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  1. Rosiegirl

    4 word feelings

    Watching the World Series ⚾️
  2. Rosiegirl

    4 word feelings

    Cold and dreary day
  3. Rosiegirl

    4 word feelings

    I miss you Mark
  4. I know via emails he laughed about it, im just in shock
  5. I'm stunned, it's been a while since I've been here, so I didn't know this happened. I met Mark in New York years ago on a visit to the city .....he was a very kind, funny guy, who made me laugh even with his posts. Miss you buddy
  6. Rosiegirl

    4 word feelings

    I need more reeses
  7. Rosiegirl

    who or what are you thinking about right now

    I'm gonna be a grandma
  8. Rosiegirl

    Whatcha reading?

    The Girl in the Green Sweater
  9. Rosiegirl

    Random Thoughts

    red lipstick
  10. Rosiegirl

    I love...

    training in my gym
  11. Rosiegirl

    the unoffical "shit that bugs you" thread

    duck face selfies
  12. Rosiegirl

    Random Thoughts

    I love strawberries