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  1. This finally came in from the library last week. I liked it but was surprised it ended when it did. Do you think there will be a sequel or do we come up with our own ideas for what Henry does? I admit I like books where not everything is tied up nicely in a bow so it's fine how it is.
  2. He played in a lot of great stuff in the 70s but lost track of him after that musically.
  3. I was a couple of years past my David Cassidy years by then. I've never seen that before.
  4. It was supposed to be a joke, hah, who is it? It looks like David Cassidy which is why it was funny although I loved him as a kid and still enjoy listening to The Partridge Family, it brings back those days of innocence.
  5. Is that David Cassidy?!? That's what you're listening to?
  6. Don't give in to him! A woman on the street behind us fed her cat every time he asked and he died between 2-3 weighing 32 pounds!! That's probably close to 20 pounds more than he should have weighed. His heart have out when she finally decided to take him to the vet.
  7. When they talk about baby food they mean chicken, lamb, or beef without any additives.
  8. We had a cat who had been rescued off the streets so was starving and eating basically compostable veggie matter that she could find in the trash. Our vet warned us that she would eat anything and everything she could find so we had to measure out her food and be right there while she was eating so she wouldn't try and eat the other cats food. We don't leave food out. It took last least 2-3 years before she realized she would always have enough food.
  9. I lived in Syracuse during the Born in the USA time and attended the Buffalo show for that (and the two Carrier Dome shows, Buffalo was more intimate.)
  10. Hah, but I totally agree with Daisey on Miss Kitty!
  11. Good luck. One of my cats put on weight in midlife so I had to limit his food intake and then Hills changed their formula (apparently too many cats were having weight issues with the old) but his stomach had shrunk and he lost all kinds of weight. We couldn't get him to eat enough to stabilize him at a healthy weight.
  12. I have know a dog and a cat who were basically fed to death. Very sad. I've also known a few cats who were so obese they couldn't clean themselves after using the box. It's not pretty and it's very uncomfortable for the cats so tell Tibby to beware! Moderation is very important!
  13. I've never understood the vegetable stew for cats. That's just for the owners. My first cat had it a few times. He licked the gravy off and pushed the veggies in a corner.
  14. I have to ask, is Ning a healthy weight for a pug or is she a little pudgy?