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  1. springsteenlyrics site is informational. Its not a trade site. Some tapers, traders etc will put a caveat on their recordings/collections not to share/upload. Their choice
  2. That I haven't seen a release by that name. And it could be the fortylicks version. like the Munich one, until we find somebody with it to compare we just don't know.
  3. LOL, 3 seconds @RamiroArgentina we'll give you three seconds belong elsewhere lol!! BUT i still think for the 5:59 you need to send us all you have Please folks ffs read the info files.
  4. @RamiroArgentina What time in each song do you identify the similarities? I assume you think the crown noise?? Tell us where and we'll check
  5. Hi Audelish, if you can give us times where they are identifiable as the 18th we can check.
  6. So is Brucebase wrong then? Is that what you're saying??? What are you basing your assumption on? Words bruce says/sings?
  7. Email me. Everything moved to higher ground, just in case the worse happens. I'll check in Friday if we're still dry
  8. so you're gonna upload 6500 for us tomorrow BT? 5800 already done you just haven't found them yet I'm still searching. There will be lots more that are not known.
  9. Pretty close at 2500 i'd say but i'd go nearer 9000 recordings
  10. 1984-06-29 St. Paul 1984 1st Night (Zion - Silvers) -->https://mega.nz/folder/DJMiiBIa#IXXepc44f_3nY2NVb-MDRA 1 week
  11. Not quite right [as i understand it] @audelish70 Recorder 01: Grande Finale (Not Guilty) LP / Grande Finale (Winged Wheel) CD Recorder 02: Persic/Close Enough For Rock N Roll EV2 / Grand Finale (Godfather) Recorder 03: It's Too Late To Stop Now (Flynn) / Tape Man Joe Master Volume 16 (G/Buckshot) Recorder 04: Last Night Special Ev2 as for another 'version' with the same title i'm not sure. Please share it so we can identify. [If you want to discuss further please feel free to email me] Many thanks
  12. Is a vinyl boot, no label known. Nothing to do with me, unless I uploaded it somewhere
  13. Ooh the Barry Biscuit Bootleg Banter Board has a ring to it
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