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  1. What is it with this version? Had lots of begging messages on JL asking for this. Email me Dave and I'll check when I get home
  2. 1983-08-02 (MJK5510) ----->!eAFjnCJa!EO2NAofRE83pwi52n6Bwuw 1 week
  3. 1983-08-14 ---->!HAkWVAoD!CMzIj0Uua-pvSXykEU8XtQ 1 week
  4. nope, all versions of 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' are lossy. Enjoy it for what it is
  5. 1988-07-10 (Bosstrade 4th Gen Tape Transfer) ---->!rZdSzAgB!Z0EpNFuIj-bZ9rFjh3USbA 1988-07-10 (DoctorDavros - Alt Tape [patched with 4th Gen Tape Transfer]) ---->!TEUmBKLR!YRo2oeMLZhoq3xCf8SUHQw 1988-07-10 (Steve) ----->!uVM22KRJ!9qONV-2UGSLFqrRGq3OHBQ
  6. 2002-01-11 (Full) ---->!DdEjWaKJ!6T40S43GLU29eYUEQRUxGQ 1 week ONLY
  7. Of course, that was test passed
  8. OK folks, here's a test for you all 2003-03-07 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ I'm after the unbooted audience tape and the edited/remastered audience unbooted recording (maybe Mr T?). (NOT 'Atlantic City Night' [CC], 'Are You Ready' [No Label Listed] or The Uber Series Volume 40 - The Tables Are Waiting] IF you think you can help please post here or send me the len file to check beforehand. Many thanks OR if you have 'Atlantic City Remaster' [Red Coat] and/or 'Born To Rock On The Boardwalk' [Alternative Edge Productions] please post or contact me
  9. They will have been told that there is a recording. It doesn't circulate, at least not down to our level
  10. 1984-12-06 Unbooted ---->!OIkzQarb!0jspVfgMA1R1LnlKAv66LA THIS IS COMPRESSED. 1 week only
  11. are you doing R click paste or CTRL V? If it fails with both log out of mega/shut down pc and try again. If still nothing then you're banned for ever