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  1. Never saw this before but I quite enjoyed it, especially Jeff Bridges.
  2. Sounds good. There is nothing quite like the aroma of urine from a tom cat!!
  3. I'm talking about having him neutered so he isn't off making more kittens and getting in fights!
  4. My husband said he had to adjust his clothing now as most of it was bought because of his brown hair which is now gray and even the darker hair is no longer brown but more of a charcoal. When he got his driver's license renewed he had to put gray down as his hair color now...
  5. Melissa Etheridge July 26 Missoula (The Wilma) Jackson Browne August 2 Missoula (Big Sky Brewery) Lydia Loveless and The Mountain Goats August 31 Missoula (The Top Hat) These always mean dinner and a hotel. Shakey Graves and Lord Huron will also be in Missoula in between the Etheridge and Browne shows but I saw him last August and with hotels these shows get expensive so as good as Shakey is I'll wait for the next round.
  6. I think you need to ask a moderator to move it. @PrettyRedRose
  7. It sounds like you gave her a wonderful life. She must have thought she hit the doggie lottery after her terrible beginning. Cancer sucks whether it's humans or any other animal. We've lost two cats to different cancers when they were nine years old. Hugs to you and your misses.
  8. Thanks for this. I just requested our library consortium buy this.
  9. Jackson Browne August 2 at the Big Sky Brewery in Missoula, Montana
  10. I think this film makes great use of music, but I love this one in particular.
  11. I love how Heros is used in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Not the song from the book but it's a great scene.