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  1. Why???? He played with Esbjerg in the best Danish league and got relegated with them!!!
  2. All Danish music is blocked from viewing in DK.
  3. They say an agreement have been reched qith the rest of Scandinavia. Just not DK. But why would ANYONE agree to a 70% "wagecut"? I refuse to believe decline in adds is a reason. SO many have stayes home because of that shitty virus. They have been watching YT, Netflix and other streaming sites. But I havent heard that given as a reason. It just sucks. What is worse.. If you as a Dane are outside DK you can apparently see the videos perfectly fkne.
  4. Because the songwriters/composers wont accept a 70% cut in their pay. Is YT an organisation grown too big?
  5. Apparently Sancho prefer a top club rather than the mediocrity he is linked to.
  6. Pity for them. The dream team will never happen then.
  7. Nice win. I see Manure clinched 4th. With massive VAR help throughout the season.
  8. Great album Question. When is Confederate Railroad changing their name (and logo for that matter)?
  9. Not sure they are available but these three I liked a lot. Når Støvet Har Lagt Sig (When The Dust Settle). Revolving around vigilante justice Bron/Broen (The Bridge). Danish/Swedish co-production. Make sure it is the original and not one of the countless remakes from other countries. Herrens Veje (Ride Upon The Storm). Revolving around religion and the problems of a pastors family. All three are drama/drama-crime
  10. I wasted time on one episode. Its piss poor. We have better series
  11. It will be awesome!! Have been following her Songs From Home series. By far the best I have seen this corona season. She is fabulous.
  12. Aahhhh r&r as it is supposed to be
  13. Love him or hate him. His older music is fantastic. His older self was a bit of a cunt. Still love the music though