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  1. Possibly, maybe why i had deleted it , but i was asked for it, so here it is
  2. Been asked for this version as well, so for completion, here's Ivannf's upload/share [https://www.springsteenlyrics.com/bootlegs.php?item=3780&category=aud_live1999&page=3] 2000-05-27 ---> https://mega.nz/folder/jJ9A2S4S#ulDWDr8hMkOO1fOKB-KzmQ 1 week
  3. 2000-05-27 Master DAT (CB) ---> https://mega.nz/folder/ecsmGIjA#eHrxHsqDnOLgH6bmJY4now Audience - 16 Bit 48 kHz version 1 week only
  4. No problems andromeda1968, Chevy just doesn't like me
  5. Really? Why??? They've asked a question. Got an answer. If you find me arrogant then that's your perception and your issue to deal with. I'm comfortably with my 'friendliness' to folks on here.
  6. no point. Nobody trades anymore. If they want them purely to listen to then anything, any quality will do. As long as they get them instantly that's all that matters (and also as long as they don't have to do anything)
  7. ??? as to what you mean. If you want to go from Original GF discs to wav, then its simply a rip to wav. BUT as the requester wants wav, and flac's have been offered (very kindly btw ) then its Flac -> CD or Flac -> Wav -> CD. Each to his own how he does it.
  8. Technically you'd loose the "from silvers" IMHO. If its just for your own listening pleasure then no harm done; fill ya boots, and enjoy the music
  9. Whilst flac does compress the file size, once decoded back to wav it is identical to the original file set. Each to his own. If you're not prepared to go through this process then you are reliant on somebody with the original discs to re-rip for you with Eac in secure mode and then send to you all files, log files and md5. Best wishes with that
  10. 1985-01-05 Hampton Rocks (Unknown Label - Silvers) ---> https://mega.nz/folder/7IN21biJ#9Mw1iYUftpaQnxQa-8fieA 1 week
  11. 'Hampton Rocks' None Label is from 1985-01-05
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