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  1. Cozmic Kid

    Gordon Banks RIP

    R.I.P. Legend!
  2. Cozmic Kid

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    Milners 2nd time being sent off. Last time was in 2016 against Crystal Palace with a foul against Saha.
  3. Cozmic Kid

    Ray Sawyer has died

    R.I.P. 81 years old.
  4. Cozmic Kid

    Watership Down

    I hava a biiiig problem watching talking animals (unless they are donald duck etc.) adventure movies/books like Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, The Chroniclea Of Narnia and all the likes. I just cant take it So no chance I am going to watch this.
  5. Overplayed and boring. One of the worst King adaptions ever. Many other films where Jack is much better.
  6. Cozmic Kid

    True Detective S3

    Loved both seasons
  7. Cozmic Kid

    Christmas Songs

    Kind of a Danish xmas song
  8. Cozmic Kid

    Christmas Songs

    Loooooooooveeeee this one.....
  9. Cozmic Kid

    Christmas Songs

    This one also needed more power
  10. Cozmic Kid

    Christmas Songs

    This song have always missed some big drums and lots of electric guitars. They deliver
  11. Cozmic Kid

    Come on you Spurs!

    No worries dude. Still a fab goal from the keeper on
  12. Cozmic Kid

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    The 3 times he has been sacked he met Klopp shortly before he was kicked out. Maybe he will leave the Premier League and coach a team in the pitiful Scottish league?
  13. Cozmic Kid

    Come on you Spurs!

    Not the 2-0 goal
  14. Cozmic Kid

    The Liverpool FC Thread

    Ashley Young is such an overrated pisspoor defender. Even Torben Piechnic was a better defender. Must be because he is named after a woman.