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  1. No surprise at this moment. Still sad.
  2. A giant has checked out.
  3. After the Bruce pop album disappointment I needed some real rock and roll. Die Toten Hosen come to the rescue today with their third cover album. But this time it is not to celebrate some of their old punk heroes. This time it is to celebrate music coming from or related to Liverpool Thus the album name.. Learning English Lesson 3: MERSEY BEAT! The Sound of Liverpool They never disappoint
  4. Not sure I ever been scared by music
  5. Miley Cyrus is absolutely fantastic!! She has been on a rock and roll over the past few corona months, and it is insanely good! That voice
  6. What is more dangerous? Covid-19 or Jota-20?
  7. I just edited an old one.... PSX_20201026_192944.jpg
  8. So a pop album it is I think I could expect more rock than this. I know full well it will not be like in the 70s or 80s. But more than what we got. Or a new Seeger like album
  9. I havent bought it yet because.. 1. No money 2. I feared it would be.more of the WOAD, Wrecking Ball, High Hopes releases. And I was right. It is okay, but a bit too boring and definitely nothing special. Its filler. If this is the best he can do, then he should re-record his old albuns live like they did with Darkness. That was tight. Or just pull the plug and call it quits.
  10. Is a decent pop album Now bring on a good rock album Bruce, please.
  11. But in the case of the red card, it came after an incident right AFTER there was marked a freekick to Mané
  12. Could have been worse. Could have been at home, or 8-2.
  13. Gentofte 93 Parken 99 Ullevi, probably 03. Inwas there all 3 times but dont remember
  14. Always liked that dude. Pretty shocking news. Condolences to family and friends
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