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  1. Yeah because it is not true.
  2. Ze Germanz hafe conquered London.
  3. Deutsche gr├╝ndlichkeit
  4. Also a proper arsehole. But yeah you are right. The greatest british sporting legend ever.
  5. And he is even on loan from the filth in Manchester.
  6. Dive.... And its an even bigger joke knowing there was VAR on it.
  7. Awesome race for Leclerc . Hambone is suchva big baby.
  8. R.I.P. Dirty Mary Crazy Larry, one of my all-time favorite movies. 3:10 To Yuma. The best movie he was ever in.
  9. Is it possible to just delete files older than 3 months? And then do that like every 3rd month. I used to use other places to upload. But eventually files got smaller and adds got more.
  10. Well, he is not.
  11. I only remember him for his stunning goal for Frankfurt against Karlsruhe (and Oliver Kahn) back in the day. Peak of his carreer. Since then it went downhill.
  12. Agreed. Even 1 week would be enough.