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  1. Looking forward to watching it. The already released album audios are awful at best. It sounds so bad. Like he just picked up a guitar and startet his career half an hour prior to recording.
  2. Cozmic Kid

    A Star Is Born

    Getting fab reviews over here.
  3. Cozmic Kid

    Bob & Neil play Hyde park

    You heard Dylan sing? You must be quite older than I originally thought.
  4. Cozmic Kid

    Copa Libertadores final: Boca Juniors - River Plate

    Match should be cancelled entirely and River Plate lose 3-0. Only right thing to do. Also, molotov cocktails in Athens last night. Why do these southern European clubs ALWAYS get a pass. Had it veen a clob from the PL, it would have been a 5 year ban
  5. Cozmic Kid

    The Liverpool FC Thread

  6. Cozmic Kid

    The Liverpool FC Thread

  7. Cozmic Kid

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    LEGEND! Rest In Peace Burt
  8. Cozmic Kid

    RIP Burt Reynolds

    Smokey died in 1987
  9. Cozmic Kid

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    They used his image without permission. The main reason is Egypt use a different sponsor than him, but they apparently onlh used his image in promotional connections. I dont blame him at all. From what I heard he may be done playing for Egypt (I am crying dcrocodile tears now)
  10. Cozmic Kid

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    I think Salahs problems with the Egyptian footy association is bothering more than we are being told.
  11. True Lies Yes, it is still bad!
  12. Cozmic Kid

    anyone going to see mamma mia 2 ?

    NO! ! ! ! !
  13. Cozmic Kid


    Watched half an hour. More than enough. The English version of "Dynasty"? Either way it was pisspoor.
  14. Cozmic Kid

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    I have a feeling that was it for him. Hes done for now.
  15. Cozmic Kid

    The World Cup 2018 thread

    I saw somewhere that a wide range of experts agree this was the best WC ever. 0 Best one I have seen even if DK didnt do too well. Putin did well