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  1. If you know who they are perhaps Gary or you could talk to them about watching for him?
  2. I don't like Spotify. I prefer to actually have a hard copy of music that I can play on the system downstairs which is not hooked up to any WiFi. I'm guessing that the artists actually appreciate that also.
  3. Wild horses would be rounded up. They use to be sent to slaughter, they aren't a native animal and the population gets too large for the limited land they are on. There was a big uproar about the slaughter so I don't think that is done as a way to control the population any longer. Some are put up for adoption. I think that typically there would be riders and helicopters used for roundups and population counts. Anyway, yes, it is definitely a real thing.
  4. And my car as an USB port so I filled a USB stick with music and that's all I listen to in the car. I need to go through it and get rid of some stuff and put new music on as it's full. Every once in a while I'll take a CD on a trip but having the USB play automatically is must too easy.
  5. This is it exactly. I dump CDs into my computer to dump into my digital player so I can listen to music while I quilt or travel.
  6. I have a turntable just no place to put it up and I even still have some vinyl. I have a nephew and niece who have gotten into vinyl so I have bought it as gifts, I just can't believe how expensive it is now!
  7. I'm hoping this comes out in a more simple way at some point. I don't care about the cassette and don't have a good way of listening to vinyl at this point but I want the CDs!
  8. I first saw Little Johnny Cougar open for The Kinks. I later saw the first Farm Aid at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, IL and then day JM at The Assembly Hall in 1985 or 86. Really fun show. I haven't seen him since. I never cared for his early stuff before have really enjoyed a lot of his stuff from Scarecrow on.
  9. Our cats are indoors and can only go out in a controlled environment with us. I don't know if you could tell but the picture of Linus I shared last week he was on a halter and leash. If the cats are disabled or too old and can't climb the wooden fence they get to go wherever they want in the back yard as long as we are there to keep an eye on them. And declawing should be outlawed! We do clip claws but I do it and they are only exposed to each other.
  10. @Daisey Jeep, I'm so happy for you! It definitely sounds like Tibby got locked in a shed or garage, a common occurrence.
  11. Have you asked others in the neighborhood if they've seen him? I hope he comes home soon.
  12. That is really nice! If that has been done for awhile why didn't you enter it in the "contest"? One of my favorite cover I've heard someone on the Lake do.
  13. I hope he showed up. He may be hunkered down in a garage or shed. Have you been able to get him neutered yet? There may be an in heat female around.
  14. I found the free version very frustrating and deleted it. I can listen to music so many other ways to see if I want to spend the money on something.