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  1. Recently he also hinted a possible F1 comeback.
  2. Great driver. But based on the netflix docu I will not miss him. A grumpy old man even before he turned 40.
  3. Have to agree. You think the first part was bad. Then you watch the second part. What a filthy creep he must have been.
  4. Great start for K-Mag But Ferrari really need to get their shit together. Of clurse it is way too early to alaughter the drivers, but my gut feelung have always been that Leclerc is overrated. Nothing today made me change my mind. Sack the boss and take a chance. Hire someone like Rosberg, maybe even convince Horner that winning with Ferrari will make him immortal. Something has to happen. Today was pitiful. Great drive by Bottas though
  5. Max is a proper asshole. Probably the worst. Perez is also right up there. R.I.P. Charlie
  6. Song is pathetically mediocre. But sounds oh so good whwn Bruce do it. Love rhe vid
  7. What did the bloke say about Bruce's failing hair?
  8. Brilliant Disguise by a million miles... Tougher is also pretty good And Atlanic.
  9. HH? Havent played it since a couple of months after it was released.
  10. Wasnt Michael Jackson melted into LEGO bricks when he died so that small kids could still play with him? Okay, thats bad
  11. They made a huge thing out of breaking up. I believe they announced date and all like 6 months in advance. It was obviously more entertaining than their music.
  12. Pretty much agreeing with all of this except the team.I hate withba passion is not RB but McLaren. Cant comment on the TV stuff.