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  1. So to sum up today.... Thundercrack feels bullied by Sunshine (but still makes requests ) CmonMrTrouble wants folks to behave Estreet_19 keeps losing his posts This is The Way is feeling a little sad Its like watching an episode of 'Soap' ffs
  2. Very interesting. We may have even traded in the day, when that was a thing!! It's my take that those who share, upload etc don't have egos and aren't looking for some mythical status. They don't do it for any honour. A simple 'thanks' makes it all worthwhile. So, remember you manners people!! Oh, and drama can be good....it makes for a good read unless you're one of those 00's people who don't like anything not positive!!!
  3. Ok, I don't want to stir it if the mods have made a decision on what folks here can post, share or think but my take on the current situation is this. I've been a member here since the very early days. Changed my name as I forgot my password. I never posted much, very very rarely. I was always more at home at the Stone Pony London. Just because they had a more active, serious trading and posting section. But I always visited. And in the last few months started to ease my way in. Sharing a little when asked . My take on the asking first time posters to 'donate' before requesting
  4. Freaky... Has a post just been deleted?? Just about to post a response.....
  5. It worries me where you're planning to put those rubber gloves
  6. Beer, pizza, kfc, curry, beer, vodka, rum.....i ain't picky
  7. They could always email/message and ask (nicely )for a show. I'll send it with sendgb/wetransfer and they can upload it. Ice broken, they're in the game
  8. My old Grandad was 'forced' to be Canadian for a while (Ontario) before returning. For 'that' show there is a RJ Tapes transfer out there. I also have a tape but if memory serves me it is poor. I've never split it or uploaded as the RJ Tapes version sounded better. The RJ Tapes is recorder 01. The Earlmv Edit and my tape are Recorder 02. When i get some time i'll listen to it and split it and see if it's worth uploading.
  9. My typo probably confused you more. If you're southern (or posh) then it's dinner. If your northern it's tea. As for what Mick may have done with Vicky B is something i'm not aware of. As long as Mick consented all is good
  10. You posh then Mick? Surely you mean Tea???? [1.Breakfast, 2. Diner, 3. Tea]
  11. it exists. However the supplier of the tapes wishes were for it not to be traded, uploaded and shared. That's all I know.
  12. It's not for trade, or upload anywhere.
  13. Naughty step.....off you go [Easter Bunny is sending you something nice ]
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