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  1. An Experiment

    Good tobhear Don
  2. And Here I Thought It Was Just Civil War Statues.....

    It is no secret that the far left (call them antifa or whatever) always seem to be way more violent at protests than the far right. This has been known for years. Especially over here. Just look at some of the various summits like the G8 etc. But atleast they appear to have stepped away from direct terrorism. No doubt though some would still love to engage in that.
  3. I have not checked out the Theroux video.
  4. Freedom of Speech

    So you loathe Israel? I remember reading some years ago about home grown nazis in Israel. So anything is possible.
  5. What good things has the KKK done?

    I think the only restrictions here in DK on free speech is you CAN get charged for racially or defamatory remarks. I am cool with that. If it was to rule unrestricted it would kill itself. Same goes for everything else. Democracy, legal rights/rule of law etc. Of course within companies it is usually stricter.
  6. Racist fired from job

  7. Racist fired from job

    Not that ridiculous in this day and age
  8. Racist fired from job

    I had my suspicion by the lack of anger and cops And dont ever use pink
  9. Eclipse SETLIST Thread
  10. Eclipse SETLIST Thread
  11. Eclipse SETLIST Thread
  12. Post your pictures here,, but only ones you have taken.

    Indeed. Have seen it in real life 20 years ago. But not crossed it. Went to Mackinac Island. A MUST VISIT place for everyone.
  13. Post your pictures here,, but only ones you have taken.

    Looked and sounded good. A mini is not a big car so still pretty fast This is the video. But it seems like it is popular to put those engines into minis. then I like this one better
  14. Post your pictures here,, but only ones you have taken.

    An insect we dont gave over here. Always thought they were kinda cool. Thought about you earlier today when I watched a video of a guy who put a Hayabusa engine into his old Mink Cooper
  15. Post your pictures here,, but only ones you have taken.

    Those are simply fantastic Is it the Mackinac Bridge?