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  1. Super song with Whitney. 2 songs I hate with a passion. Dance Monkey and anything by Lorde.
  2. Fair penalty to City. Now on to PSG, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Oh they are from France and Spain, not England. Nevermind..
  3. 2 weeks holiday start off with the pesky grand Super Bore finale in American Hand-egg. I already miss REAL football.
  4. That goal was legit. Manure was again again VAR lucky. Both went for the ball, VVD didnt use his arms against De Gea and the keeper is not protected in the goal area anymore. All in all LFC were robbed for a legit goal We should have won 8-0 or something. But okay, evennwithba ton of VAR help Manure could not win their most important game of the year.
  5. 3 good points. As for the VAR goal. Who gives a fuck? We were robbed twice in recent months for good goals, but VAR deemed offside in an equally tight manner.
  6. 4 names actually. He is also called John.
  7. Once he bragged that he would never lower himself to the level of posting on the LFC thread. Something along those lines. But trust me, he will be back in full force gloating away if we piss away the title at the end of the season.
  8. R.I.P.
  9. Look like Cantona, only that swine did it on spectators
  10. I am impressed that I did not even have to log in again. Usually when there breakdowns happen I have to log in. Not this time