It was a big change for the worse to me and they never recouped but I admit I only gave them one more shot with their follow up album and I didn't like that one either.
  13. Troublette

    Musings on the Divine Aretha Franklin

    Wow, that is just stunning. Thanks for posting.
  14. Troublette

    Pearl Jam "The Home Shows" 2018

    Good luck!
  15. Troublette

    43 years ago

    I'm not a fan of either so that wasn't party of the whole experience!