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  1. hopefully you are right it was the emotions coz that was pitiful.
  2. R.I.P. I am so sad over this
  3. Well it seems like nearly everyone expected them to win it, including the players. Its coming home and all that. And they lost! Like pissed it all away. So a poor tournament.
  4. What a moad of rubbish. Italy dominated period. Possession. Shots, attempts etc. Had they lost they could have felt "robbed". Now they just won a WELL deserved win.
  5. This man, his children, grand children and great grand children will most likely all die of old age before England win a major trophy again.
  6. Good question. I would think maybe play on. Just like with Liverpool and the beach ball years ago.
  7. That would require they would give up, which they didn't.
  8. Have a good weekend peeps.
  9. Then how do you get this fake pen so wrong?
  10. I guess that is evened out by the countless dives by Harry Cane.
  11. Maybe the wind.
  12. Atleast it was beer, could have been worse
  13. Yep, no handball. His hand IS behind the ball, just not touching it.
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