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  1. Now this is a Superbowl commercial I can like! I can't figure out how to share this article from my phone.
  2. I can take or leave Elliot. I can definitely leave the mustache! I just have no idea what it was about or what it had to do with Doritos.
  3. I don't think either is the worst song and you can't vote of you leave that section blank so I'll come back in later.
  4. I've had at least three cats at all times for over 30 years. The current group is the first time I've never had at least a set of buddies. Two used to get along but the male has become too much of a bully over there years and my small female doesn't trust him anymore. If he looks at her she screams now but then every so often the lay within six inches of each other.
  5. Does the paper collar have a phone number on it to call? If still be feeding her for the week!!
  6. I would have thought so also. Our local humane society takes in all stays brought in. They hold them in a different area from the other cats for 72 hours to see if someone shows up to claim them. (And to let them settle in.) Of course, they always check for microchips first thing. If no one claims them in 72 hours they can be put up for adoption after they are spayed or neutered.
  7. Here she would be taken in for a 72 hour hold period and then spayed and put up for adoption. She would not be put back out. That just sounds so wrong!
  8. Yes! I really liked that one also!
  9. And that's the one I think I had as a 45!
  10. Well we did have Donny Osmond twice, but still...
  11. I admit I've never even heard of over half of those! It's incredibly how different the British and US charts can be!