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  1. From Bucebase: "A DVD of the complete Born In The U.S.A. performance is officially issued with the Deluxe Edition of the High Hopes album, available on a limited basis via Amazon and other retailers." So no, it can't be uploaded here.
  2. Always use the .nzb You'll get everything then. I have astraweb and use grabit to download. Works like a dream
  3. Still use quickpar myself. Which show is it? Maybe your newsserver and not the pars
  4. Once you've lost it all you don't want to make the same mistakes
  5. Multiple backups on different media, one copy off site. Other copies located in secure locations world wide
  6. The songs are copyrighted period. They do not have to be released as an official live release to be so. The mods as custodians of the site can take down what they or the site owner wants. Their toys, their rules. Without trying to guess the reasons why, has anybody asked any of the mods for clarification?
  7. A lot of us were sent to Coventry on that day Best Coventry gig of 2016, made me laugh What was the competition
  8. yes, but i've been there soooooo long and shared a few, it should be better. Not to worry, as long as it stays above 1
  9. feel free to post 1975-10-04 Detroit Come Out Tonight (Vintage Masters) here now...i've added a couple of gb to the ratio
  10. It's on Jungleland, it helps my ratio
  11. 1988-06-25 Soundcheck (Tape Transfer) ------> 1 week