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  1. Well, he is not.
  2. I only remember him for his stunning goal for Frankfurt against Karlsruhe (and Oliver Kahn) back in the day. Peak of his carreer. Since then it went downhill.
  3. Agreed. Even 1 week would be enough.
  4. Yeah, no surprise there with hua recent medical issues.
  5. Indeed. This could have been released on Tracks vol. 200
  6. I agree. It sound a bit like that Crash Test Dummies song.. mmmmm mmmm mmm
  7. Is Bruce singing about his song writing skills?
  8. Two songs. One superb amd now one pisspoor. If this is the worst song on the album, then Ill live. But if there are worse songs then he can as well release a Barry Manilow cover album.
  9. You forget that God work in mysterious ways.
  10. Its a quite bad pic. Way too staged. The red porn light, position etc. Would have been much better if it had been q pic shot while driving with motion in the background
  11. Magnum P.I. my all-time favorite series. The reboot.... I can tolerate it. But really, it is pitiful. The characters... Magnum. Nope he is no Tom Selleck. Charming to a degree, but just not convincing enough. Rick and T.C. are no match to Larry Manetti and Roger E Mosley. Not even close. Higgins. New Higgins is better looking. But again, no match to John Hillerman. Hillerman and Selleck owned the original series and Manetti and Mosley were stellar support. Not the case in the new. Only thing I really like in the new is Katsumoto. He is a lot of fun.