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  1. Bizarre statement by UEFA. They had conditions for the game after it was stopped. According to Hjulmand (coach, who was also present at his club when a player was struck by lightning back in 2009 and lost one leg) they had 2 options presented by UEFA. Go out and finish the game, or play it the following day at 12pm, And as he said, who can do that? Go back to the hotel, then not sleep because of what happened, and be prepared for a game? So they decided to finish the game. I was at Bakken(amusement park) in Copenhagen. There were a ton of other people watching at a big screen. It w
  2. 3rd is a bit of a surprise considering how bad we have played and how injuryhit we have been. But 3rd behind an insanely overachieving United is OK in my book.
  3. I loved it First season by far the best. Just finished a brilliant one called The Serpent. Fab stuff
  4. And then appeared on one of my all time favorite albums. Danish band even! Of course wrapped up in WOS.
  5. Never knew she did this until a few months ago., This is SO good... OMG!!!!
  6. Not sure if she is the new Bruce. But pretty content her last few releases are better than Bruce's ditto. She startet out as a country artist, then pop and now what? Indie? All while being on top and even grow bigger.
  7. Not kidding. But I have gotten two speeding tickets by sneaky stationary cops with cameras. And I avoided one that would have cost me my license. Law has just been changed so it get even more strict to get caught speeding or DUI.
  8. DUI kind of mistake? Never ever. Pulled over for speeding. Never. I have been pulled over by cops 6 times, but always come out squeaky clean
  9. Whatever he play it should be fullband. He dont have the voice anymore for the solo stuff.
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