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  1. Just got back from seeing this. I recommend it. It's funny and tragic.
  2. The big question is do you dare say that to her face? All Siamese cats know somewhere in their DNA that they seem from royalty, at least ours have!
  3. I watched this with friends last night for ladies night. I think I laugh at this more each time I see it. And total props to Alec Baldwin for doing a couple of the scenes with his then body. Also, he has a really big head. It's noticable when he's in scenes with Meryl Streep. Anyway, I really like this film.
  4. I watched this last night. I'd never seen it. Reese Witherspoon's first film, and did she hit it out of the park. 14 and pretty much carries the film although I thought everyone was good. This was also Robert Mulligan's last film, he also directed To Kill a Mockingbird. Highly recommend.
  5. And I thought we really stepped up going to a 40-42 inch flat screen!
  6. I saw her below the stage in Calgary during the rising tour smoking during Jungleland. No idea if she still does it not.
  7. I have this checked out right now but I'm finishing Lab Girl by Hope Jahren first which is our community's Big Read book this year. I've heard good things about Educated but I'll have to see if it's something I can read. I've been a little concerned hearing about it.
  8. The movie isn't scheduled to play here at this point in time and the CD arrived this morning. After one listen, this will be my go to version of Western Stars from now on. I have enjoyed the original, but I think this is the superior version. His voice, wow! The only odd thing is half of my booklet is in upside down, oh well.
  9. Hah! It sounds like you're on your own for this movie!
  10. I looked last night and unfortunately, (but as I suspected) it does not look like it will be showing here at least it isn't scheduled through mid November.