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  1. International break, so no football this weekend Drop me an email to remind me as I'm away ATM
  2. 'The Promise Delivered' disc 7 contains the artwork, mp3 files and videos
  3. I'd love that lossless Mine is encoded to flac but it's still lossy. I've never seen a lossless version traded/shared. Would need to go back to a tape i think.
  4. If i remember, the Jockel edit, is of the Johnny B tape
  5. Trust me, i'm so calm i almost fall over
  6. Running Out Of Innocence (The Godfatherecords - Silvers) ----->!SMVHECCA!kh1VTDyJh1N0ooVT-uLjYA
  7. Running Out Of Innocense - The Godfatherecords What's the big issue here? and what are you testing with and for?? I've sent a very good rip of the silvers to tilly. They are not mp3. There is some compression and GF editing is not great (but not as bad as some CC's ) but it's the best you are going to get for this release. If you're after something 'else' then don't hoard the GF release.
  8. 2013-07-23_24 Wrecking Ball Tour In U.K. 2013 (Unknown Label - Silvers) --->!aNE3lCiB!jCGRoQG_CRvfpg2yShx-jQ
  9. 2007-12-02 Theres Magic In The Night (The Godfatherecords - Silvers) --->!PQkG0CJB!hD8JO5U15GcBPn03qrZ4KQ