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  1. So sad. What a character. A true legend with outstanding music. R. I. P.
  2. Now you are 3-5 years ahead thanks to a fabulous prime minister.
  3. A hand-egg club to own a football club. hmmmm At the end of they day they are still a hand-egg club.
  4. That encore would last 2 hours with the way he has slowed down the pace of his songs iver the past 10 years. If he play them.any slower he will play the .backwards
  5. I have no problem with this. None at all. FUnny stuff. Remind me about the Haaland incident a few days ago
  6. You appear to be correct. I never knew But this Leo version is absolutely fantastic as well
  7. They didn't leave them out on purpose. They were injured and sick. I think the blow came in the last game when a goal went in. You could see on their faces they all thought "well fuck that shit". Had the Faroe Islands not scored I think we would have played significantly better as there were something to play for. But fair play to Scotland. They did play well and 6 consecutuve wins is not easy for a small team like Scotland or DK for that matter.
  8. Typical one team is already qualified game. So they hit the brake to avoid nasty injuries
  9. That was a solid solid performance by City. Made the United players look like small kids in a schoolyard running after the ball. A few times Sancho and Ronaldo made some nice moves and played well. But far away from the City goal where it wasnt dangerous. They were not allowed near the city goal. What a way to humiliate an opponent. Being THAT mu h in control. Just as bad as a few weeks ago when Liverpool stopped scoring after 5-0 as to not humiliate them even more, which is an even bigger humiliationa in itself. But that City team today was scary!
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