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  1. I remember being very effected by his book. I loaned it out to a few people and never got it back from someone about 30 years ago. Seeing him discuss it you can see how he became one of the leaders of the Vietnam vet movement when he came back.
  2. Happy Birthday Daisey and enjoy listening to the new release today.
  3. Winterland was my first boot, but it's an old vinyl one. It was played so much it I can't play it anymore and have it play cleanly so this is the show I really want in this series. Seeing the old name of the boot off this show I had it also but Winterland was always my go to.
  4. Kind of looks like a Wes Anderson take on WWII era Germany.
  5. How a diagnosis of a terminal illness sis approached differently in China than the US and as an immigrant are you Chinese or American. It sounds grim but there are actually some laugh out loud moments and touching family moments.
  6. I read this two or three times back in high school.
  7. We saw Lydia Loveless Friday night in Missoula. Solo acoustic guitar and piano. She played songs from Real, one from Boy Crazy, and four or five new ones. The last time I saw her was in 15 or 16 so all totally new stuff. It sounds like she has been writing some in the piano recently. She opened for The Mountain Goats. We stayed for about 40 minutes and then left. Terrible mix. Even with earplugs designed for music all you could hear were the bass and drums. I saw a guitar being played but only heard hints of it once it twice, same with the keyboards and sax. We also couldn't hear the words. If you knew the songs in sure it helped but neither my husband or I understood any of them.
  8. That article fills in more information than I had read. Thank you. I was just reading something else about this and found the album streaming on Amazon. My CD arrives tomorrow! I was a huge George fan in high school living about three hours south of Chicago. When he toured in 1974 here my Dad tried to get tickets to take me but it was one of two shows that sold out. He had an acquaintance through work who lived up there but he also didn't know how to find tickets on the after market.
  9. That was the start of freshman year of high school so I know them all. I had the Harrison album and the Love Train single, I have many of the others on CD now. For the most part, lots of good stuff on the radio then 1974 happened and it went downhill for quite awhile until Band on the Run came out.
  10. We have Cinemark here and they had the Western Stars trailer before it.
  11. I wasn't sure she'd care for it so like Jimmy I went myself. She wants to see the Tarantino film, not sure about that one myself.
  12. I typically see about one movie a year but have been to all of those this year and enjoyed them all. I've actually seen a number of movies this year with my husband's aunt!
  13. Let us know what you think of this as you get farther along. I've enjoyed the few books of his I've read.